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Extreme Flame Wizard c32

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

Chapter 32: Declaration of War

Celia: “Alicia, why did you attend the [Tournament]? You should have known that we were coming to watch.”

As the carriage headed towards the ocean, Alicia gripped her hands tightly together as she sat before Celia.

Next to Alicia, Yoori sits next her with a frightened expression on his face.

Alicia: “.......if I chose not to go watch the tournament, my chances of discovery was 87%. On the other hand, if I went, my chances of discovery was 60%.”

Celia: “Oh, interesting… You’re fortune-telling?”

Alicia nods.

Celia: “That is peculiar for the [The Hurricane] Alicia to rely upon such unreliable methods.”

Yoori: “.............[The Hurricane] Alicia…”

In astonishment, Yoori let’s out the words quietly to himself.

He’s heard the rumors.

The Witch riding on a broomstick and flying across the battlefield.

A rumor of a Witch whose power alone would pulverize all air forces in the sky.

Alicia: “It’s unfair...sis.”

Celia: “Hm?”

Alicia: “Unlike me, you’re free to do as you like! No matter what you do, they forgive you! Even when you threw away your claim to the throne! Even if you go stand on the front lines! You can do anything and be forgiven!!”

Celia: “You’re wrong, Alicia.”

Celia stops Alicia right there.

Celia: “When I first began learning martial arts, I was surrounded and pushed down by mockery and ridicule. ‘Why is a woman learning to fight?’ Like that. When I started learning spells, I was equally criticized. ‘An Imperial Princess has no business learning spells.’ That's what they said."

Alicia: “Thーthen…”

Celia: “I silenced those voices with results. Do you understand now, Alicia? You were brought back because you are too <WEAK>.”

Alicia: “............!!”

Celia: “People will shut up if you show results. It has been like that from the beginning. Crush their voices with your power. If you can't even do that, then shut up and sit there quietly.”

Alicia has no retort to what Celia said.

Celia: “Hmph. You used to have such an unreadable expression even when you were raining down blood and death on the battlefield. Now I can read you like a book with all those emotions on your face. I guess the fortune-telling wasn’t all the reasons why you went to the [Tournament].”

Alicia thought over her words carefully before responding to Celia.

Alicia: “He...was a friend…”

Celia: “Hm?”

Alicia: “Because it was the match of my very first <FRIEND>.”

Celia: “You’re speaking of Igni…”

Celia shifted in her armor as she nodded.

Celia: “Certainly, that man is strong. He’ll eventually be in arm’s reach of the [Extreme].”

Yoori and Alicia nod at her words.

The carriage begins to slow down.

They must be close to their destination.

Celia: “But it’s not enough. He doesn’t have enough resolve to make it there.”

Alicia: “.........resolve?”

Alicia tilts her head at Celia’s answer.

Celia: “The resolve to completely discard human life. Even if it means to sacrifice your friend’s life, you need the resolve to fulfill your goals.”


A high pitch sound echoes inside the carriage.

Alicia: “Don’t...don’t be ridiculous!!”

It was the sound of Alicia slapping Celia across the face.

Alicia: “Igni abandoning his friends? He would never do that! Igni is…..! Igni is! He’s a good man!!”

Celia looks straight into Alicia’s eyes.

Alicia: “Throwing away your friends’ lives is not courage!! That’s just cruelty and cowardice!!”

Yoori: “MーMiss Alicia…”

Yoori trembles in his seat as he continues to mumble to himself.

The carriage comes to a complete stop.

Celia: “It looks like we reached the port. Alicia, our conversation ends here for now. Let’s go.”

Normally, Celia’s subordinates would open the door at this point, but nothing happens.

Celia: “”

Celia peeks outside the window.

Before her was the plain view of the main road.

There is some distance to the port.

Celia: “Hey, why did we stop?”

Celia speaks to the driver, but there is no response.

The driver just quietly sits there.

Celia: “Hey, what’s going on?”


As if to overwrite Celia’s voice, a sound like a lightning strike booms within the carriage.

“Sorry I’m late.”

The roof of the carriage breaks as an intruder steps inside without a hint of remorse.

“ “ IーIgni!! “ “

Igni: “Let’s go.”

Igni grabs hold of Yoori and Alicia by his side.He detonates a [FIREBALL] beneath him and flies into the sky.

Celia immediately gets up to follow after Igni.

Celia: “I see. [The Puppeteer] Elenoir is here.”

Celia immediately assesses the situation.

Elenoir: “What〜〜〜。I have no idea what you’re talking about〜〜〜.”

Looking closely, the knights that held Yoori just sat there unmoving. It was obvious that they were under some influence.


With the two in his arms, Igni creates a {FIREBALL} before his eyes.

Igni: “{LAUNCH -FIRE}!!”

He fires a spell at Celia who is now flying through the air to catch up to them and knock her out of the sky!!

But Celia concentrates her magic power into her fist and deflects the spell, and reaches towards Igni.

Igni: “SH!!”

Igni erupts a {FIREBALL} in between Celia and himself, and pushes their distance further apart.

A moment later, they land on the roof of a building

Igni: “Yoori, Alicia! Get out of here!”

Yoori: “Yーyes!”

Yoori nods and begins to run but...

Alicia: “WHーWHY?! Why did you come?!”

Alicia stood her ground.

Alicia: “I…...I told you that I’m okay!! You didn't have to come save me…..!!”

Igni: “...okay?”

Igni looks down at Alicia as he questions her..

Igni: “Then why are you crying, Alicia?!”

Alicia: “<IT CAN’T BE HELPED!!> My sister is an [Extreme]!! I’m the 3rd Princess of the Imperial crown…..!! And…..I don’t have any friends……!”

Celia draws out her sword.

She plans on fighting here.

Igni and his friends are in the middle of the main street. If they fight here, countless lives would be lost.

Alicia: “I wanted to make friends…….I wanted to be free…. so I ran away! But….! But! That was never going to be allowed…..!! That’s why…..!”

Igni: “......who cares if it’s allowed or not?”

Anger wells up inside Igni's voice.

Igni: “ALICIA!! What is it that <YOU> want to do?!?!”

Alicia: “It’s no use…….it’s impossible to beat my sister…….”

Igni: “LISTEN TO ME!!”

Igni’s magic power presses down upon Yoori and Alicia.


It was Lucas’ words - the same words that lifted Igni from the depths.

Igni: “Decide for yourself, Alicia!! Right here!! Right now!! Will you follow your heart?! Or will you follow the will of the people!!”

Alicia: “I…………….”

Alicia’s voice trembles.

Alicia: “...........................please….save me, Igni.”

With a barely audible whisper, she wrings the words out of her heart.

Alicia: “ me already, Igni…”

Tears flow out with the words.

Igni: “Of course!!! You got it!!!”

Igni shouts at the top of his lungs.

Igni: “Trust us, Alicia!! You can count on <US>!!!”

The next moment, a giant magic spell circle appeared around them.

“Oh so〜rry〜! Alicia got caught in the circle too〜?”

Alicia: “Ms. Mila?!”

Alicia can’t hide the surprise from her face.

Behind Ms. Mila, Ms. Elenoir stands behind her with a huge smile on her face.

Popularity Rule No. 13ーー”When in trouble, always ask for help.”

Elenoir: “We'll, you see〜, I’m a teacher so it’s hard for me to say no when my student’s ask for help〜〜〜.”

Celia tries to escape out of the spell, but she realizes that her body is not moving and begins to frantically fight against it.

Celia: “[The Gateway] Mila?! Then this is a teleport spell!!”

Celia growls under her breath.

Mila: “That’s ri〜ght. But only you 3 are going away.”

Mila laughs heartily.

Mila: “1 hour, Igni〜.”

Igni: “Yes.”

Mila: “1 hour and everyone will be brought back here. You better finish things before that happens, okay〜?”

Igni nods.

Mila: “Now go, Igni! GO PROTECT YOUR <PRINCESS>, OKAY?! “

Igni: “LEAVE IT TO ME!!!!”

Popularity Rule No. 10

ーーAlways exceed all expectations.

Celia: “HA! Do you really a <MERE WINNER> of a Tournament has any chance against me?!?!”

Igni: “I…..I cannot forgive you. I WILL NOT FORGIVE ANYONE WHO MAKES ALICIA CRY!!!!”

Celia: “HA HA HA HA!!! Don’t be so full of yourself, Igni!! Do you really think just being able to win that Tournament means you can beat me?!”

Igni: “I will beat you. I am ーー【THE STRONGEST】.”

It was Alicia who was uplifted and saved by those last words.

The next moment, they vanish with a <FLASH>, and the 3 disappear from sight.

The remaining 3 look quietly at the magic remains of the spell.

Elenoir: “I hope Igni will be okay〜〜〜”

Elenoir seems a little concerned.

Mila: “Me too〜....”

And Mila agrees but…

Mila: “I wish〜my younger days was like theirs〜.”

And mumbles something extra.

Elenoir: “Ms. Mila...really…”

Elenoir was a little taken back by her comment.

Mila: “You don't feel the same way, Ms. Elenoir〜?”

Elenoir: “Well〜〜〜, I would have loved to have a classmate like Igni〜〜〜.”

Mila: “Righ〜t? So you do get it〜.”

Yoori didn’t know what to make of the relaxed chitchat between the two teachers, and finally summed up the courage to interject with his question.

Yoori: “Whーwhere is Igni?! And Miss Alicia?!”

Elenoir: “Oh〜, Yoori, you’ll be a little surprised to hear the answer〜〜〜.”

Yoori: “Surprised?”

Elenoir: “Of course〜〜〜 Because Igni...”

Elenoir’s smile widened..

Elenoir: “...just went to go defeat an [Extreme].”




Extreme Flame Wizard - I can only use fireball but I became the strongest just wanting to be popular with the girls

Written by: Cyclamen

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: シクラメン

Original Source Link:

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