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Extreme Flame Wizard c75

Chapter 75: The Training Camp and the Wizard

Elenoir: “Everyone~ Next week is almost upon us, so I need to tell you something~”

Elenoir’s relaxed voice echoes across the Homeroom classroom.

Elenoir: “Next week, we have the 2 days, 3 nights Outdoor Training Camp~”

Igni: “.........Training Camp?”


Something inside Igni stirs excitedly.

Originally, he came to school to enjoy the company of many girls here at this school. But on the contrary, he is ending up fighting [Extremes] and was saving [Saints] instead.

He’s sure that these activities will contribute to his overall [Popularity] but…...he…….wanted something a little more cheerful and school event-like.

As he thought about these things, an opportunity like this came up.

Elenoir: “So when we say Outdoor Training Campー we’ll be going to the Capital’s edge to the forest of Frontel. We’ll have you survive in the wilderness~”

Igni: (……….wait…..what?)

Igni tilts his head as his image of a Training Camp was suddenly shifted and changed.

Elenoir: “The goal of the Outdoor Training Camp is~ to stay alive. And also, we’ll give out Quests…….if you complete the Quests, I’ll give you extra credit~”

Elenoir smiled as she spoke.

Yoori: “SーSurvival….meaning…’ll be dangerous?”

Yoori, who was sitting next to Igni, whispered quietly to him.

And right now, before Yoori was sitting directly next to Igni, but now Sara sat in between Yoori and Igni.

During class, Sara would sit next to Igni and was studying the common language alphabet on her own. She was being a very studious, good girl.

Igni: “It’s probably…...dangerous? I don’t know much about the Frontel Forest though….” At the very least, it would be safer than the [Demon King’s Realm] in Igni’s imagination.

Elenoir: “So~ I want everyone to gather into groups of 6~ With Lilly now, we should have just the right number to divide into 5 groups, right?”

Igni: (We’re dividing into groups!!)

Igni’s excitement was escalating even further.

Igni: (There’s only 5 guys in the class…..!

Igni: (That would be me, Edward, Edward’s Minion A, Edward’s Minion B…...and I almost forgot Yoori who really shouldn’t be in this category!!)

And there are 25 girls remaining……….!!

The Rolmod Wizard Academy can be mistaken for an [All Girls School] because many adept Wizards are typically female…...and thus, the majority of students here are female……..!

Igni’s thoughts are now revving at high speed.

If Ms. Elenoir wants to divide the male : female ratio evenly, that means all 5 boys will be divided into their own groups.

Igni: (That means out of a group of 6, there will be 5 girls and I’ll be the only guy……!!)

Igni: (I……...won…….!!)

Elenoir: “Okay, everyone~ Go ahead and choose your own groups~”

When Ms. Elenoir said that…

Yoori: “IーIgni, do you want to be in the same group?” Yoori immediately turned to Igni to ask.

Igni: “YーYeah…….that’s fine.”

Igni couldn’t refuse the request of his friend so Igni acknowledges.

Alicia: “Then let’s form a group together.”

Iris: “Please let me in your group as well, Sir Igni!!”

And with that, Alicia and Iris joined Igni’s group.

Lilly: “Um…...cーcan I….join your group…….too?”

And speaking a little like Kurara, Lilly also entered the group.

In a flash, 4 seats were already taken, and Igni was hoping for a girl to fill the last seat when….

Edward: “HーHey! If you need one more member, I can join you guys too!”

Igni: “Huh? Edward…...!?!”

Edward came over.

It’s true that he’s a decent guy.

He’s a decent guy…..but this isn’t the time!!

Igni: (This isn’t the right time, Edward…….!!)

Edward: “IーIf you don’t want me to, I won’t but…..”

“Hey! Sir Edward is worried because your group doesn’t have a Healer!”

“That’s right! If you’re going to survive in the wilderness, you’ll definitely need a Healer!”

And Edward’s Minions let Igni know the situation.

Igni: (ThーThat’s true...that does make sense……..)

And Igni groans as he considers this.

Yoori: “ThーThen why not let Edward in the group, Igni?” And Yoori asks permission to allow Edward into the group.

Igni lacks a strong, compelling reason to refuse Edward here.

In the end, the worst of it is that Igni will feel a little disappointment for not being able to group up with more girls. And besides that, Edward is a Healer. He is a key resource Igni needs on his team.”

Igni: “ThーThen….yeah, could we…….ask for you help, Edward…..?” And the last member of the group was Edward.

Out of the 5 guys in the same class, 3 were now in a single group at the end.

Unbeknownst to those around him, Igni’s excitement hit rock bottom.


One week passed.

Far away from the Rolmod Wizard Academy is the Frontel Forest. This is a traditional Wilderness Survival Training Camp that the Rolmod Wizard Academy 1st Years attend every year.

Unlike other forests, what draws the eyes in the Frontel Forest is the existence of the giant trees.

Humongous trees that stand over 50 meters (~164 ft) stand scattered all over the area.

Elenoir: “Everyone~ do you have your Quest Scroll~? You will see Quests appear on there occassionally~ If you can, take the time to accomplish those~ Okay, all the teachers will~ come pick you up in 3 days……….good luck~”

With that, Ms. Elenoir left on a horse carriage.

Igni: “I thought all the 1st Years would be here doing the Wilderness Survival together, but it’s just Class-D, huh….”

Igni comments as he looks around.

Alicia: “Class A through C already finished theirs, right? Well, I’m glad. I think it’ll be easier with less people around.”

Igni: “True. With too many people, there might be more fights amongst ourselves.”

Igni and Alicia speak as Igni carries Sara over an area where the giant trees’ roots rise up from the ground.

Alicia: “Hey, Igni. Was it okay to bring her here?”

Sara is walking with Igni in between her and Alicia as they relocated.

Igni: “Hmmー the teachers all said being emotionally distraught would be more dangerous….and it was Ms. Elenoir who strongly recommended coming to the Training Camp with Sara.”

She has been asleep for a very long time, so she wouldn’t have stamina like Igni and his classmates, but watching her do her best to keep up with their walking was so endearing that Igni laid a hand on her hand.

Alicia: “You have your work cut out for you, then.” Igni: “It won’t be that bad.” As they headed further into the forest, Igni and his Party found a river to satisfy their dry throats, and decided to set up camp here.

While Edward and Yoori set up the tent, Igni and the rest of the group are out hunting for food supplies.

Igni: “Iris, if you see any footprints of animals, let me know.” Iris: “Yes, Sir Igni!”

As Igni held Sara who was tired out, Igni continued the hunt.

They split in two and are looking for any signs of animals around them.

Iris: “Oh! Sir Igni! I found one!!”

Igni: “You’re amazing, Iris.”

Iris: “No, no. It’s not that big of a deal!”

And Iris puffs out her chest at the compliment.

Igni takes a look at the footprints and…….grabs Iris and hunches over her.

Iris: “Huh….Sir Igni…? You’re being so forward ♡”

But ignoring Iris’ joyful reaction, Igni turns his attention to their surroundings.

Then……<DON!!!> (sfx)

And something slammed into one of the giant trees as the sound of the impact echoed!


Igni: “A [Bullet Rabbit]........!”

Iris: “A [Bullet Rabbit].....those are……..creatures who leave footprints so they can attack the hunters…..those…?”

Igni: “Correct!”

Iris: “IーI’m so sorry…….it’s all my fault……”

Igni: “? What are you saying, Iris?” Iris: “Huh?”

Igni has a serious question mark on his face right now.

Igni: “Thanks to you, we were able to find food for tonight."

Igni creates a {Fireball}.

Igni: “[Equip Flame] : Ignite”

And he pours Magic Power into it.

Igni: “[Return Fire]”

Igni shoots right through the head of the Bullet Rabbit that was approaching them at the speed of sound.

Iris: “…….”

Both Iris and Sara both let out their voices of amazement at the sight.

Igni: “Let’s take down a few more and go back.” Iris: “YーYes!”

Without knowing, Igni impressed the two and raised their opinion of him.


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Extreme Flame Wizard - I can only use fireball but I became the strongest just wanting to be popular with the girls

Written by: Cyclamen

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: シクラメン

Original Source Link:

Book 3

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