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Extreme Flame Wizard c84

Chapter 84: The Field Trip and the Wizard

Igni: “It’s the oceanー!!!”

Igni and his group got out of the carriage and immediately ran towards the beach.

Igni: “We’re here at the ocean, President Miru!!”

Miru: “That’s right! We come here every year!”

Igni and his friends were delighted to see the endless seas before them.

But Sara and Lilly stood frozen still as they stared at the ocean.

Igni: “Whーwhat’s wrong, you two?”

Sara: “So much…...water……”

Lilly: “I’ve never seen a lake so large……..”

Igni: “This isn’t a lake. It’s the ocean, Lilly.” Lilly: “The ocean?” Igni: “Yeah, it’s a giant puddle that’s much bigger than a lake!”

Leaving aside the fact that he just called the ocean a giant puddle, Igni chose those words to try and simplify his explanation as much as possible.

Valia: “Okay everyoneー we shall now carry our luggage. For this Field Trip, we will be sharing our lodge with a different school club so please mind your manners.”

And Valia began taking down the luggage from the carriages, and Igni took the bags and carried them to the lodge.

Igni: “Another school club? So they are also doing a Field Trip during the same time as us?” Igni asked Valia while they walked besides each other.

Valia: “Yes, that would be true. That club also does their annual Field Trip around this time of year.” Igni: “Which club is it?” But just as Igni finished asking the question, he saw a familiar face.

The other party was also equally surprised to see Igni’s face.

Igni: “Huh?! Alicia??”

Alicia: “Oh, it’s Igni. Why are you here?” Igni: “I’m here on the Student Council Field Trip…”

Alicia: “I’m at the Fortune Telling Club’s Training Camp.”

With that, Alicia showed Igni her crystal ball.

Valia: “Oh, I guess my explanation was lacking. We are sharing the lodge with everyone from the Fortune Telling Club.”

And with that Miss Valia smiled towards Alicia and her group.

Iris: “What?! Sir Igni! Sir Igni, why are you here?!”

Iris runs up quickly towards him.

Igni: “I’m doing a training camp here too.”

Iris: “Wow! It must be destiny! I hope we get to spend some time together while we’re here!”

Iris bows her head politely towards Igni.

Valia: “Then Igni, let us go.” Igni: “Yes.” Sara: “Umphhhhhh!”

While he was heading to the lodge with Miss Valia, Sara walked beside Igni and was carrying a bag that was almost too big for her.

Igni: “SーSara? Are you okay carrying that?”

Sara: “I’m fine!”

Igni: “AーAre you really okay……?” Igni was a little worried.

In the end, Sara tired out on the way to the lodge, and Igni carried it for her.

Miru: “Okay, everyone’s here now.” They borrowed the main living room of the lodge, and Igni’s group held a meeting.

Miru: “Firstly, the goal of this Field Trip is for everyone in the Student Council to get to know each other better. If we spend more time in the same location longer, it’ll give us a chance to become good friends!”

And the way President Miru smiled as she said that was incredibly cute.

Miru: “But for now, let’s start making lunch together!”

“ “ “ YES! ” ” ”

The group began taking out the food ingredients they brought with them.

Miru: “Igni, I’ll leave the control of the fire to you.”

Igni: “You can leave it to me.” Igni sticks his chest out with confidence.

Miru: “Yoori, can you cut up the ingredients?” Yoori: “Yes.” Sara: “I’ll help!”

Miru: “Then Sara, can you wash the ingredients with water?”

Sara: “Yes!”

Sara nodded and began washing the vegetables with water.

Sara: “Ahh!”

And with a <thud>, Sara drops the ingredients she was handling.

In the same time it takes to blink, an extraordinary amount of Magic Power flowed out.

Igni: “What’s wrong?” Sara: “It zapped me.” And all the Magic Power disappeared.

And what Sara pointed to was……….the Magical Artifact Ring.

Igni: “I’m sorry that it zapped you. Did it hurt? Are you okay?” Sara: “Yeah. Didn’t hurt. It just scared me.”

Sara’s Magical Artifact is an artifact that prevents Sara’s immense Magic Power from flooding out.

Because of it, Sara is able to live a normal life.

And if that zapped her, it means………..

Igni: “Is it weak to water?” Igni tilts his head.

Miko: “Sara, have you ever used a kitchen knife before?” Miss Miko gently guided Sara away from the water.

Igni is certain that the Magic Artifact is still functioning, but if that ring-shaped Magic Artifact broke, this entire area would turn into the [Demon King’s Realm].

Igni will have to avoid that from happening no matter what.

Igni: (I’m glad we have a spareー.......)

Alicia gave him an extra ring-shaped Magic Artifact just in case, and remembering that he had one, Igni let out a sigh of relief.


At the exact same time, in the [Demon King’s Realm].

Abyss: “There. I sensed it.”

Now, the [Demon King’s Realm] was nothing like it was before. The overflowing Magic Power disappeared, and the majority of the Monsters there weakened significantly. The corrupted Magic Power no longer expanded throughout the territory either.

Now, it was just an unexplored frontier.

Abyss: “From that direction… would be the Empire or the Kingdom…..” The [Endless Depths] Abyss just finished his most adept Spell [Dimensional World Crossing].

Abyss: “The Magic Power appeared and disappeared, which means someone is holding back the Magic Power…...or maybe they’re using a Magic Artifact.” As Abyss exhales, a snake drops down from above him.

A Giant Snake that was at least 30 meters in length.

Abyss: “Hmm……..” The snake that dropped from above without a sound is now frozen still in mid-air.

Abyss: “Is it not a [corpse]........? What if……….”

Abyss taps his head as he continues to think.

Abyss: “It was obvious that the Magic Power was not in chaos, but it was orderly. Is it sentient? Or has it been turned into a weapon?” From his incredible senses and drawing his thoughts from all of his countless experiments, he continued to delve into his thinking.

Abyss: “If it was a [corpse], would they try and make it into a weapon…….? Would that Kingdom or Empire really do that……….?”

A weapon that would transform any land into a [Demon King’s Territory].

It could be used to take down an enemy country.

But as a result, if you don’t have a [Saint] to cleanse and purify the land, the land would be useless.

And it would be hard to persuade the [Saint] to go purify the lands after taking such extremely inhumane measures against an enemy nation.

And there’s no reason why the Kingdom and Empire has to rely on <anything like that>.

Abyss: “Even if you take a country down, if you can’t use the land, there would be no point. And I can’t think of any reason why those two countries would resort to using a weapon instead….”

Abyss twists the giant snake he captured as he continues to think.

They really have no use for such a weapon.

The Kingdom and Empire could send one [Extreme] to any enemy nation if they want to take it down.

Just with that, they can conquer most countries.

The only ones who can fight Magicians are other Magicians.

Abyss: “Then……..he’s……..the [Demon King] is alive………?”

With a nasty <RIP>, the snake’s flesh began tearing from the immense pressure applied to it.

Abyss: “No… way. That would be impossible. The [Demon King] most definitely died.”

The ground was now soaking up the Giant Snake’s blood, when Abyss’ shadow bubbled up from the ground.

Abyss: “.........well, there’s no use thinking about it till I find it.”

From his shadow, a black humanoid figure appeared.

Abyss: “Good, now go. Search it out.” The humanoid figure received his command from Abyss and began running out of the [Demon King’s Realm].

With that, Abyss left the Giant Snake’s body behind and disappeared into the darkness.


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Extreme Flame Wizard - I can only use fireball but I became the strongest just wanting to be popular with the girls

Written by: Cyclamen

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: シクラメン

Original Source Link:

Book 3

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