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Extreme Flame Wizard c83

Chapter 83: History and the Wizard

It was after lunch inside the classroom.

It is the class right after they finish eating their lunch, so this is the hour that students will be fighting to stay awake.

“Today, we’ll be learning about the [Demon King]. Has everyone read through the reading material?”

And out of all the subjects, the afternoon class just had to be History today.

Igni fought off a yawn that was coming on.

“The [Demon King]........was a world-wide disaster that appeared 100 years ago. It was a true monster that destroyed the northernmost Kingdom in 2 weeks. At the time, there were no [Extremes], but in order to slay the [Demon King], many Wizards who could use Disaster-Level Spells and Epic-Scale Spells were sent, and there are many territories that are now completely unusable as a result.

The teacher opens up their textbook and continues the lecture.

Even Igni knew these details.

And it wasn’t only Igni. Everyone sitting in the classroom here learned about these events as children.

“The [Demon King] descended from the north to the south. And within a year, the [Demon King] destroyed over 10 countries, and continued his invasion southward. And besides this Capital city, the [Demon King] took over everything else. And I mean, literally took over all other lands besides here.”

Igni resists a second yawn coming on.

He takes a glance at Sara who is sitting next to him and is listening to the teacher’s words very intently.

Sara’s language skills have improved drastically, so now she’s able to understand what the teacher is saying. This might be the first time Sara is hearing this story.

“Many countries tried to resist, and many Spells were developed. Even Forbidden Spells.”

Sara: “Forbidden……?” And Sara turned to Igni questioningly as he answered, “really dangerous spells” to clarify.

“Many [Races] went extinct. The Fairies, the Giants, Mermen, Gnomes…..right now, you can count the number of Races that are left today.”

Everyone looks at the long list of extinct Races listed inside the textbook, and everyone falls silent.

Up until 100 years ago, all these Races lived their daily lives, and with the war that came upon them, they were wiped out.

“Because of the [Demon King], it is said that 90% of humanity was killed.” The teacher continued to flip through the textbook pages as they spoke.

“But the reason why humanity remains today is because the [Demon King] was defeated.” And within the classroom, a few are getting excited.

They are the History guru’s…….or basically geek fans of the Hero.

“The ‘Omnipotent’ Glorius. A genius that was born with [S] Compatibility with all Magic Spell Types. Right now, most know him more by his 'Hero' title than his actual name.”

Sara was listening to every single word the teacher spoke.

She even let out a surprised “wo~w”, and the sight of her was so cute, Igni smiled to himself as he watched her.

“The Hero and his other two companions were victorious in the final battle against the [Demon King]. That is why we are all still here. I believe everyone here should already know who his two companions were, correct?” The teacher looks around at all the students’ faces.

“The first Emperor of the Esmeralda Empire, the ‘Master Swordsman’ Cain Esmeralda. And the Principal of this Rolmod Wizard Academy, the ‘Clever Sage' Aria. These 3 are the ones who protected humanity from complete annihilation.”

And the teacher continued their lecture, but Igni knew every detail, and he fought to stay awake and managed to get through class without falling asleep.

Sara: “[Demon King] ー bad guy!”

As soon as class was over, Sara turned to Igni and immediately made that proclamation.

Igni: “WhーWhat’s wrong, Sara?” Sara: “[Hero] ー good guy!”

Igni: “HーHm?”

Sara seemed to be worked up about something suddenly, and Igni was unable to keep up.

Alicia: “Maybe she’s excited because she heard the Hero’s tale for the first time?” And Alicia tilted her head to contemplate Sara’s actions.

But with that, Igni replied with a “Ohhhー....” and nodded.

Any child who hears the tales of the Hero will usually end up looking up to the Hero.

Sara lets out an excited and pumped exhale of breath, and Igni chuckles at the sight.

This girl would not explain why she was at the [Demon King’s Realm].

Or rather, she couldn't.

But at this rate, she might be able to tell Igni soon.

ーーwhy she was there in the first place.

Yoori: “Igni, let’s go to the Student Council meeting.” Igni: “Yeah.”

Alicia: “Well, we’ll head to our club too.”

And Alicia rose from her seat, and as she argued with Iris as they left the classroom.

Igni: (They get along so wellー)

ーーwas Igni’s impression watching the two.

And Igni headed to the Student Council’s meeting room.

Miko: “Hey, Igni!!”

Igni: “It’s been a while, Miss Miko!”

As soon as they arrive, Miko’s loud voice booms as she greets them, and Igni replies in kind.

Igni: “Oh, where’s President Miru and Miss Valia?”

Miko: “They both went to see the Club Teacher.”

Igni: “Club Teacher? There’s a teacher overseeing the Student Council?”

It was the first time Igni heard the news and wanted to confirm with Miss Miko.

Miko: “Of course, man. You don’t think we can create a Student Council without teacher approval, right?” ーーwas her reply.

And that was probably true.

Miko: “Here, I’ll pour you some tea while we wait for the two to come back. Sit right there.” Though her tone might be rough on the edges, Miss Miko is still very considerate and began to boil some water in the pot.

Sara: “I want snacks!”

Miko: “Oh? Look at you! You can talk better now. Wait there. I think there’s cookies in the cupboard in the back. I’ll get that for you.” Miss Miko was the first Student Council member that Sara took a liking too.

Miss Miko seemed to be very used to taking care of children.

Sara was not as keen on getting to know Miss Valia who was wrapped in bandages or President Miru.

“I apologize for making you wait.” And with that, an unfamiliar voice came as someone entered the Student Council’s room.

“Oh, hello everyone. I see that you are all here."

The girl who entered glanced at Igni and his group.

Lilly: “AーAnd who might you be?” Yoori: “What business do you have with the Student Council?” Lilly and Yoori immediately question the woman who just entered.

But as for Igni…

Igni: (AーAーA Noble’s girl with blonde hair rolled up in curled locks!!)


It happened on one of those rare days when Igni and his grandfather were in town.

[Igni, do you loathe Nobles?]

[I hate them.]

[I see. But….what about that?]

And with that, Lucas pointed to a Noble’s daughter with blonde hair in curly golden locks!

[.......thーthat is….?!]

[It’s a style that became popular among the nobles of this Kingdom a little while ago.]

[WhーWhat about those really curly hair style that looks like drills….?!]

[They say it’s easier to control Magic Power……..but it’s just a false rumor. There’s really no such effect.]

[.........but she’s a Noble, right?]

[Hmmm..... Oye, Igni. Do you remember what I said to you before?]

[Which one? That you can’t be Popular if you’re a Noble?]

[Exactly. Nobles are entangled in too many things. They are restricted with contracts and regulations, and even if you live normally, it’s still a suffocating lifestyle.]

[Yeah, I agree.]

[But……...that is the same for that daughter of a Noble as well…….!]


Igni looks at Lucas in astonishment.

[It is…….very good…….to be able to teach a Noble daughter who knows nothing of this world…...the life of an ordinary citizen.]

[It’s an….ignoratunity (ignorance + opportunity) adaptation of teaching new things to a girl who knows nothing……!]

[........that’s really hard to say………]

[Don’t say the obvious!!]




Igni: (HーHow nostalgic……..!!)

Igni: (It’s been a while since I saw those…...golden rolls……!!)

Igni: (And when you see it in person……….it establishes…...such a powerful presence…!!)

“Oh, that’s right. It’s the first time I’m meeting you in this attire, is it not?”

Miko: “Oh, Valia. You’re back.”

Igni: “WHAー?! MーMiss Valia?!”

Valia: “Yes, that is correct. My name is Valia Ammolite. I am very well acquainted with everyone here.”

Igni: “ThーThat Miss Valia actually was…..!”

That upperclassman wrapped up in bandages like a mummy was actually a Noble’s daughter with curly golden locks……..!!

Igni: (It’s too much……!!)

Miru: “Oh, everyone. You’re all here.” And behind Valia, Miru hugged her from behind and appeared.

Miru: “Then take a seat everyone. I have important news to share.” Igni: “An important news?” Miru: “Yes! It’s our traditional annual activity for the Student Council!”

President Miru hands out pamphlets to everyone.

Miru: “It’s the Student Council Field Trip!”


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Extreme Flame Wizard - I can only use fireball but I became the strongest just wanting to be popular with the girls

Written by: Cyclamen

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: シクラメン

Original Source Link:

Book 3

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03 de jul. de 2023

Finally here! The famous golden drills that suit any blonde noble girl! Igni, don't let her go!


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I take back my words of Sara being the next harem member, she's too cute for this world.


4614-Abhinav Aggarwal
4614-Abhinav Aggarwal
30 de jun. de 2022

The one who saved the humanity was a princess with only one spell in her arsenal rather than all type- S compatibility.....

What an irony 🙂


4614-Abhinav Aggarwal
4614-Abhinav Aggarwal
30 de jun. de 2022

The Hero and his other two companions were victorious in the final battle against the [Demon King].


4614-Abhinav Aggarwal
4614-Abhinav Aggarwal
30 de jun. de 2022
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