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Extreme Flame Wizard c112

Chapter 112: The Wizard and Re-confirmation

Elina: “This is your room, Igni. Please use it as you like.”

Igni: “Thank you. I appreciate it very much.”

Elina looked relieved to have that duty of reporting to her father behind her. Afterwards, she took Igni and guided him to his guest room.

It was most definitely a first-rate Noble’s guest room. It was very spacious and came with a canopy bed. It was thoroughly cleaned and not a speck of dust was found anywhere. Igni observed the contents of his room as he tried to remember if his old house was like this too.

Elina: “Oh yeah. Igni, I was going to the training field, but did you want to come with me?”

Igni: “Training field?” Elina: “It’s similar to the Practice Field at school. The Owlight Family teaches swordsmanship, so we have a place specifically for practicing it.”

Igni: “That sounds like fun. Can I come too?” Elina: “Of course you can.”

And Igni followed Elina out of the mansion. As they crossed through well-kempt garden and neared the edge, they could hear the sounds of two wooden swords clashing against each other.

Elina: “Looks like there’s already someone there.”

Igni: “Is the Dojo that popular?” Elina: “Yes. We have quite a bit of students.”

And as soon as they turned the corner, Igni saw the Training field. The size of it was slightly smaller than the Rolmod Wizard Academy’s Practice Field. And both boys and girls were swinging and clashing their wooden swords.

Igni: “There’s more girls than boys here.” Elina: “We also teach Spells too. Those who cannot learn at a Wizard’s Academy come here to study.” Igni: “.......that’s amazing.” Though Igni had some reservations on the current Head of the Household, Seta’s, treatment of Elina, he was astonished that the same individual spent the time nurturing and caring for these children.

Elina: “The ones with high potential will be recruited in service to the Owlight Family. Even if your family is not wealthy, if you can make good marks here, your livelihood will be guaranteed. So there’s merit for both my family and theirs.”

But Elina’s words were tinted with a hint of concern as she reflected on the children before her.

Igni could understand why too.

Elina knows that her position can be overtaken by a child with more potential than her at any time and will be immediately cut off from the family. And she knows that the Head of the Household will not hesitate for a moment to do so.

But Igni has only spoken briefly with him, so he is still uncertain of what kind of person Elina’s father, Seta, really is. Igni’s only heard rumors, so judging someone’s character from that alone would be premature.

But Igni is pretty certain that Seta is a type of man who only cares about results. If you can produce good results, he doesn’t care about your family or background. But if you cannot produce any results, he will cut you off without thought. And he would do so even to his own blood relatives.

Igni: “Elina……” Igni wanted to encourage Elina but got stuck on his words.

Igni: (……….no, that wouldn’t work.) No words would reach Elina right now.

Igni reflected on his own situation to think this through further. If someone encouraged him prior to his knowledge about being a [Extremely Specialized Spell Caster・Spell One], how would he have responded? He might have been angry and irritated for someone pitying his situation.

That’s why what Elina needs right now is…..


In his head, Igni can hear a voice.

[Oye, Igni.]

Igni: (Grandpa?!)


[Oye, Igni. Have you ever thought about what a Popular man is like?]

[Huh? Someone that’s good looking??] [You’re so naïve!!]


And his grandfather’s voice filled with Magic Power bowls Igni backwards.

[If a good-looking man is Popular, that is fine. But W-H-Y does a good-looking man become Popular!!]


Igni rebounded and rolled on the 3 and half times, and looked up at Lucas from where he lay. They were hunting Wyverns a moment ago, but with the sudden change of topic, the Wyvern escaped.

But this is something that happens often when you’re with Lucas.

Igni thought for a while, and got up to speak.

[Because he looks cool…..?]


And the sharp sound of grandpa’s hand meeting his cheek echoed into the air.

[You haven’t changed at all!!]


……….that’s true.

ーIs what Igni was thinking as he accepted the punishment.

[Listen well, Igni. The reason why a good-looking man becomes Popular is because it will be fun to just be with him. You feel energized just being by his side ー and no other reason than that!]


[Think of it from a man’s perspective! Igni, if you were with a woman with a large chest, what would happen? If you were with a woman who had fun stories to share, what would happen to you?!]

[IーIt would make feel better……….?! WーWait…..! Then…!]

[That’s right! You feel better! You feel more energetic! You become more cheerful! And that kind of person becoming Popular is….INEVITABLE!]


At that instant, Igni felt as though his thoughts expanded beyond its limits.

[That’s why the Ultimate Secret to Popularity No. 6ーー”A man who can converse well will be Popular! And even further, “A man who is fun to be around will be even more Popular!]

[ーー”a man who can converse can become Popular. A man who is fun to be around will become even more Popular.”]

Igni repeats the words to himself over and over again.

[Oye, Igni.]

And as Igni was just about to grasp something, Lucas quietly spoke to him.

[ーーyou must gaze at things from a <HIGHER> perspective]

[So cool………]

Igni was genuinely impressed with his grandfather’s words.


Igni: (That’s right…..! A man who is fun just to be around…….!!)

Igni: (It was so obvious…….I’ve forgotten about that…..!!!)

Igni: (Then I……..)

Igni: (What was I doing this whole time…..?!)

Igni scolded himself harshly to the point where he wanted to punch his own face.

Igni: (A man who is not fun to be around…….CANNOT BE POPULAR!!)

Igni: “Elina, did you also train on this Training Field?” Elina: “.........yeah.”

Igni: “I see. I would have loved to see you train.” Igni gazed at the Training Field as he spoke up.

Elina: “WhーWhat would be so fun about watching me train….?”

Igni: “Isn’t that obvious? It’s because you are No. 1 in my mind, Elina.” Elina flinches slightly at the words.

Igni: “Out of all the people I fought, I would have loved to watch the No. 1 strongest Elina fight on that Training Field.”

Elina: “NーNo. 1…..?! Me…….?!”

Igni: “Yes, of course.” Elina: “RーReally…..? Hehehe……”

Unlike the moment before, Elina began fidgeting happily where she stood.

By the way, Igni was not thinking very deeply about his situation.

Right now, his priority is to wipe all the gloomy thoughts away from Elina.

Elina: “Yes. That’s right! Of course that’s right! Because I’m No. 1!!”

And Elina puffs out her chest proudly and becomes cheerful again.

Elina: “Okay, Igni! A practice match! Let’s have a practice match!!”

Igni: “WhーWhy……?”

Elina, who regained her composure, grabbed Igni by the arm and dragged him towards the Training Field.

As Igni was pulled towards the Training Field, he responded to Elina in confusion.

Elina: “Why? It’s because I’m No. 1!”

Elina replied back with unmistakable glee and joy all over her face.

Igni: (Oh no, communication is starting to break down!)

Igni: (Now that I think about it, Elina was always like this)

Igni pondered over this as he continued to speak with her.

Igni: “Since you’re already No. 1, is there any reason to fight right now?”

Elina: “........hmm?”

Elina’s movements stopped for a moment.

Elina: “But didn’t you want to see me fight, Igni?” Igni: “Yes, but I already know that you’re No. 1.”

At this point, Igni himself didn’t even know what he was saying as he spat out more nonsense with every additional sentence.

Elina: “I see. Well, if that’s what you think, Igni, then let’s not.”

And for some inexplicable miracle, Igni’s reasoning somehow convinced Elina as she let go of his hand.

Elina: “But when I fight again, I want you to watch.” Igni: “Yeah, of course I will.” Igni responded with an exceptional smile of his own.

At this point, Igni decided the best way to push through this situation was to not think about it at all.


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Extreme Flame Wizard - I can only use fireball but I became the strongest just wanting to be popular with the girls

Written by: Cyclamen

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: シクラメン

Original Source Link:

Book 4

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