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Extreme Flame Wizard c103

Chapter 103: Book 1 ~ 3 <Magic> Spells Appearing in the Story

【Magic Name】<The Miracle of Undeath>

【Magic Caster】Celia Esmeralda


This is a <Magic Spell> that grants immortality. Because she cannot die, that is where the Spell’s name originates from. The <Magic> Spell Inscription is engraved into Celia’s soul, and when her physical body dies, she will be reset to her preset [Fully Recovered] physical status. This is the Miracle of granting a life that was reduced to zero, and reset it back to 1. But her resurrection is not 3 days later. It happens the moment she dies. Hence, why she is considered among the [Strongest] among the Magicians. Because the Spell is inscribed on her soul, Abyss or Floria would not be able to disrupt its effects with Defense Spells. If she is not facing Igni, most would be defeated before her presence.


【Magic Name】<The Miracle of Creation> : <The Big Bang>

【Magic Caster】Igni


The universe first began as a small {Fireball} within the Chaos (complete entropy). If that is so, then being able to only use {Fireball}, it is natural for him to end up discovering it. Igni will exert every bit of Magic Power within him, and from nothing, he creates a new <World>. That is why he named it the <Miracle of Creation> : <The Big Bang>.

What he can do with it is to synchronize the new <World> to the present and manipulate time, and to blast the energy the energy that composes the new <World> as an energy ball ーー which is similar to a {Fireball}. But with these two abilities, he became the [Strongest].


【Magic Name】<My Sword that reached God himself - Porus Gladio>

【Magic Caster】Clara


The [Miracle of the Sword] that the [Extreme] of [Sword] wields. It erases all the sequence of events for something to be cut, and only leaves the results of being cut and imposes that on her opponents ー the final form of her sword martial arts. It is the ultimate move that can be reached by human beings. <Magic> is able to turn a zero into one, and conversely, can turn 1 into zero as well. Hence, her swordsmanship reached this realm of <Magic>. Though most Magic has been reached through impossible or impractical theoretical prepositions of Spells, this <Magic> is extremely rare in that it was created purely from swordsmanship. If she wanted to, she could cut down any opponent that she desired. That is because it takes exactly zero amounts of time for her opponent to be cut and is faster than the [Extreme] of [Light] Lucas. Thus, she is among the [Strongest]. Also, she has the most admirers among all the [Extremes].

Because, well…….you know…….


【Magic Name】<The Miracle of the Ocean>

【Magic Caster】Floria


The ocean swallows everything in its path, and dilutes it. That is why as the [Extreme] of [Water], she ended with a <Magic> that will infinitely dilute the end result as the result infinitely approaches zero. Infinitely close to zero is zero. Hence, she returns all “results” to zero and erases it completely. Though it does take some time to initiate the <Magic> Spell, once the Spell is activated, it will continue to nullify anything that threatens what she wants to protect. It is the [Strongest] in terms of Defensive Spells. Floria is really amazing!

But because she doesn’t have any extravagant Attack Magic, she is not typically referred to as the [Strongest]. If you want to retort about what would happen if she goes against Clara who reduces all prerequisites to zero, you would enter a paradox of contradictions. So who would win in this case?!

As a side note, Clara’s breasts are bigger. But the Knight of the Holy Nation is not concerned with such matters. That is because they prefer the tight, well trained muscular body in the Holy Nation!!


【Magic Name】<The Miracle of Crossing>

【Magic Caster】Abyss


By taking one dimension in an existing 3-Dimensional world, he forces the 3-Dimensional space and transforms to a 2-Dimensional Plane. By doing so, the 2-Dimensional Space cannot process the amount of information stored in the 3-Dimensional Space and causes the surface of the 2-Dimensional Space to expand infinitely. This “infinity” is a literal infinity and goes beyond the present universe and extends to the many parallel worlds’ surfaces. That is why, by manipulating the 2-Dimensional surfaces X and Y axis points, he can easily cross over to a different world. But there are risks to crossing worlds. Abyss calls the creatures that are supposed to prevent such dimensional crossings his [Kinsmen] and [Clone : Doppelgangers], but because Abyss was stronger, he forcefully enslaved them as his servants. On a side note, he is antagonized by the top [Extremes] of the world, but because of that, he also has a solid fan base. Fans who especially like his perpetually smirk really digs Abyss.


【Magic Name】<The Miracle of Order>

【Magic Caster】Abyss


As I order the list by how it appears in the story, Abyss gets two entries back to back. What is with this guy. But as I explained during the actually narrative, he manipulates Entropy. Entropy is a the amount of information, and during the story’s narrative, I explained that the information is pertinent to [how to use <Magic> and Spells]. What? Is this confusing?

Entropy = Amount of Information = [How to use <Magic> and Spells] Information

Equations are so useful!

But although I mentioned “using” the information, I didn’t explain what he uses it against. For those protesting about properly subject/noun clarity, here, the object receiving the action is [the World].

For Abyss, Spells are ーー

[The Wizard will execute a command called Spells against the World, and if the Wizard is successful in compiling the Spell, then the result will end in the World being affected].

ーーis how he interprets it. It’s quite confusing.

I was trying to squeeze out a better, more easily understandable metaphor, and crunched some missing brain cells and came up with a Remote Controller. For instance, a TV Remote. The Wizard will be the human. The world will be the TV. If the Spells are different channels, [ when trying to change the channel, the action the user of the remote takes to point the remote to the TV, and as a result, the channel is changed.] is one explanation.

In other words, Abyss’ <Magic> takes away the [action of changing the channel] completely and leaves the results of the [Channel changing] and forces that result upon his opponents. That is why when someone tries to use their Spell, they are only left with the feedback or consequence of [the reduction of Magic Power after casting a Spell], and the actual Spell was never cast in the first place.

On top of that, the advantages to his <Magic> is that it is not limited to his target’s Spells and can be used in a variety of different ways. You’re amazing, Abyss! Even though you’re already caught.


【Magic Name】<The Miracle of the Next Dimension>

【Magic Caster】Igni


So now, we are going into some mathematical explanations, so if you don’t understand, it’s okay to just say, “I don’t quite get it, but it sounds amazing!” Because it is amazing.

So let’s get to our main topic. Igni can only use {Fireball}. A [Ball] is a sphere. So what defines a sphere or what makes a sphere? For instance, if you make the thickness of a sphere zero, it turns into a [circle] but can you call that a sphere?

The answer is, [a circle is a 2-dimensional sphere] (according to the series). A [Sphere] is created from layers of [Circles] that are on top of each other, so if you go down one dimension, you are left with a [Circle]. Now this is the difficult part, but at the very least, Igni imagined that [a one-dimensional sphere]. In other words, if it is a one-dimensional sphere is a [Line] and as you layer those lines, it becomes a 2-dimensional sphere ー a [Circle]. Now you layer 2-Dimensional [Spheres] (Circles) and you get a 3-Dimensional Sphere ー a [Ball].

Then if you take a 3-Dimensional [Ball] and layer it together to make a 4-Dimensional object, can you call this a 4-Dimensional Sphere? Yes, you can.

It is the A = B ; B = C ; thus C = A logic.

Somehow, Igni looks smarter now than before!

So, as I explained earlier about Abyss’ <Miracle of Crossing>, if you drop a 3-Dimensional object to 2-Dimensions, the information stored in the higher dimension cannot be processed in the lower dimension and as a result, gains an infinity attribute. In Igni’s <Miracle of the Next Dimension>, this infinity equals an infinite amount of energy. So that’s why simply looking at the instantaneous amount of energy exerted, Igni is number one in this category. But [Strength] leads to [Popularity], but just being strong doesn’t make you popular. Igni’s struggle still continues!


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Extreme Flame Wizard - I can only use fireball but I became the strongest just wanting to be popular with the girls

Written by: Cyclamen

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: シクラメン

Original Source Link:

Book 4

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