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Spirit Girlfriend c10

Chapter 10: Touru Itabashi is a Witness

<Touru Itabashi’s Perspective>

ーーEvil Ogres.

They are a type of Demons that nest inside human hearts.

A person possessed by an Evil Ogre <will transform into an Ogre themselves>.

I saw pitch black horns growing out of the man’s forehead - the same man who was waiting for the girl.

Since I was little, I was trained to become a Pastor, and I could see the Demons possessing a person.

Only Mages carried the Magic Power called “Mana.”

The general civilian occasionally burdens themselves with Mana.

But they are unable to control it.

The Mana would go berserk, and they become [Demons] themselves.

The transformation into a Demon is caused by strong [Negative Emotions].

It’s easy to assume that this man who is partially transformed into a Demon is completely obsessed and attached to this girl.

The attachments people feel and desire in relationships are extremely powerful.

When those emotions completely turn negative, the Mana they stored will <transform them into an Ogre>.

For those fully transformed into an Ogre, even the police will be helpless.

They would need the military or a well-trained Mage, but right now, his best friend is facing off with it.

Touru: “SーSouーー”

But before I can finish crying out his name…


The man draws the knife out and charges him!!

No! That man’s already lost his senses!!

He charged with incredible speed.

There’s no way Souta could move out of the way!!

Souta: “There.”

“ “ Huh? ” ”

I couldn't follow Souta’s movements with my eyes.

Before I knew what happened, the man dropped his knife, and Souta was picking it off the ground.

…...what just happened?

“YーYou! How dare you! I’ll kill you!”

Being disarmed now, the man went into a fit of rage, and kicked the ground beneath him.

<ZUDON!!> (sfx)

The asphalt he kicked cracked under the pressure.

That…...his Ogre transformation is giving him enhanced physical strength!

If he grabs Souta, Souta would be in trouble!

Touru: “Souta! Take the girl and run! I’ll contact the police!”

As I relayed the message, I dialed the emergency hotline to the Mage that is responsible for the Musashino District - the [Akabane] family.

This man is way out of the police’s league.

Souta: “Hmm, but she can’t stand on her own right now.”

Touru: “....?!?!”

Souta’s voice is almost lazy as the girl with teared up eyes nods her head furiously in the affirmative.

Dangit!! What are we going to do now?!


The man is now growling ominously as he drools from his mouth,

He’s losing his sense of self.

With the loss of his self-identity, his humanity will be lost, and he will be even nearer to an Ogre.

If that happens, he could tear people to shreds as if they were made of paper.


The man lifts up a motorcycle that was parked near him!!

He’s already displaying inhuman strength?!

His Ogre Transformation is progressing far and faster!

Souta: “That’s impressive…”

I can hear Souta’s voice with zero tension inside it.

Touru: “Souta! Run!!”


I yell and the girl let's out a terrified shriek.


The man takes the bike and <swings it down> towards Souta.

I can’t believe I dragged my friend into this…

ーーAncient Arts <Redirection>

I heard a small voice.

With my own eyes, I watched the bike <SLIP> sideways into a different direction as it was about to hit Souta.

ーーAncient Arts <Release Potential Energy>

Souta gently places a hand on the Ogre-Transformed Man’s abdomen.

I was about to tell him that a light punch like that wouldn’t do anything but…

The man bent at his knees and silently crumpled to the floor..


The bike smashes into the ground.


The girl screams, and Souta puts himself between her and the bike and holds her tight.

Souta: “Are you okay?”

“Huh?! Whーwhat?! We were about to be smashed by that bike and…..huh? Did you take him out….?”

Souta: “He〜y, Touru! Did you call the police?”

Souta didn't answer the girl’s question and threw a question my way instead.

Touru: “Y-Yeah, I did! I called them. They should be here shortly.”

Souta: “You’ll be okay now. Are you hurt anywhere?”

“YーYes…...Are you….okay as well?”

Souta: “Yeah, I’m fine.”

I listened to Souta and the girl's conversation, but turned my gaze to the unconscious man.

On the man’s forehead are [horns] that the average human being would not be able to see.

Without a doubt, this man is an [Ogre].

Normally, 10 fully grown men would not be able to hold an Ogre back but……

Did Souta tell me that he learned [Karate]?

But, can you really defeat an Ogre with just that…..?

“Um…….could we exchange contact info?” The girl tiptoes nearer to Souta with glittering eyes looking up to him.

Souta: “Uh….nーno, I didn’t do much so….” “Please! I couldn’t stand it if I didn’t repay you back in some way!”

Souta: “HーHey, Touru? I didn’t do anything that special, right?”

Touru: (You did do something amazing!)

Defeating an Ogre would get you a Medal of Valor from the Mayor!

The girl is apparently turning head over heels over Souta’s strength.

But yeah, any girl might fall for you if they saw that~.

I would fall for him too if I was a girl.

After that, Souta, the girl, and I spoke to the policeman (and the Mage), and they released us after we explained the situation.

……….later, we had a meal together and went to karaoke with the girl we saved, and Souta relented and exchanged contact information with her.


<Akane Akabane’s Perspective>

Yukina: “........I’m getting a bad vibe.”

Akane: “What is it, Yukina?” Yukina and I were just talking after school, and Yukina’s expression suddenly darkened to something that was more alert and cautious.

Yukina: “I’m getting a feeling that there’s someone trying to get to Souta….”

Akane: “You can really tell if that’s happening? Is it because you’re a ghost?” Can she tell because she’s possessing Souta?

Yukina: “Nope, I could tell since before I died. My instincts are always right.”

Akane: “IーI see……” I didn’t know that Yukina had such a jealous personality….

When she was hanging out with me, she didn’t display this side of her personality though…

Yukina: “....I need to check his phone later…”

Akane: “How?” Since Yukina is a ghost, she wouldn’t be able to touch Souta’s cell, right? Yukina: “Hehehe….actually, I learned that ghosts are able to use the touchpad of an iPhone! Apple does good work!”

Akane: “Wait, really?!”

The iPhone was ghost-user-friendly?!

Wait, no. It’s probably because Yukina is so abnormal even as a ghost.

Yukina: “Sochan doesn’t lock his screen so I can check as much as I want!”

Akane: “You probably shouldn’t do that……”

Even if you’re dating, privacy is important, you know?

That day, we continued to chat even as Yukina was worried about Souta.


CHONKY Notes LiT (Lost in Translation)

Karaoke (カラオケ) - Karaoke Night in the U.S. is much different than Karaoke in Japan (I can’t speak for other countries). There are overlaps and similarities in that the main goal is to sing a song in front of people. Japan has private rooms where this can be done.

The word itself is actually surprisingly logical. “Kara” - “empty” (カラ) (空) + “oke” - “orchestra” (オケ) (オーケストラ) referring to an empty orchestra stand because all the music is pre-recorded and playing from a device.


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Spirit Girlfriend ~ Seems Like I Am the Only One Who Doesn’t Realize That I Have Been Possessed by My Dead Girlfriend~

Written by: Isle Osaki (Twitter:

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

ユーレイな彼女 ~どうやら死んだ恋人が取り憑いてることに、俺だけ気付いてないらしい~

作者: 大崎 アイル (オオサキ アイル)

Original Source Link:

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sweety boy
sweety boy
Sep 16, 2021

It's turning from a normal slightly supernatural drama of a ghost girl trying to make her boyfriend move on to something weird.


Aug 01, 2021

this novels so weird i love it

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