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Extreme Flame Wizard c111

Chapter 111: The Head of the Family and the Wizard

Yoori: “Okay, Igni. I’ll be heading off now.”

Igni: “Yeah, have a good trip.” With packed bags, Yoori set off on his trip home, and they split off in different directions on the road. Yoori is heading to a horse carriage that will take him to the edge of the Kingdom. He will be switching off and on different carriages on the way there.

As Igni parted with Yoori, he headed to the location where he would meet up with Elina.

On the way there, Igni recalled what Elina told him a few days before.


Elina: “Could you be my boyfriend starting from the day after tomorrow for one week?!”

Igni: “I’d love to.”

Igni responded without a second’s delay.

Elina: “RーReally?!”

Igni: “Yeah, but could you tell me why? You must have a reason, right?”

Elina: “Starting the day after tomorrow, I’ll be returning to the Owlight residence for 1 week. When I return……I promised that I will bring home my boyfriend.”

Igni: “To who…..?” Elina: “My father…….”

A gloomy expression falls over Elina’s face. The Owlights are a family of Knights.

They are a famous Noble household where many famous heroes have come from.

Elina: “My father will not allow anyone except a a strong man. Igni, you are strong. And…I can only ask this of you since you’re my friend.”

And Elina bowed her head with those words.

Igni: “I understand. You can count on me.”

As Igni gives her his answer, Elina’s face brightens immediately.

Elina: “Thank you. Really, thank you so much!”

And she took hold of Igni’s hand over and over again as she furiously shook it.


Igni: “Hey, Elina.”

Elina: “YーYou really came, Igni.”

There, Igni saw a Elina completely stiff with nervous tension. Her complexion looked sickly and poor.

Igni: “You don’t look so well, Elina. Are you feeling okay?”

Elina: “OーOf course. I’m fine.” Elina lifted up her chin in pride and took hold of Igni’s hand.

Elina: “I know we’re just acting the part, so I’m sorry, but please let me do this.” Igni: “Don’t worry about it. We’re friends, aren’t we?” And Igni gently gripped Elina’s hand as he spoke.

Elina: “Oh……”

And though she was the first to offer her hand, Elina’s face reddened as she looked hurriedly away.

Igni: “Shall we get going?” Elina: “LーLet’s go!”

Elina stood frozen as Igni held her hand, and Igni had to prod her to start moving. Elina walked with stiffly with straight arms and legs, and it reminded Igni of a poorly made golem as they headed to the Dragon Carriage Station.

Unlike horse carriages, a Dragon carriage is a vehicle pulled by a pedestrian dragon. The speed of their travel will be faster, but because of higher maintenance fees, ordinary citizens would have difficulty affording a trip on one.

“My dear Lady, we have been waiting for you.” Elina: “YーYes. Please take good care of us.” There, one woman was waiting for them.

“Is that?” Elina: “YーYes. He is Igni, my boyfriend!”

Elina blushed as she said the word boyfriend. Igni was worried that their cover would easily be blown, but he bowed his head politely after the introduction.

Igni: “It is a pleasure making your acquaintance.” “Thank you for looking out for our dear Lady Elina.” Elina: “IーIgni, let’s get on the carriage.” As Igni and the servant were politely exchanging bows, Elina rushed Igni onto the carriage, and they both got on.

“Then we shall get going.” As the servant finished speaking, the Dragon carriage began moving forward. They slowly moved through the Capital, but once they stepped outside onto the main highway, they accelerated with a burst of speed. They began traveling at incredible velocity.

Igni: “It’s fast.” Elina: “Yes, they are. The Owlight Dragons are incredibly fast.” Elina’s smile widened at the mention.

Igni: (Looks like she’s starting to get back to her normal self.)

Igni remembered an urgent business with her and opened his mouth to speak.

Igni: “Oh yes, Elina. Congratulations on making it to the top of the class.”

Elina: “WーWell, it was me after all! It was to be expected!”

Igni: “Here, I got you something. I don’t know if you’ll like it, but it’s a present for you.” And Igni handed her a recently popular brand of tea. These kinds of small gifts leads to Popularity.

Yes, the Popularity Etiquette No. 16 ーー “You should diligently perform small acts of surprises.”

Elina: “AーAre you sure?!”

Igni: “Yeah. Thanks to you, I was able to get a decent score too.” By the way, a decent score to Igni was an average score.

Elina: “Thank you, Igni. That’s really kind of you.”

Igni: “You’re welcome.” Elina smiled genuinely for the first time as she took the gift from Igni.

Elina: “..........Igni, um….I know we’ve already come this far but…..”

Igni: “What’s wrong?” Elina: “Was it…….really okay? For you to pretend to be my boyfriend?” Igni: “What are you talking about? It was a request from you. Of course, I couldn't refuse.”

Elina: “IーIgni….” Igni: “In fact, I’m really happy that you depended on me and asked for my help.” Elina: “ThーThank you, Igni.”

Elina repeatedly conveys her gratitude several times to Igni. But there is something looming over her when she mentions her family. Overall, Elina has never smiled when talking about her family.

Whether she sensed Igni’s concerns or not, Elina held her hands tightly to stop them from shaking as she spoke up.

Elina: “........Igni. It’ll be a burdensome week for you, but I’ll be relying on you for the next week.”

Igni: “Don’t worry about it.” And Igni smiled as he replied.


“We have arrived.” Elina: “Thank you, Ella.”

Apparently, the servant who accompanied them was named Ella. Igni also thanked her and climbed down from the Dragon carriage.

Elina: “.......this way, Igni.” Igni: “It’s huge.” Elina: “Unnecessarily, yes.”

Before them, the Owlight mansion loomed before them boldly and unapologetically. The mansion actually might have been bigger than the Talcoyz family’s. In other words, they indeed were one of the highest Noble family’s around.

Elina: “Follow me, Igni.” Igni: “Sure.” With her lips tightly pressed together, Elina’s expression was deadly serious. As she arrived before the door, Miss Ella opened it for her.

Elina: “This way.” Elina gave the bags to Miss Ella, and Igni was instructed to do the same. Now with their hands free, they walked inside the mansion together.

Igni: “Where are we going?” Elina: “ father’s room.” Igni: “I see.”

In other words, to the current Head of the Owlight Family.

After a few minutes of walking deeper and deeper into the mansion, Elina stopped at the furthest room and knocked on the door.

“Who is it?” The voice that answered was low and unusually heavy.

Elina: “It’s Elina, Father.”

“Come in.” As soon as Elina opened the door, an unpleasant tension came floating out from the depths of the room.

“........oh? Is that him?” A slightly elderly man was inside. White hairs were peeking out from his hair bound behind him. He sat in a large chair very comfortably, and he carried a massive body that was extremely well trained and maintained even from a glance. And nearby was a long sword that was only an arms reach away.

………he is a Magic Swordsman.

Elina: “Yes. This is mーmy boyfriend, whom I promised to bring.” Elina stuttered her words midway, but managed to finish her sentence.

“I’m impressed, Elina. He is far above my expectations.” Elina: “HーHe is….?”

The Head of the Owlight Family bursted out with a gleeful roar as he saw Igni.

“What, do you still not understand? Well, that is fine. I have <very little to expect from you> anyways. I guess this is why they have the saying ‘catching a sea bream with a shrimp.’”

The Head of the Household began reaching for his sword.

“In fact, I would like to ask for a match.”

Igni: “You jest.” Igni immediately raised both his arms in a gesture of surrender even as the Head of Owlight stretched his hand towards his sword.

“Will I not be a sufficient opponent for you? …..what is your name?” Igni: “ name is Igni.” “It is a good name. If there’s an opportunity, let us cross swords at least once.”

“.......why would the “Killing Flash”, Seta, would want to fight a mere student?”

Seta: “Do you know about me, Igni?” The “Killing Flash”, Seta, is a monster that even Igni, who dislikes having to know men’s names, recognizes. He is a man who has come closest to the [Extreme] of [Sword] and was only a step away from <Magic> and was never able to cross that line.

Seta: “You have my gratitude for looking after my <poor excuse of a daughter>.”

Igni: “No, no. <She has helped me out in many ways>, and I am grateful for her support.”

And the two firmly gripped hands as they shook.


"Catching a sea bream with a shrimp" (海老で鯛を釣る) -- a Japanese saying meaning with only investing something small/insignificant, you catch something bigger and of greater value. Also can mean getting a much greater reward even though you invested very little energy or effort. i.e. Minimal effort, maximum reward.


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Extreme Flame Wizard - I can only use fireball but I became the strongest just wanting to be popular with the girls

Written by: Cyclamen

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: シクラメン

Original Source Link:

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