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Spirit Girlfriend c11

Chapter 11: Akane Akabane Listens to Her Friend Complain

<Akane Akabane’s Perspective>

Yukina: “Akaneー! Sochan definitely met with a girl recentlyー!”

As soon as I got to school in the morning, Yukina immediately came crying to me.

Akane: “Wーwait! Hold on!”

I can’t just start talking to Yukina’s Ghost in the middle of the classroom.

I’ll turn into that “crazy girl” that just talks to herself all the time.

I do my best to calm Yukina down, and we wait till the lunch break to talk.


Akane: “So…….what happened?”

Yukina: “(sobs)’s Sochan~....”

We are on the bench on the school rooftop.

I bought my bread and milk tea at the food stand and was listening to Yukina’s story.

Yukina: “So! There was a Line message on Sochan’s phone from a girl I don’t know! Her name’s Erika, and yesterday, she at with Sochan, and they went to karaoke together! She was like ‘Let’s go again ♡’ LIKE THAT! I can’t believe it!!”

Yukina’s ripping the memory with her hands in the air in outrage.

Yeah….she’s the really jealous type~....

Wouldn’t it be better if we abandoned the “me becoming Souta’s girlfriend” idea…….?

Yukina: “Akane! We can’t waste any more time! You need to confess your love to Sochan today!”

Akane: “WHAT?!”

We’re still going forward with that plan?!

Yukina: “Akane, it just won’t be right if you’re not Sochan’s girlfriend, right?”

Yukina is looking at me as if to spell out an obvious fact of life.

I really don’t think it has to be me though……..

But Yukina’s eyes are super serious.

Akane: “................are you really serious about that, Yukina?”

Yukina: “Of course I’m serious! So let’s get a chance to talk to Sochan privately after school!”

Akane: “OーOkay….”

I let out a begrudging sigh……...and nod in agreement.


Akane: “Hey, Souta. Do you have any plans today?”

Souta: “Today? No, I have no plans.”

It was an invitation out of the blue, but Souta agreed without any hesitation.

As we were trying to leave the classroom together, I could hear the whispers around us.

It was the girls from my class.

(Hey… you think Miss Akabane is trying to…...ask Souta out?)

(Isn’t Akane….the best friend of Miss Shinonome?)

(Isn’t it twisted that she’s trying to date her best friend’s boyfriend?)


There’s weird rumors going around~!

Yukina: (DーDon’t worry! You have my full permission!)

Yukina is flailing her arms in panicked gestures as she tries to reassure me.

But the only one who knows that is………….

Well, whatever.

I don’t have to worry about classmates I don’t know that well. The Ghost of my Best Friend is more important.

Souta: “Let’s go, Akane.”

Akane: “Yeah.”

And I walked with Souta away from school.


Souta: “Is this what you had in mind?”

Akane: “Ummmm, yes? Well, I just wanted to talk a little with you~ kinda~”

Souta: “Okay…”

I invited him with absolutely no ideas so we bought some Crepes from a food stand, and sat on a bench in Inogashira Park and ate our crepes there.

Akane: “So how are you doing recently, Souta?” Souta: “Ummmm, I still see Yukina in my dreams every morning…….oh, but she was mad today about something.”

Akane: “Ohhh…..”

Yeah, I heard a lot about why she was mad too.

Souta: “Nothing else really….. I went out to Shinjuku with Touru, and we got attacked by a man I think who was doing drugs.”

Akane: “Isn’t that….kind of a big deal?!”

Souta: “He was taken away by the police.”

Akane: “Oh, oh really…..”

Souta was getting involved with incidents I didn’t know about.

…….which reminds me. I think Grandma was telling me that an [Ogre] appeared in town yesterday.

And the person who reported it was a student from our school or something like that.

But that can’t be related to Souta's story, right?

But he’s not talking about Yukina’s suspected “New Female Acquaintance”~

Well, I guess he really wouldn’t bring that up with me in the first place~

Souta: “You doing okay, Akane?”

Akane: “Yeah….hmmmmm, I guess there’s a lot of tests coming up, so I have to study.”

I dangle my legs and swing them carelessly as I look up into the sky.

I finished my crepe, and I have nothing else to do.

Souta: “That’s right. It’s already that time…’ll be hard getting the motivation for studying….”

Akane: “You’re right~...”

Souta: “...........”

Akane: “.............”

The conversation came to a halt.

Yukina: (Akane! You can do it! You need to push the conversation with a more lively topic! C’mon!!)

Ack! Yukina’s now complaining to me from the side.

But it’s hard doing something I’m not used to~

This is how our conversations go normally~

Yukina: (URGH!! It’s so frustrating watching you~! I wish I could talk in your place~!)

Yukina, I don’t think that’s possible…..

But as I watch her…

Yukina: (Like, I’ll overlap my body with Akane and……)

Yukina suddenly wrapped herself over me?!

Akane: (Wait! What are you doing Yukinーー)

ーー<dokun> (sfx heart beat)

It felt like all the blood in my body came to a sudden boil.

Yukina: (Huh?)

Akane: “Huh?”

Both Yukina and my startled voice overlap with each other.

Souta: “What’s wrong, Akane?”

Souta seems concerned and looks worriedly at my face.

Akane: “Ohhhh, ummmm, it’s nothing, <Sochan>”

Those were not the words I consciously said.

But they were words that came out of my mouth.


Yukina: (Wait, did I speak just now?)

In my head, I can hear Yukina’s voice.

Wait, what’s going on right now?!

Yukina: (Whoa?! I can hear Akane’s voice right now)


Does this mean……..I’m being <POSSESSED> by Yukina right now?!

Wait! I’m in the middle of a conversation with Souta!

Though I’m confused by the sudden development, I turned to him and…

Souta: “Yukina…….?”

In sheer shock, Souta mumbles softly.


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Spirit Girlfriend ~ Seems Like I Am the Only One Who Doesn’t Realize That I Have Been Possessed by My Dead Girlfriend~

Written by: Isle Osaki (Twitter:

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

ユーレイな彼女 ~どうやら死んだ恋人が取り憑いてることに、俺だけ気付いてないらしい~

作者: 大崎 アイル (オオサキ アイル)

Original Source Link:

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