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Extreme Flame Wizard c162

Ch. 162: The Dungeon Lord and the Wizard

“The Dungeon Lord appeared.”

The Knight’s face paled as he related the information to Igni.

Igni: “Is that true?!”

Igni instinctively yelled firmly at the Knight to confirm.

“YーYes. We just received word.”

Igni: “How many floors was the Dungeon where the Stampede occurred?”

“.........75 floors……”

Igni: “That’s a bit of a problem…….”

The Monsters inside of a Dungeon are dependent upon the Underground Dungeon's floor structure and what floor they reside on. The deeper the Dungeon, the Monsters grow stronger.

The beginner Adventurers will remain on floors 1 through 15.

The mid-class Adventurers will go on to floors 16 to 30.

The top-class Adventurers will move beyond floors 31 and above.

And even among the top-tier of Adventurers, they can widely differ in strength and skill, and among them, those who can go beyond floor 50 are nicknamed ultra or the ultimate class.

But this round, it’s the Lord of the 75th Floor that appeared.

Igni: “Can the Knights defeat it?!”

“.........we’ll have to, no matter what.”

The young Knight put on a troubled smile to answer Igni’s question and chuckled at his own predicament.

Igni: (Yeah, that’s right. It’s not like they’re given any choice.)

Igni: “........I can take care of everything here. Go and help the other Knights.”

“Thank you. We are indebted to you.”

The young Knight saluted Igni and headed south.

It was all to defeat the Dungeon Lord before it arrived at the Capital.

Iris: “SーSir igni. A 75th Floor Lord…….?! CーCan they really defeat that?!”

Igni: “..........I’m not sure. If you can defeat a 75th Floor Lord, you would definitely receive a S-Rank, and if things don’t go well, you’ll need an [Extreme] to handle the situation.”

In this world, the Underground Prison [Labyrinth] is 99 floors deep, so a 75 floor Dungeon would come second to it.

To drag a Lord out of the depths of such a deep Dungeon would not be possible for any ordinary person.

Igni: “.........a [Transgressor], huh……”

When they were building the Underground Prison [Labyrinth], the [Extremes] at the time spent 3 days and 3 nights delving into the deepest floor and taking over the Dungeon completely. A 75 floor Dungeon would not be as treacherous, but no ordinary human being would be able to get to the bottom floor.

Igni was certain that the [Transgressors] had a hand in this incident.

Iris: “WhーWhy would they do such a thing?”

Igni: “No idea. It’s no use thinking about it. The [Transgressors] all do as they want for no reason.”

Igni relays what Celia told him about the [Transgressors] to Iris.

You can’t become Popular by stealing a country, and becoming a Demon King wouldn’t help either.

And clinging to such <pointless> goals, Igni couldn’t understand why someone would obsess to do things like this.

Igni: “That’s why we’ll just do what we were hired to do.”

Though a Dungeon Lord was heading towards the Capital, Igni could not leave Alicia’s side.


From somewhere towards the south, a chilling roar bellowed as if someone opened the gates of Hell.

Iris: “Eeeek!”

Iris jumped up and grabbed hold of Igni. Igni ignored the sound of teeth grinding from above him that he must have imagined and looked towards the direction of the sound.

Right now, Igni was currently inside the city with high walls encircling the whole area. There was no way to see beyond the wall.

But Igni could see the manipulation of Magic.

Southeast from his position, there was a giant source of Magic Power he could detect which aligned with the location of the Dungeon.

There were 3 medium sources of Magic Power that encircled the big one.

But one of them shook and disappeared.

They either died……or they became unconscious.

The situation was getting worse by the second.

Igni: “........Alicia, you’ll need to ask everyone to begin evacuating.”

Alicia: “What’s happening?”

Alicia, who was not informed about the situation, looked confused.

Igni quickly summarized the circumstances, and she closed her beautiful eyes tightly to process what Igni just said.

And slowly, very slowly, she opened them.

Alicia: “I understand. There is an Adventurers Guild Branch in the north of the Imperial Capital. Let’s navigate the evacuation there. I will also direct them to return us to the castle as soon as possible.”

Igni: “I’ll leave it to you.”

Alicia called for Sebastian who was standing nearby, and quickly related the information she heard from Igni and what she decided together. The butler listened to her silently, and soon proceeded to give out orders to Knights standing nearby.

Igni: (……..with this we can get Alicia back to the castle safely.)

Then, all that remains for Igni is to face off with the [Transgressor].

As soon as the horse carriage turned towards the palace as Alicia commanded, the city wall <blew up in flames>.

“HーHey! The wall!”

“What happened?!”

“Wh………what is that fire…….”

“What’s going on?!”

The citizens began screaming and shouting.

Igni: (No, it’s no ordinary fire!)

Igni watched as a <black flame> engulfed the city wall and began melting it to the ground!!

Igni: “........a black flame?!”

It was the same description that Igni received from Hayem about the [Transgressor].

The one who trespassed and took over a Dragon’s lair - the Magician who overthrew the Dragon from its own home.

The next instant, the wall exploded!

As the wall crumbled to dust, Monsters began flooding into the city!!

Igni: “.......! Urgh! They got us!”

And the Imperial Capital fell into chaos.

The citizens began scrambling to get away from the Monsters!

“Stop pushing, idiot!”

“You’re the one that’s in the way!!”

“The Monsters are coming this way!!”


Now, there’s no use trying to send out instructions.

No one will be listening at this point.

Igni turned towards the wall to see if he can decrease the number of threats to Alicia pouring through the hole when he realizedーー

ーーhe was forced to realizeーー

Igni: “........the Dungeon Lord!”

The Lord of the 75th Floor which the Knights went to stop stood right there.

It towered to approximately 5 meters (~17 feet).

In its hideously large hand was a large machete, and it had blood from its victims splattered all over its body.

Large horns protruded from its head above its bull face.

It was covered in unbelievable amounts of muscle, and the steam that rose from its entire body created an eerily chilling aura.

Igni: “.........a Minotaur.”

In a fashion suitable for a Dungeon Lord, the Monster stood its ground.

And as Igni caught a glance of it, it also looked at Igni.

Alicia: “Igni!”

<DONNN!!!> (*sfx)

With a sound like a large cannon blasting, it overlapped with Alicia’s voice.

Igni: [ーーoh]

The Minotaur stood right before Igni.

Igni’s brain recognized only then that the Minotaur closed in their distance instantly andーー


Igni felt his arms let out a nasty crumpling sound.

Igni had his arms crossed as a 3 meter (~10 ft) machete buried into his arms.

He had strengthened his arms with [Rotating Ember] {Ignite}, and only then was he able to endure the blow.

Even soーー


The Minotaur took one large step forward and threw Igni’s body like a ragdoll away from it.

With another step, the Minotaur lunged towards Igni once again!

It had identified its greatest threat and decided to enjoy its new toy!

Igni: “[Equip Flame] {Ignition}!”

But Igni had already prepared himself for combat.

Light exploded from the {Fireball} he created andーー

Igni: “[Explode] {Fire}”

The gong to begin the fight rang loudly.



“Underground Dungeon [Labyrinth]” will be renamed “Underground Prison [Labyrinth]”

In the novel, the Underground Prison [Labyrinth] is the name of the Dungeon, so to reduce the confusion, previous mentions of labyrinths not affiliated with the Underground Prison will be called “Underground Dungeons”. The change is minimal and may seem inconsequential, but it helps me as the translator to make that distinction.


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Extreme Flame Wizard - I can only use fireball but I became the strongest just wanting to be popular with the girls

Written by: Cyclamen

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: シクラメン

Original Source Link:

Book 4

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