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Extreme Flame Wizard c31

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

Chapter 31: Resolve and the Wizard

Igni: “[Flame Armor - Ignite]!”

The dormitory is surrounded by residential houses!

You can’t use large-scale spells here!!

Igni: “[LAUNCH - FIRE]!!”

So as a result, Igni had to hold back his spell power.

If he uses anything near what he used against a [Hell Spider] or [Skull Dragon], this entire area would turn into cinders and ashes.

Igni couldn’t do that.

Celia: “You look like you’re having some difficulty, Igni.” Igni: “Nope, not at all.”

But there’s no point complaining about that right now.

No matter when, no matter where, you have to dish out results on a regular basis.

If he can’t do so, there is no way that he’ll ever become the [STRONGEST].

Celia: “Your spells are getting more and more refined. I’m impressed that you can continue fighting in this pitch blackness.”

Igni: “I’ve been trained a lot!”

This was not just from Lucas.

He learned this technique while training with Erumi.

By thinking of how the other feels when receiving the spell, Igni was able to further refine his own spells.

Celia: “FU!!” (*sfx quick breath)

Celia <KICKS> the ground beneath her, as she positions herself to lunge forward.

<DON!!!> (*sfx strong impact)

In a flash, the ground beneath Igni <KICKED UPWARDS>. Just by digging her feet into the earth, she moved the entire earth beneath them!


With the ground beneath him pushed up, Igni created a few thousand [FIREBALL]’s!!


He detonates the countless [FIREBALL]’s beneath him to explode in a specific direction!

He forces his body to move mid-air while dodging Celia’s sword cutting through the air!!

Celia: “You’ve refined a basic [FIREBALL] to this degree. It's astounding.”

Igni: “I have more than just this!”

Igni manipulates the [FIREBALL] beneath him, and transports himself beneath Celia who jumped into the air.

There is nothing in the sky.

Then Igni can use an <EPIC SCALE SPELL> here!

Igni: “[Flame Armor - Ignite : Ultimate Mini-size MINIMA]!!”

Is there anyone who could <SEE> this [FIREBALL]?

A [FIREBALL] shrunken down to its molecular size.

And right now, it numbers in the trillions.

Igni forces it to rub against the other molecules around it, and the negative magnetization seeks for its positive counterpart.

This is the law of nature.



<DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNN!!!!!!> (*sfx explosion)

A lightning <STRIKES> Celia.

This was a spell that Igni coincidently learned while being inside the [Demon King’s Realm]. Being trapped in the thunderstorm and rain where Igni would always be at a disadvantage, this was a spell and technique to help flip the tables.

Without taking any defensive measures, even an [EXTREME] would not come out of this in one piece.

Celia’s body greatly bounces up once………...and lands with her sword stuck in the ground.

Celia: “...........I see. You're not limited to just "shooting" [FIREBALL]’s.”

Celia’s body is covered in deep burns.

But her wounds heal altogether in mere moments.

This is the power of the [EXTREME] of [LIFE].

Healing magic is nothing but child’s play to her.

Igni: “How’d you like the taste of lightning?”

It was the first time Igni used the spell on a person other than Lucas.

Of course. Anyone else would have died from being struck by lightning.

Celia: “Oh, it’s great. It’s been a while since I wanted to <GIVE IT MY ALL> in a fight.”

When Celia stood up, all her wounds were healed.

Igni: “I have more spells if you want to see.”

Celia: “It’s a [FIREBALL] flea market bonanza inside of you, huh.”

Igni: “Don’t worry. I’ll never run out of goods here.”

Celia: “But I still don’t understand. Why fight against me for Alicia? What do you gain from all this?”

Igni: “She asked me to help her.”

Celia: “Alicia did?”

Igni: “Yup.”

Celia: “And just like that, you’ll fight me?”

Igni: “What other reason do I need?”

Igni was serious - dead serious. And Celia couldn’t help but burst out laughing.

Celia: “HA HA HA HA HA HA!! And for THAT, you’ll fight an [EXTREME]?!?! You are insane, Igni!!”

Igni: “................? What are you saying? She asked me to ‘help’. Of course I’ll help her.”

Celia: “Well, well. Alicia found herself a good man!!”

As soon as Celia said this, she readies her sword but…..

Alicia: “WAIT!!”

Alicia jumps in between the two.

Alicia: “.........wait…..Celia. I……...I’ll return to the Empire with you.”

Igni turns around to see knights wearing the same armor and design as Celia. They all had their swords pointed at Yoori.

Yoori, now held hostage, holds his tears back and looks towards Igni.

Igni: “ you weren’t alone.”

Igni lets out a deep breath.

Yoori is not a combat Wizard.

If they hold him down, Alicia wouldn’t be able to fight either.

Celia: “Let me ask you this as well. Why would you ever think that I would be alone?”

Celia lets out an exasperated sigh.

Alicia: “..........sis. This is unfair….. How could you…..?! Why would you resort to hostages?!?!”

Celia: “Unfair? As long as the mission is complete, there is nothing else that matters.”

Celia quickly brushes off Alicia’s words.

Celia: “Well, we’re done here. Let’s go home, Alicia.”

Celia returns her sword to her sheath and walks away.

Igni: “Wーwait! Let Yoori go!!”

Celia: “The boy will be released as soon as Alicia gets on the ship. Until then, he will remain with us.”

Igni immediately consolidates his spell power and points at the knights with swords drawn at Yoori.


With Alicia’s words, Igni disperses his spell.

………...With those words…...he had no other choice.

Alicia: “I’m sorry, Igni. I’m really sorry for dragging you into this……...please, forgive me…..”

Alicia’s expression darkens slightly as she says farewell to Igni.

Alicia: “It was a short time, but… was a lot of fun, Igni.”

Igni: “..........Alicia………..”

Alicia: “Thank you for helping me when I was running late.”

With that, Alicia turns away.

Celia: “Your friend will return here by morning.”

With that, Celia also turns away with Alicia.

Igni: “Alicia! Are you okay with this?!”

Alicia: “........................”

Alicia did not answer and continued to walk away without ever turning back.

Alicia: “Thank you. And goodbye.”

Alicia walks away with those last words.

Along with Yoori who was taken hostage.

Igni: (...........why……..why are you crying………)

Igni could not say those last words out loud.

And Celia and the knights took Yoori who could not move and Alicia and leaves the dorms.

Igni: “............what would grandpa do……….”

As rain continues to hit him, alone, Igni continues to mumble to himself.

The sudden visitor. His friend taken hostage. His enemy, the [EXTREME].

Igni: “..........what would an [EXTREME] do………”

A battleground where he cannot go all out. A situation where he could do nothing. A girl that was crying.

Igni: “Yeah………….of course…………..”

Igni fires a [FIREBALL] at the sky.

It flew high into the air and as a sound erupts and rips through the air, all the clouds <VANISH> and are <BLOWN AWAY>.

The thunder and rain disappear, and a sky full of stars peer through the night sky.

Igni: “They would blow it up and push through.”

Popularity Rule No. 7.

ーー”If a girl is crying and runs away, chase after her.”

Igni: “..............if I don’t do this now…….”

Igni’s eyes light up with fire.

Igni: “.....what’s the point of being a man?”

Igni is overflowing with spirit and fight within him - more than usual.

The Ultimate Secret to Popularity No. 1 ーー”WOMEN LOVE STRONG MEN.”

Igni: “I am…...strong.”

Magic power envelopes Igni’s body.

He already made up his mind 2 years ago.






Extreme Flame Wizard - I can only use fireball but I became the strongest just wanting to be popular with the girls

Written by: Cyclamen

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: シクラメン

Original Source Link:

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