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Extreme Flame Wizard c74

Chapter 74: A New Club Member!

Miko: “WHAT?! Igni! Who is that girl?!”

Igni: “Her name is Sara. She’s the one the school took in to protect.”

Miko: “The school? Ohhhh, yeah, I remember Ms. Elenoir saying something about that.”

After school, as they enter the Student Council’s meeting room, Miss Miko immediately points a finger at Sara and calls her out.

Igni: “It seems like she’s really attached to me.”

Miko: “Huhー I didn’t think you’re a guy that kids would likeー”

Igni: “Hey, Miss Miko. You’re being a little rude.”

Miko: “Haha.” Miko laughs.

Miko: “So, why IS she so attached to you, huh?”

Miko looks again at Sara who is hiding behind Igni.

Igni: “She’s really shy. I think she’s embarrassed because it’s the first time meeting you.”

Miko: “Really? Well, kids don’t like me much anyways.”

“Pshh, lies. Miko loves kids, and she’s good at taking care of them.”

Student Council President, Miru, was doing paperwork at her desk next to Miko and interjects her comment in our conversation.

Igni: “Is that true, Miss Miko?” Miko: “Ohhh, well, I grew up in an orphanage so…..” Miru: “Why would you lie about that, Miko?” The way President Miru is tilting her head is so cute....

Miko: “C’mon…..if I didn’t say so, wouldn’t that be discouraging to Igni?” Miru: “Ohhhh, is that what you were worried about? How cuteー”

And the way President Miru is smiling is cute too.

And the way Miko is blushing bright red is also very cute.

Miko: “So, how long are you going to look after her?” Igni: “That hasn’t been decided yet.”

Sara is a child who doesn’t have any relatives, but they’re not going to take her to an orphanage.

That’s because...

Miko: “A bracelet? Wow, that’s a pretty wicked bracelet you got there.”

Igni: “Oh, yes, that’s a Magic Artifact. Please don’t touch it.”

Miko: “Hmm? Does it have something to do with her health?” Igni: “Yes, that about sums it up."

Without this Magic Artifact bracelet from the Empire, she’s not able to even walk outside.

Miko: “What kind of Magic Artifact is it?” Igni: “It helps control her Magic Power…..or something like that. Sara has a condition that makes it easier for Magic Power to flow out of her body.”

Miko: “Ohhhh….what was that called? I heard of people with that condition before.”

Igni: “Yes, so this bracelet is part of her treatment….” And Igni explained to Miko the cover story that Elenoir made for Sara .

According to the story, Sara has a condition that makes it difficult for her to control the flow of Magic out of her.

In order to study that illness and to help treat her, Sara was brought to this school and is being protected.

She’s attached to Igni, so right now, she is taking a tour of the school with him and will be allowed to follow him around to a certain degree.

Sara: “.............” Sara hides behind Igni and observes Miko and Miru. And…...she also looks at the Valia in the corner of the Student Council Room wrapped up in her bandages.

Sara: “Wha is your name….?”

And with a shaky voice, Sara asks the two a question.

Miko: “My name? I’m Miko!”

Miru: “And I’m Miru. Nice to meet you.”

Sara bows her head politely.

Mira, who heard Sara speak a little, told me that she was speaking a language that existed <100 years ago> in a country in the north. This was one of the countries that was erased because of the [Demon King].

How can Sara speak that language?

Why was she trapped in that Crystal? Even if they wanted to, there are very few people who know the language Sara speaks.

So they decided that Sara could try learning the common language of today.

But it’s only been a few days, and there aren’t many languages out there that you can master in one day.

Right now, she is starting with the preschool materials and learning the basics.

Miko: “Oh, Igni, did you know that we have a new temp member interested in joining the Student Council?”

Igni: “A temporary member? Someone other than Yoori and myself?”

Miko: “Yeah, yeah. It was Valia who recruited them.”

Wrapped up in bandages from head to toe, she senses Igni looking her way and gestures a peace sign to him.

Igni still has no clue to the character or personality of Miss Valia.

Her silhouette barely tells him that she’s a woman but that’s about it.

Igni: “Who is it?” Miko: “They should be arriving shortly.” “SーSorry for being late! Is the Student Council Room here?!” And the new member came into the room.

Igni: “LーLilly?!”

Lilly: “Igni!” Yoori: “Oh, I’m here too.”

Yoori also helped Lilly get to the Student Council Meeting Room and walked in behind her.

Igni: “Wait?! So the new temp member is…?!”

Miru: “The Exchange Student from the Elven Country, Lilly!”

President Miru stopped writing for a moment to make the announcement.

Valia lazily applauds in the back with a slow <clap…..clap….>.

Igni: “Lilly, you’re joining the Student Council too?! Let’s work hard together.”

Lilly: “OーOf course!”

Lilly puffs out her chest with confidence.

Miru: “Then today, could Igni and Lilly patrol the grounds today together?” Yoori: “Um...what about me?” Miru: “Yoori, you’ll be combat training with Miko. The members of the Student Council has to be strong.”

Yoori: “YーYes ma’am…..”

Yoori’s face turned pale at the mention, but to be fair, his Spells are not meant for combat in the first place.

So with that, Lilly, Igni, and Sara all head out on patrol together.

Lilly: “Igni, Sara hasn’t even once looked in my direction!”

And as soon as the patrol begins, so does the complaints.

Igni: “Well, she is shy.” Lilly: “But isn’t that strange?! She was smiling at Iris and Yoori! Even Edward too!”

And Lilly seems pretty disgruntled at the situation.

Igni: (I wonder if she likes kids?)

Igni: “HーHey, don’t get so riled up. Maybe it’s because it’s so rare to run into an Elf? Maybe?”

Lilly: “Rare……...well, now that you say that…….” Igni: “When she met Ms. Mila, she was pretty scared of her too, so maybe that’s it…” Sara had clung to Igni’s leg, and hit her face against Igni. Igni gently picked Sara up in his arms.

“.............uh…” Being tickled a little, Sara laughs.

The students in the hallway see Igni holding a child, but they pass by without noticing.

At this Wizard Academy, it’s not uncommon to see people with kids in the after school hours.

Igni: “Oh yeah, Lilly, did you hear what we do on these patrols?”

Lilly: “NーNo, I haven’t heard anything……” Igni: “When we patrol the grounds, we take care of things that may…….get out of hand at Club Meetings, and we intervene to mitigate any damages.”

Lilly: “Get out of hand….? Isn’t this a school? Do you really think things like that will happen all the time?”

And the way Lilly answered and tilted her head was the exact same as Igni just a few days ago.

Igni: “No, things will get out of hand. Pay a special close attention to the Biology Research Club, the Spell Pharmacy Club, the Golem Development Society, and…..oh and the Summoning Club…...there are others, but these are the main ones….” <DON!!>

And suddenly an impact like a lightning strike comes from the Practice Field.

Igni: “That’s probably one of the School Clubs I mentioned just now.” Lilly: “What the?! Aren’t you a little too quick to recover from that?! Am I the only one who was startled?!?!”

Lilly screams a shout of surprise with tears welled up in her eyes.

Igni: “Don’t worry. You’ll get used to it.”

Igni, Lilly, and Sara head towards the Practice Field.

Sara was also equally startled and clung onto Igni tighter than usual.

Igni: “Lilly, what’s your preferred combat style?” Lilly: “Close-Range Combat!”

Igni: “Got it. Then I’ll leave this to you.” As they discussed the next steps, a girl with a huge smile on her face ran up to them.

“Sorry! It didn’t go as planned!”

Igni: “Understood.” Igni: (I think that was one of the members of the Golem Research Society).

Lilly: “Hey?! Why is she smiling so happily after an experiment went wrong?!”

Igni: “I don’t understand either.” A man who rejects anything will not be popular so Igni accepts all results.

There is one Golem that is trashing the Practice Field.

There was a huge landing sound, so looking towards the Special Tower, there were signs that it busted through the walls. It’s likely that the Golem punched through the walls of the Golem Research Society room, and landed in the Practice Field.

Lilly: “Igni, leave this one to me.” Igni: “AーAre you going to be okay?”

Lilly: “I’ll show you what I can do.” And with that, Lilly draws a short sword.

And kicked the ground…

Lilly: “[Push them away, Protero]!”

And a second later, an explosive wind blows from behind and pushes Lilly forward!

And with the wind behind her back, she strikes straight through the Golem’s core!!

Igni: (........I can…….I can almost…….)

The wind blows wildly making Lilly’s skirt flies everywhere.

Lilly: “Hehe. How was that? I was amazing, wasn’t I?!”

Igni: (..........I saw it…….!!)

With the Golem crumbling behind her…

Lilly had a huge smile on her face.

And Igni was overjoyed.


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Extreme Flame Wizard - I can only use fireball but I became the strongest just wanting to be popular with the girls

Written by: Cyclamen

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: シクラメン

Original Source Link:

Book 3

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