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Extreme Flame Wizard c145

Ch. 145 The Dragon and the Wizard

Sara: “Hey, Igni. What’s Dragon?” Igni: “Hm? What’s that?” While they were being guided to the castle by Alicia and Elie, Sara asked the question.

Sara: “Igni, Dragon, you’ll take out?” Igni: “Hm? Yeah, Me, Dragon, take out.”

Sara was speaking to him in broken words, and Igni mimicked her without knowing and spoke strangely as well.

Sara: “But…..a Dragon, is what?” Igni: “What’s a Dragon?” Igni: (That’s a difficult question….)

Igni crossed his arms to think the question through.

There are not too many people who can answer that question readily.

In fact, the answer will vary depending on who you ask.

Igni: “Let’s see now. A Dragon… known as the strongest creature in this world.”

So he decided to begin from the simplest facts.

Sara: “Strongest creature? What’s that?” Igni: “They’re strong. All Dragons are known to be strong.”

Sara: “Hmmmm?” Sara didn’t seem to understand straight away.

Understanding how she might be confused, Igni continued his explanation.

Igni: “There are many kinds of people right? There’s strong and weak people, and people in between.” Sara: “Yeah.” Igni: “For example, there is a huge difference between an [Extreme] and an ordinary person.”

Sara: “Yeah, I think I understand.”

Sara showed a glimpse of understanding.

Now whether you should consider an [Extreme] human or not was a separate issue.

Igni: “But there’s really not that much difference between Dragons. Every one of them, is strong.” Sara: “How strong?” Igni: “As strong as an [Extreme]......or even stronger.” Even the [Extremes] are not all the strongest.

For instance, the [Extreme] of [Water] is able to use the Magic, the [Miracle of the Sea].

She can take any existing phenomenon and make it as if it never happened, but her Magic takes time to initiate.

That’s why she focuses on mid to long range attacks until she can gain enough time to initiate her Spell.

Once the Magic is in motion, she could willingly make anything vanish.

Of course, that also depends on what she is trying to erase too. The greater the phenomenon, the more time it will take for her Magic to initiate.

Igni: “Of course, if an [Extreme] fights under advantageous conditions, they will probably be stronger.”

Anyone with true strength understands this.

That it is impossible to fight under favorable conditions at all times.

That’s why, they have to continuously seek out a way to bring the advantage back to them.

That is the true fight.

Sara: “With Igni, who’s stronger?” Igni: “I am.” And Igni neither hesitated or exaggerated.

Igni: “I am definitely stronger.” He answered like this because he knew that his answer would help push back Sara’s fear and stabilize her peace of mind.

No matter what, he was determined to protect Sara from anyone going forward.

No matter how many enemies he was going to face, because he was asked to help, he will stretch out his hand to comply.

Alicia: “We’re here.” It was strange that they did not enter the castle from the front gate, and the two Princesses entered into an underground water pipe. Igni suspected that they probably snuck out of the castle using this route. He was correct, by the way.

Igni: “As far as the plans to slay the Dragon……is it already in motion?” Alicia: “Yes, the initial troops have already moved out.”

It bothered Igni that he practically saw no veteran Adventurers at the Adventurers Guild, and asking the question to Alicia, Alicia nodded her head to affirm.

Igni: “then there’s a chance that the first troops would be able to defeat the Dragon.” Alicia: “..........if she can be defeated.”

Igni: “What do you mean?” Igni tilted his head as Alicia beat around the bush.

Alicia: “The Dragon is Hayem, the [Frozen Winter]. You’ve heard of her, right?” Igni: “.........yeah.” It holds the name of a season as its Title because that’s how strong it is.

As a season is an immense fact of life that no one can change, similarly, the Dragon’s strength is comparable and unchanging.

Igni: “She’s known to have…….been the trigger for the Great War.”

Igni gripped Sara’s hand tightly as he spoke.

Sara looked up to see what was wrong with Igni.

She hasn’t realized and put the pieces together yet.

Alicia: “There are even legends that say that because Hayem, the [Frozen Winter] entered the [Demon King’s Realm], no living thing could live in that area, so he invaded other lands.”

Igni: “That’s quite a huge problem that arrived here.” Alicia: “Yes, it is. The Port City has become complete winter, and it’s a disaster right now. They say that you can throw out boiling water, and it will instantly freeze.”

Igni: “That’s amazing……..” No Spell in existence has the ability to lower the temperature and turn water into ice.

Hence, Hayem’s Magic Type is a [Unique Original] : [Winter].

It is a Magic Type that only she carries.

“Oh! Lady Alicia! Where have you been! I’ve been looking all over for you!”

And as they walked, a familiar voice called out to them.

Looking behind, they saw a very familiar face looking back at them.

“WHーWHAT?! Sir Igni?! Yoori?! And little Sara too?!?!”

Elie: “Do you know her?” Elie twitched her ears as she asked Igni.

But it was Iris who answered first.

Iris: “Yes! He is Igni, the one who saved my life!”

Elie: “Really?” Igni: “.........yeah.” Igni nodded as Elie confirmed the facts with him.

It’s true that it could be considered an act that saved Iris’ life, but Igni didn’t believe that to be the case, and still held mixed feelings over the issue. Well, by now, he was used to it though.

Igni: “But why are you here, Iris?” Iris: “Yes! My family resides in the Empire!”

Igni: “Really?”

Iris: “Yes! We’re a low-class Noble so you may never have heard of our family name, but my full name is Iris Pallight!”

Igni: (The Pallight family…….?)

Igni: (Yeah, I’ve never heard of them……..)

ーーwas the first thought that crossed Igni’s mind, but without letting his thoughts surface on his face, he answered, “Oh, I see.”

By the way, Iris was speaking truthfully. Her family was indeed on the lowest rung of Nobility, and almost no one has ever heard of them. The reason why Iris entered the Rolmod Wizard Academy was because her family wanted to help Iris avoid politics between the nobilities at the Empire’s Wizard’s Academy. Worrying for their daughter’s wellbeing, she was sent to the Kingdom’s Wizard’s Academy where her noble background would be unheard of.

Igni: “But you’re a Noble but serving the Imperial Family?” Iris: “I was personally chosen by Lady Alicia!” Igni: “.........lady?”

Iris: “If I do not address as such within the castle, it would be off with my head!”

Iris smiled as she answered each of Igni’s questions.

Igni: (...........Iris has a rather durable heart and mind.)

Alicia: “Iris, excuse me for asking, but please call Sebastian over.” Iris: “Yes, m’lady!”

And Iris quickly disappeared into the hallway walking very quickly.

Alicia: “I’m sure he’ll be here shortly, so let’s wait in my room. Then, my dearest elder sister. <I’ll be seeing you>.”

And Alicia immediately began parting with Elie.

She took Igni’s hand without hesitation and guided him to her room.

Elie seemed bewildered at the sight and just stood there.

Igni: “HーHey, Alicia. Was that okay?” Alicia: “About what?” Igni: “.........she’s your older sister, right?”

Alicia: “It’s fine. I’m certain that she was just using you to mess with me.”

Yoori: “Really? But she was so kind to take us around the city as our guide.” Alicia: “She probably calculated to earn your trust that way, and then flaunt you all to me later. She was trying to show how easy it was to become my friends’ friend……or something like that.” Igni: “.......that’s awfully specific.” Alicia: “I’ve had a number of similar run-ins with her. Anyways, come in.” And guided by Alicia, they entered her room.

The first thing they all thought was…….it’s way too big in here.

Because it is an Imperial Family member’s room, it was to show power and class, but it was still huge.

Alicia: “Just sit there. My butler will be here shortly.”

As soon as Igni and his group sat down on the sofa, a knock came on the door.

Alicia: “Please come in.” “Excuse me, my Lady.” Then, Iris brought a white-haired old man into the room.

“Lady Alicia, I have heard the details from Iris.” Alicia: “This is that Igni I spoke of.”

Alicia presented Igni with her palm up,a nd Igni stood to greet the elderly gentleman.

Igni: “I am Igni.” “Oh my. So you are the rumored Igni. Your fame has preceded you far and wide. I am one of the castle’s butlers, Sebastian. You may address me as you wish.”

He seemed to be a very friendly old man, and Igni couldn’t help but smile with him.

Sebastian: “At this time, we have heard your willingness to slay Hayem who has taken residence in the Port Town of Esport. I am truly grateful but…..”

Igni: “Is something the matter?” Sebastian: “We……would like to measure Sir Igni’s strength…….to ensure that it measures up to your rumors.”

Igni: “I see…..” Igni followed suit with the elderly man’s conversation understandingly.

Sebastian: “That is why…..we would like for you to have a practice match with the Knights residing at the castle. After we review the results, the Knight Commander will make the decision. Will that be acceptable?”

Igni: “I don’t mind at all.” Igni smiled as he answered.


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Extreme Flame Wizard - I can only use fireball but I became the strongest just wanting to be popular with the girls

Written by: Cyclamen

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: シクラメン

Original Source Link:

Book 4

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