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Extreme Flame Wizard c144

Ch. 144: The [Extreme] Wizards

Yoori: “Huh? Are you sure that you want to accept that request so easily?”

Yoori panicked as he heard Igni’s reply beside him.

Igni: “Yeah, it should be fine. I haven’t fought with a Dragon before, but…..I should be able to win.”

It was unfounded confidence……..but not entirely.

Igni has not fought against the [Strongest] creatures, Dragons, but he has fought against the [Demon King’s] Weaponized strongest creatures, the Dragon Zombie and Skull Dragon, and both were <completely below his level>.

So Igni suspected that actual Dragons who acted as the base would not give him too much trouble.

Alicia: “Really? Then I’ll speak with the elders. With Igni, we can significantly reduce the casualties.”

With uplifted spirits, Alicia spoke cheerfully.

But watching her from the side, Elena interrupted.

Elena: “Ummm, I know that Igni is strong but… he that strong?”

Alicia: “Of course. He beat Sister Celia afterall.”

And Alicia’s smile widened ear to ear speaking the words.

She was proud of the fact as if it was her own story.

Elena: “What? Really?” In startled astonishment, Elena looked back at Igni.

Igni felt himself almost nodd, but he silently let the moment pass.

He promised Celia that the outcome of that battle would not be shared to anyone.

But Alicia made no such agreement with Celia.

Alicia: “It’s true. I witnessed the whole thing.”

Elena: “Huh? A Wizard beat a Magician? That can happen??” With burning interest, Elena posed the question to Igni, but Igni shook his head.

Igni: “No, I’m a Magician too.” Elena: “REALLY?!”

Elena stood from her chair with a cry of surprise.

Suddenly shouting like that, everyone’s attention in the cafe was drawn to them momentarily.

Elena, a little embarrassed, sat back down quietly.

Elena: “BーBut, is it really okay to accept Alicia’s request…….that easily? Really?” Igni: “Yeah, that’s fine. Alicia has helped me out a lot in the past.”

Igni knows Alicia’s background. He understands her past pains and hurts.

And he also knows that she has accepted all of that and has surrendered to her fate.

In that case, Igni wanted to help her if any opportunities came up, and he did not see this as a harmful gesture.

If it will alleviate Alicia’s pain for even a little bit, it was natural for Igni to step up ー especially if the request came from Alicia herself.

Elena: “But Allieーーif we pull in Igni here, we will jeopardize the elders’ reputation.”

Alicia: “What are you saying? Of course it won’t.”

A sly smile crossed Alicia’s face as she laughed.

Never seeing such an expression on her younger sister’s face, Elena drew back slightly.

Alicia: “Sister, you’ll also recommend that Igni should go too.”

That’s when Elena realized.

Alicia, who was dead inside when residing at the castle, was now nothing like her previous self.

And that the Alicia she saw now, was probably Alicia’s true self.


[Right now, I cannot leave Lady Rose’s side, so please excuse me for attending in this manner.]

The water shaped into a human form and sat in a seat around the circular table.

The shape was so close to human that you could have mistaken her for being there in person. Her movements were so precise with even her habits reflected in the replica, that only an [Extreme] could have done this.

Hence, that is why only Floria, the [Extreme] of [Water] could perform such a feat.

Clara, the guardian [Extreme] of the Elves, answered her back.

“Hm? Is Floria the last to join us?” And the sole man in that group looked around as Floria arrived.

“Then let’s begin the meeting, shall we?” The man with the title of [Ultimate Light], the [Extreme] of [Light] spoke, and all 5 who were there nodded.

Lucas: “The only one absent is [Earth], but I needed them to protect the Kingdom.”

Clara: “That……is best. The Empire…and the Kingdom…..are both targeted……right now.”

Celia: “Hmph. You make it sound as though I abandoned the Empire then.”

Lucas: “That is why I brought Igni to the Empire. Do not fret.”

Celia: “........I know that. But I’m still not satisfied. Igni is finally visiting the Empire, and I’m unable to see him.”

And the one who is grumbling is the [Extreme] of [Life].

Being adept with close-range combat, her armor clanked as she spoke.

Clara: “This….is our job….Celia.”

Celia shrugged in silence at her Master’s words.

Lucas: “It has been a while since we last met. I’m sure there are many things to discuss, but today, there are 2 main topics. 1 is pertaining to the [Demon King] that Abyss spoke about. It is about the possibility of another enemy that will threaten the entirety of humanity.”

Celia: “You mean, there will be more?” Celia grumbled in disbelief.

Celia: “To be honest, I already have my hands full.”

Clara: “......I….also……believe what….Abyss said… foolishness….”

Added Clara.

Floria: “Besides, there are many individuals that would rival the [Demon King] in this day and age. Abyss always had a few screws loose….are you sure that he did not just complete lose it pursuing the [Demon King’s] power?” Floria added last.

Lucas sighed deeply at the 3 [Extreme]’s words.

Lucas: “I also think so too. But there is nothing lost in being on the alert. Those are my thoughts.”

And the [Extreme] of [Wind] did not speak up until now.

“Uh, oh, but, I mean….!”

Not realizing that everyone would turn their attention to her for her opinion, she hurriedly scrambled to come up with some words.

“IーI, IーI think so too! Alert! Yes, being cautious is good! Is what I think!”

But Celia let out a deep, disappointed sigh.

Celia: “You can do so because the Kingdom has 3 [Extremes]. The Empire is just me, you know? Things are calm right now, but……we can’t say that it will remain like that going forward.”

Clara: “Celia…….an [Extreme].....should never……complain….”

Celia: “Master, even if you say so, the Empire is massive.”

Clara: “Other…..nations… not even…..have a single…..Magician…..after all.”

Clara quietly reasoned with Celia.

Lucas: “Hmm, well, discussing this any further won’t get us out of the realm of conjecture. The next discussion is our main topic.”

Floria: “ it about the [Transgressors]?”

Floria’s water doll mumbled the words quietly, and Lucas nodded.

The greatest criminals, who, even while being Magicians, have turned against humanity.

Lucas: “Yes. Now that the Magic Corruption from the [Demon King’s Realm] has stopped expanding, their energy will sooner or later be turned against us. There is no doubt about that.”

Floria: “We are also going around suppressing their activities…….but it is difficult dealing with everything they throw at us.”

Floria let out a groan.

There was no way the two of them could hold down the [Transgressors] who resided in between the no man’s land between humanity’s territory and the [Demon King’s Realm].

And besides, their main objective is the cleansing of the [Demon King’s Realm].

It is not to capture criminals.

Lucas: “We are in need of more help. We need more Magicians.”

Clara: “What….about………Igni?”

The 5 fall silent at Clara’s words.

Lucas: “He has strength. But lacks <experience>.”

Lucas was the first to comment.

Lucas: “He lacks the experience and merit to become an [Extreme].”

Clara: “He……caught Abyss. A fought with an [Extreme].....who transformed into a [Transgressor]......and captured him alive. …..that enough…..should suffice.”

Lucas: “That thing’s goal was the abduction of the [Demon King’s daughter]. He <hadn’t> fully turned his fangs against humanity.”

Clara searched for her words, but finding reason in Lucas’ words, she fell silent again.

Lucas: “He is still lacking…….to fill the empty seat of the [Extreme] of [Fire].”

Clara: “Then……we will have to…..wait and see.”

Lucas: “Exactly.”

Floria mumbled after Lucas’ words.

Floria: “If Lady Rose can reach the realm of Magic……then maybe….”

Then the world’s very first [Extreme] of [Holy] would be born.

But that is no easy feat.

There are those who are on the brink of Magic and remain there for years and sometimes decades.

Just like the [Gateway] Mira.

Celia: “But we have no time to just wait and hope for reinforcements. We will have to deal with the current situation with those who are close to reaching the [Extreme] realm and the present [Extremes].”

Floria: “That…….yes, you’re right.” Discouraged by Celia’s words, Floria sagged her shoulders sadly.

Celia: “Especially now, when the [Transgressors] have declared war on the Kingdom and Empire.”

With Celia’s words, the [Extremes] all return to their present topic.

Those who oppose humanity are always human beings.

The meeting of the Magicians continued long into the night.


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Extreme Flame Wizard - I can only use fireball but I became the strongest just wanting to be popular with the girls

Written by: Cyclamen

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: シクラメン

Original Source Link:

Book 4

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