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Extreme Flame Wizard c164

Chapter 164: The [Transgressor] and the Wizard

Right after the Minotaur was blasted backwards, a young man flew and landed in front of the leading horse carriage.

“The Minotaur really has no lick of gracefulness.”

The young man let out a disappointed sigh as black flames enveloped his hands. At that instant, the remaining Knights guarding the Royal Family stepped forward. They mercilessly rushed in to deliver a deadly blow. They took no chances at guessing whether this newcomer was a friend or foe.

Anyone who was remotely suspicious was now a target to eliminate and their swords swung downwards.

“What? You’re way too slow.”

The young man mockingly chuckled as black flames erupted outwards and blew back the Knights.

Iris: “[May the Earth twist] : [Tetsura] {Torquent}!!”

Iris did not hesitate to initiate her Spell while the Knights flew backwards. No matter who this was, now that he attacked the Knights, it left no room for negotiations. It would be best to take him out right here and right now.

The stone pavement shaped into spears with Iris’ incantation and flew towards the young man.

“[Flame Spear] {Fire Lance}” But the young man countered with spears of black flame.

The Spells collided and exploded.

Iris: “Alicia, RUN!”

With the situation in chaos, Iris no longer cared about the customary honorifics.

“What? I’m not letting you get away.”

The young man stepped forward as he spoke, and black flames began enveloping around the horse carriages.

That was when Alicia was finally able to see the young man’s face, and her eyes widened.

Alicia: “.........! You?!”

“Well now………what a coincidence….”

The young man also recognized Alicia’s face and let out a chuckle of surprise.

“Why, isn’t it the same girl that was with Igni at the tavern?” Alicia: “..........Fram!”

The young man with the scarlet hair. It was the same man they ran into when Alicia went to the tavern with Igni.

The same man Igni felt a deep resemblance to himself.

Fram: “That’s right.”

The sides of Fram’s lips curled upwards as Iris silently fired a stone at Fram’s back!

But as if he saw the oncoming projectile, Fram twisted his body before the stone struck, and dodged all the oncoming Spells. Iris frantically dispelled all her Spells.

Fram: “I guess I never formally introduced myself.”

Fram began manipulating Magic as we continued to speak.

Fram: “My name is Fram. The [Black Flame] Fram.”

Ellie: “.......SHー!!” (*sfx exhale)

Ellie appeared from behind Fram as she stepped in and thrust her fist towards him.

Fram: “Whoa, you want to do close combat?” But Fram only returned a smile back at her as he dodged Ellie’s wide swing. From behind Elie, invisible fists made of water flew towards Fram. It was one of Ellie’s Spells.

A close-combat fighting style mixing both martial arts and Spells. This close to mid-range fighting style was what she most excelled at.

But the fists of water splashed as if hitting a wall when it reached Fram.

Alicia: “[May the Wind reveal its fangs] : [Ventos] {Tact}!”

And now Alicia’s Spell flew in for support.

<BAM! BAM!!>

Small sounds of something striking fiercely echoed throughout the city.

But Fram remained uninjured.

He had seen the oncoming Spell, and by barely dodging, only his clothes had small punctures.

Fram: “Are all the Princesses of the Empire so violent?”

Iris: “[May the Earth become a snare] : [Tetsura] {Jail}!!”

Iris roared out her incantation as the ground Fram stood upon opened wide, and threatened to swallow him, but Fram only showed his fangs as he smiled.

Fram did not follow the laws of gravity and fall into the ground.

He floated in the air, and as the Earth’s mouth swallowed himーーhe erupted out of it from the inside.

Fram: “Ugh, sheesh. It’s futile.”

Fram sounded exasperated as black flames surrounded Alicia, Ellie, and Iris.

Fram: “Look, you may speak when I allow you to. That’s it. If you speak one word without permission, I’m going to burn you until your bones melt.”

Though the flames were right in front of Alicia, it did not touch them, but the flames were positioned now so that any movements of the body would make contact. What scared them even more was the fact that they sensed no heat from the flames.

Fram: “I didn’t come here to fight. I came here to negotiate.”

Alicia: “........negotiate?”

Fram: “That’s right. [Hell Dragon] : {Hell Flame}”

The next instant, a giant flaming Dragon <surrounded the entire Imperial Capital>.

Fram: “What I want….is the body of the Esmeralda Royal Family.”

Alicia: “...........the body? For what purpose?” Fram: “The corpse of the Saint of Swords is the perfect medium for conjuring Spirits. That’s why. Of course, I’m not saying to hand it over for free.”

As Fram finished speaking, he smiled warmly.

Fram: “Until you accept my offer, I’ll continue incinerating everyone who lives inside the Imperial Capital.”

He began moving his finger and the Dragon born from the [Hell Dragon ] {Hell Flame} began <shrinking rapidly>.

Fram: “The Black Flame is a very special type of flame. Once it catches something on fire, <it will not disappear until that thing is completely burnt up>. It’s a flame that never stops burning until you die.”

Fram almost sang the words as he continued to explain.

A breeze caught them at that moment.

On it, it carried the screams of the townspeople.

It was the sound of the citizens being burned to death by the flames.

Being burned alive, the sounds of being burned to the bone reached Alicia’s group.

Alicia: “.........what do you mean, ‘negotiation’? There’s no reason for us to accept.”

Fram: “What? Of course not. You guys don’t even deserve to be at the negotiation table. <You’re too weak> after all.”

Alicia gritted her teeth hard at Fram’s words.

But not being able to say anything back, she fell silent.

Fram: “If you want to negotiate with me properly, come back after you’re stronger.”

As Fram laughed at his own comment, he spread his arms wide.

Fram: “Now then, we’ve wasted enough time. So, Miss Princesses. I’ll let you decide right now. Would you like to sacrifice your own citizens by fighting me here? Or would you sacrifice yourself to save your precious citizens?” Alicia: “.................if…….”

Alicia realized the meaning of her fortune telling at that instant.

The [Sacrifice] card was pointing to this exact moment.

Alicia: “..........if……..if I come with you, then you would release the citizens?” Ellie: “Alicia!!”

Ellie’s angry shout echoed all around them.

But Fram ignored Ellie and answered Alicia calmly.

Fram: “Of course. I’m not here to waste any more of my strength.”

Alicia: “........okay. Then….” ーーtake me with you.

But before the words left her mouth, {Fireballs} rained down from the heavens onto Fram and her words were lost in the explosion.

“Hey, Fram. Didn’t you know?” And another scarlet-haired young man appeared on the scene.

The Magician who mastered just one Spell.

“When you capture a Princess, a Knight will always appear to save her.”

Fram: “.........oh….so it was you who the Minotaur was playing with, Igni.”

Fram answered Igni’s rage-filled expression with a contrary cold smile.

Igni: “So what were you saying about sitting at this negotiation table, Fram?” Fram: “HA! Are you some sort of Hero who came to the Princess’ rescue, Igni?” Both manipulated their Magic at the same time.

Fram: “You can die here, Igni.” Igni: “I’m taking you down, Fram.” And the fight began.


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Extreme Flame Wizard - I can only use fireball but I became the strongest just wanting to be popular with the girls

Written by: Cyclamen

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: シクラメン

Original Source Link:

Book 4

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