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Extreme Flame Wizard c96

Chapter 96: What Began from a Simple Question

[Grandpa! What is a <Ultimate Spell Specialization Type • Spell One>?]

That was a question that came to Igni’s mind when he was still training in the [Demon King’s Realm].

The name [Ultimate Spell Specialization Type • Spell One] sounded awesome.

It sounded awesome, but if you asked him what it actually was or what it actually meant, it was beyond Igni’s comprehension. Lucas also did not explain the base concepts either.

[Even if you ask me what it is, I don’t have an answer for you.]

[You don’t know either, Grandpa?!]

[Neither I nor anyone else really understands. It’s because it’s an existence based on pure conjectures and empty theories]


[It is similar to a <Magic Type Specialization・Element One>, and I can only speak to the theory branching off from there, but are you interested in hearing that?]

[Yes! Teach me! I want to know!!]

[Hm... then listen well. An <Magic Type Specialization・Element One> is a person with only an affinity for one type of Magic ー just like it sounds. Unlike other Wizards, they are extremely adept at the one Magic Type they can use……..and many arrive at <Magic> from there.]


Igni’s starry eyes sparkled.

[That’s right. Inside their head, everything is catered to that one Magic Type, so of course, that would be a predictable outcome.]

[WHOAー! They must be amazing!]

[Yes, they are. They can use a Medium-Scale Spell to compete with Epic-Scale and Disaster -Scale Spells ー putting it that way, do you understand how amazing they are?]

[What?! WHAT?! They can do that??]

[They can. At the very least, a <Magic Type Specialization・Spell One> all fight that way.]

[So what is an <Ultimate Spell Specialized Type・Spell One>?”

[An <Ultimate Spell Specialized Type・Spell One> only has one Spell in their head that they specialize in. Hence, it is thought that they can far exceed the powers of a <Magic Type Specialization・Element One> for that reason.]

[Then even with a Small-Scale Spell, they would be able to fight against a Disaster-Scale Spell?!]

[They might be able to]

But Lucas seemed uncertain at this fact.

Simply put, no one has ever proved the details of this theory, so there was very little to speak of it. But Igni just though “Grandpa must be getting old.”

[But Grandpa, how could I make {Fireball} any stronger? No matter how hard I work, I can pierce hard-shelled monsters like they do with {Fire Lance} or protect myself like they do with {Fire Wall}.]

[Are you certain? From my perspective, your Spell seems to be very easy to handle.”

[What?! Really?!?!]

[Yes, but it would be boring if I was the one to teach you. Here, Igni. I will show you one Spell.]

[Grandpa’s Spell?!]

[That’s right. I’ll show you one that’s easy to understand to help you think for yourself.]

[I understand, Grandpa!!]

And Lucas showed Igni a Spell.

Igni was able to derive many variations of {Fireball} because of the Spell that Lucas showed him, and Igni worked hard on his own to create these variations on his own.

Though an ordinary person would not be able to do the same things with {Fireball}, with the processing ability of a [Ultimate Spell Specialized Type ・Spell One], it became possible.

And as Igni was mastering his Spell, there was one question or rather doubt that surfaced in his mind.

This is a simple doubt that everyone who studies Spells comes across.

[At what point does a {Fireball’s}【BALL】stop being a【BALL】? Where is the line drawn?]

That was his question.

You cannot make a perfect sphere with {Fireball}.

It is because a {Fireball} is a concentration of fire and you can never be fully contained inside a perfect sphere.

For instance, is an ovoid (3D oval) allowable?

The answer was, it was <allowed>.

Igni rotates the {Fireball’s} ball shape at high speeds for his [Anti-Armor] {Pierce} so the shape becomes an ovoid.

But then, from <there>, he began to have more doubts.

When Igni thought about the shape of his Spell, he made a diagram of a {Fireball} on the ground and was hit with a strange question.

What about the surface of the sphere? Is the circular surface of the sphere considered to be a [SPHERE] as well?

That was the doubt that haunted his thoughts.

But just to try it out, Igni made the surface of the {Fireball} as thin as he could possibly make it. But no matter how hard he tried, he could not make the surface of the {Fireball} into a perfect circle. Igni did not know this then, but <THAT> was in the realm of <MAGIC> ーchanging something from one to zero.

But he gained something from that experiment.

He discovered that a【ball】is something that is created when you stack【circles】on top of each other.

And he also discovered that a【circle】is something that is created when you stack many straight lines together.

Then on the contrary, what would happen <if you stack many【BALLS】together>?

From the very beginning, one question constantly led to another.


The night wind brushed by Igni and Sara gently.

From the mountain that was blown apart, red hot molten lava surfaced and flowed out of it as if it was bleeding.

The [Angel] simply headed straight towards the lodge.

Igni didn’t know why it was heading there.

It might have been a pure coincidence and the lodge was simply located in the direction it decided to go.

And maybe it’s not even headed for the lodge but is trying to go somewhere else.

But the lodge is still in its path.

Inside the lodge are girls that likes Igni ー some even confessed that they love him.

And there is also his very first friend.

The amazing upper classman of the Student Council that he is proud to be a part of.

And even more importantlyーーfor Sara, who was put into this position for just being bornーーIgni made his move.

In his hand was a {Fireball}.

It was the {Fireball} made from [Ultra Sphere Surface] {Tesea}.

At a glance, there were many {Fireball}s inside the {Fireball} and many {Fireballs} stacked on top of each other to make a strange shape. But that is an inaccurate description. It only appears that way because we are trying to comprehend a 4-dimensional shape with our human eyes.

Igni is an [Ultimate Spell Specialized Type・Spell One]. He cannot use any other Spells besides {Fireball}. But <no matter what its shape is>, as long as its a spherical ball, it is a {Fireball}.

Hence, even a 4-dimensional Sphere is also a sphere.

This is Igni’s 2nd <Miracle> of <Magic> that he is able to invoke.

He created a 4-dimensional {Fireball} and with his <Miracle> of <Magic>, downgrades it to a 3-dimensional shape.

That is simply all he is doing.

But when you drop a higher dimension object to a lower dimension, it then becomes something that contains infinity.

It was the same as when Abyss used his <Magic> to drop a 3-dimensional space into 2-dimensions and created an infinitely wide surface.

Inside Igni’s {Fireball} was an infinite amount of energy.

That was the <Miracle> of <Magic> that transformed 1 dimension to zero.

The complete opposite of the <Miracle> of <Creation>, a <Magic> designed only for destruction.

It was named the <Miracle> of <the next Dimension>.

This was the mirror reflection of Igni’s very first <Magic> which gave him the confidence to call himself <The Strongest>.

Igni: “[Launch] {Fire}”

Igni released the Spell towards the Angel.

For a split second, Igni’s hand glittered……...and then the {Fireball} directly hit the [Angel].

Igni’s {Fireball} and the Angel’s appearance began struggling against each other, and though it was night, a white light that made the entire area bright like the day completely consumed everyone around as it grew ーー and the [Angel] was vanished as it was destroyed.

And all of Abyss’ plans was obliterated from its foundation.

Abyss: “..............huh?”

A man who floated helplessly in the water let out a quiet yell of astonishment and disbelief.

Igni: “It’s a higher-dimension sphere. You don’t need any further explanation, right?” Abyss: “ took something from another dimension and forcefully dropped it…..and you got a {Fireball} with infinite energy. Sheesh. And with two completely incompatible infinities collided together and…….it resulted in cancelling each other out into nothing……..”

With heavy breaths, Abyss continues to decipher and analyze what just happened with mumbled words.

Abyss: “But…...hey…...isn’t that………<Magic>?”

Igni: “It just means that you’re not the only Magician who can use multiple <Magic> Spells.”

Igni quietly spoke to Abyss with calm resolve.

Abyss: “..........tsch. I guess it’s no longer my exclusive right.”

Igni: “Abyss, you’re under arrest. You’ll be sent to the Kingdom to be judged.”

Abyss: “............yeah, crap. No one told me there’s someone like you.”

He could not use a Spell or even lift a finger due to being completely exhausted of Magic Power, and Abyss let out a resigned sigh.

The bracelet broke, and although all of the Magic Power that was supporting the Angel was released, the Corruption and Tainting of the land did not recommence. It couldn’t have actually. All of Sara’s overflowing Magic Power was heading towards Igni.

But the three who were there did not notice this change.


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Extreme Flame Wizard - I can only use fireball but I became the strongest just wanting to be popular with the girls

Written by: Cyclamen

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: シクラメン

Original Source Link:

Book 3

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