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Extreme Flame Wizard c95

Chapter 95: Unfairness and the Wizard

With Igni’s strike, Abyss flies a few dozen meters backwards.

Igni: “Don’t think it’s over just yet!”

With [Rotating Ember] {Ignite}, Igni raised his overall physical abilities and caught up with Abyss as he flew backwards and grabbed a hold of his arm. And carrying the same momentum, Igni slams Abyss against the ground!

Because this [dimensional space] has a 2-dimensional surface, Abyss is slammed against an unmoving mass that can only be shifted with Dimensional Spells.

After a moment of delay, Abyss tries to transfer the damage to his kinsmen, but before he could, Igni slammed his fist into Abyss’ stomach.

Abyss: “...........!”

Abyss’ face contorted in pain.

At the same time, Igni picks up Abyss, and drives his foot into Abyss’ ribs.

Abyss: “..........DANGIT!”

Abyss lets out a howl of frustration.

But Igni is not finished.

Under these circumstances, he can’t use the [Flame Engine] {Accel Boot}.

But even without it, he can still fly forward like a bullet.

Igni: “[Rotating Ember] {Ignite}!”

With his Magic Power circulating and rotating inside of him at 30 times a second, Igni kicks the ground and launches himself towards Abyss like a cannonball.

Abyss’ body distorted and twisted, but before he could flow out the damage accumulated on his body, Igni’s headbutt struck Abyss in the face.


Abyss, who is a non-combatant, specializes in “not losing.”

No matter how much he is wounded, no matter how close to death he comes, he will not die.

No, he cannot die.

But he still feels pain just like anyone else.

As an [Extreme], he learned how to dull his sense of pain, but he hasn’t found a method to completely negate it to zero.

Abyss: “[The subject is my kinsman, one that has rotted completely]”

Abyss begins his incantation.

Abyss: “[Trade places with me]”

And something like meat oozed and dripped onto the floor.

Next, a nauseating smell of rotted flesh reached Igni’s nose.

And although everything is pitch black where they are standing, the well-known <strongest race> descended into a faintly lit world.

Igni: “...........a Dragon?!”

Abyss: “Well, it is rotted though.”

A Zombie Dragon. Its strength is categorized as SS.

It’s said to be at the same level as the Skull Dragon in the [Demon King’s Realm], and typically, an [Extreme] would be sent out to fight this Monster.

Of course, it is not as strong as it was in its previous life.

It is a corpse that continues to move after death by the Magic Power from the [Demon King], but in a situation where Spells are restricted, Igni would be severely disadvantaged.

Igni: “So what if you have a Dragon!”

Igni raises his [Rotating Ember] {Ignite}’s rotating speed.

He’s only able to control his Magic Rotation up to 30 cycles per second!

Igni’s kick lands on the Zombie Dragon’s stomach and sends it backwards.

With a <WHOOSH>, the Zombie Dragon’s head looks to its side.

A moment later, rotted flesh scatters around the area.

Igni: (’s no good. I don’t have enough fire power.)

Igni stared back at the Zombie Dragon’s empty eye sockets as he cursed under his breath.

[WooooOOO!!] {untranslated text}

The Zombie Dragon’s giant jaws stretch towards Igni.

In the air, Igni kicks the Dragon’s fang away, and lands on the ground farther away from it.

Igni: “[Rotating Ember] {Ignite}!”

Igni lets out a bestial roar in response to the Zombie Dragon and jumps into the air.

Igni: “........let’s do this.”

Igni knows the reason why he’s unable to control his body when he raises the rotating speed of the [Rotating Ember] {Ignite}.

It’s because his eyes can’t keep up with the high speed movement of his body. But the answer is simple. He just needs to concentrate Magic Power in his eyes.

That’s why he divided his Magic Power.

Igni divided his Magic Power between the center of his body and around his eyes.

And again, began his circulating rotation.

He made sure to rotate both in sync, and began pushing his rotation from 30 cycles per cycle and above.

The initiated Magic Power began trickling out of Igni’s body, and took on a red hue as it enveloped the area around Igni.

It was as if Igni himself was set on fire.

Igni: “SH!” (sfx exhale)

The moment the rotation speed surpassed 70 cycles per second, Igni kicked off the ground.

He easily tore past the speed of sound, and the wall of air impedes him from going any faster.

But in Igni’s eyes, everything seemed to almost have stopped completely as it slowly moved past him.

Igni: (I get it now………..)

This was one of the things Igni realized.

Igni: (This is a technique to <support> something with Magic Power.)

Just like how Igni was supporting his dynamic visual acuity (ability to capture moving objects).

And when Igni’s super-accelerated fist touched the Zombie Dragon’s jaws, the Zombie Dragon’s head exploded like a rotted branch.

Igni: “Abyss! It’s over!”

Igni kicked the <atmosphere> and jumped towards Abyss.

Abyss: “Yeah, let’s end it here.”

Igni: “OOOGHHH!!”

Igni’s fist hits Abyss’ body dead on.

With a smirk on his face, Abyss let himself be hit.

The hit felt different from before.

Abyss’ body flew a few hundred meters, and fell to the ground.

When Igni was about to follow up and strike him again, he realized it.

Abyss’ body did not start recovering from the damage.

And by the time he realized it, there was a giant Magical Inscription below him.

…………...this is different.

This isn’t a Spell Inscription. It’s a <Magic> Inscription.

Abyss’ Magic specializes in [not losing].

Then of course, he would be preparing a [path to victory].

Yes, this was Abyss’ plan from the very beginning.

It was the reason why he risked bringing his actual body ー so he can perform this Magic.

Abyss: “[Gate] {Door}”

From Abyss’ mouth an incantation spills out.

And with it, he coughs out blood. It was from the damage from Igni’s blow..

Abyss: “[Release] {Velofuente}”

The next instant, <ALL THE MAGIC POWER> existing in that entire area was initiated and absorbed into the Magic Inscription.

A moment later, Abyss’ [World] began crumbling and disappearing.

Igni: “This is…….!”

Abyss: “Hehehe. Igni, it’s the same as your <Magic>. Looks like I need to use all my Magic Power to use this Spell.”

Igni hurriedly takes Sara into his arms.

He instinctively used [Flame Engine] {Accel Boot} and was able to use the Spell.

Abyss’ Magic was no longer active.

But in its place, something appeared out of the Magic Inscription.

Abyss: “100 years ago! The [Demon King] who descended into this world destroyed 99% of humanity by himself! This time, it’s my turn!”

Igni: “[Equip Flame] {Ignition} : [Ultimate Light] {Lucas}!”

Igni fired his Spell at the geometric shape that was appearing out of the Magic Inscription.

But the {Fireball} that was shot at the speed of light was instantly absorbed into the Inscription like a drop of water hitting the surface of a pond.

Abyss: “That ain’t gonna work! That creature’s from a completely different dimension than us! A creature from a higher dimension! Our attacks would never work on it!”

Abyss coughs up more blood as he laughs.

Seeing the thing coming out of the Magic Inscription, Sara gripped Igni’s body tighter.

Every part of its body was made from a complex geometric shape.

Only the center of it barely resembled something human.

Its height probably exceeded 15 meters (~50 ft) and was enormous.

But what really caught Igni and Sara’s eyes were the halo that shined brightly over its head.

And also the shimmering line that connected from Sara’s heart to the creature.

Igni: “ angel…….”

Igni whispers the words quietly to himself.

Abyss: “I call it that too.”

The next moment, Abyss’ world completely disappeared, and Igni and Sara were thrown out over the sea.

Igni hurriedly confirms that the lodge was behind him.

Igni initiates the [Flame Engine] {Accel Boot} and floats in the air as he looks down upon Abyss who floats in the ocean.

Abyss has no strength left in him. He’s just an empty husk at this point.

But right now, the enemy is……….

Abyss: “But that thing isn’t an angel at all. It’s just a merciless weapon of mass destruction.”

And as if to answer Abyss, the Angel lifted what looked to be its arm and swung it.

<KYUUDOーーーー!!> (sfx)

Before Igni’s eyes, <one of the mountains he saw was completely blown away>.


Sara grips Igni’s hand even tighter.

It almost hurt how hard she gripped his hand.

Abyss: “Do you want to stop it? Of course you do! It’s simple. Kill Sara and that thing will disappear.” Sara’s grip tightens even more to the point where blood trickles from Igni’s arm where she held it.

Abyss: “It’s using Sara’s Magic Power to come into this dimension, so if you kill Sara, the Angel will stop.”

As it retains its geometrically-shaped body, The air and ocean around Abyss is getting Corrupted and Tainted.

Even summoning the Angel did not use up all of Sara’s Magic Power, and the overflowing Magic Power continued to Corrupt and Taint their surroundings.

Abyss: “Can you kill her? I bet you can’t~ That’s why it’s my win.”

Even at the doorstep of death, Abyss smiles proudly as he confirms his victory.

But Igni doesn’t bother looking at him. He just stares at the Angel with a burning glare.

Igni: “Sara.” Igni quietly speaks to the little girl who can only shake and tremble at the present situation.

Igni: “I am [The Strongest].”

Quietly, just quietly, Igni spoke.

Because he could not use 100 Spells, he mastered just one Spell as he continued his words.

Igni: “I bet you think this is all unfair.”

Still trembling, the girl nods her head once.

She has not done anything. She just had a special physical condition when she was born.

Just because of that, she became humanity’s enemy and was targeted by Abyss……..and now, she had more tragedy that weighed heavily over her conscience.

That’s why Igni spoke.

Igni: “[The Strongest] means that I can break apart that [Unfairness]. That’s why we call it [The Strongest].”

The Ultimate Secret to Popularity No. 1 ーー Women love strong men.

That is the beginning of all secrets to Popularity.

But then, <WHY> is that the beginning?

Lucas never spoke of that to Igni.

But Igni obtained an answer on his own.

As difficulties increase and multiply, as the unreasonableness and unfairness of life pile up…

Igni: “[Equip Flame] {Ignition} : [Complete Incineration] {Full Burst}!!”

Those who can break through those thingsーー

Igni: “[Ultra Sphere Surface] {Tesea}”

ーーcan become Popular.


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Extreme Flame Wizard - I can only use fireball but I became the strongest just wanting to be popular with the girls

Written by: Cyclamen

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: シクラメン

Original Source Link:

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