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Extreme Flame Wizard c102

Book 3 Character Introductions


【Name】: Miru

【Wizard’s Title】: “Undoer”

【Abilities】: [Darkness] : [SS]

【Notable Characteristics】

The Student Council President of the Rolmod Wizard Academy. In other words, she is the top student in the school. The Rolmod Wizard Academy holds true to their policy of the “Strength Determines Everything.” And being at the top, this signifies that she is the strongest among all the students. She is a Wizard that disrupts Spells (a jamming type), and she specializes in breaking down her opponent’s spells. Plus she has large breasts. She does consider herself quite strong and capable, and because she got bored with fighting, when selecting a [path] at the Rolmod Academy, instead of the combat-focused [Wizard Combat] path, she selected the [Support Wizard] path instead. She is a 3rd year and will be graduating next year. It’ll be unfortunate when that time comes.


【Name】: Miko

【Wizard’s Title】:

【Abilities】: [Life] {Spin-Spin Magic Power}

【Notable Characteristics】

She’s a girl that addresses herself as “ore” (俺) (おれ) and grew up in an orphanage. She is very good at looking after children. With very high Magic Type compatibility and a keen instinct, she serves as the Vice President of the Student Council. Looking after the underclassmen, she is very popular because of that. …….but also, everyone seems to be slightly afraid of Miru. Everyone calls her Miss Miko, and she has earned the respect of her classmates. This is very important ー but she is cute.


【Name】: Abyss

【Wizard’s Title】: [Endless Depths]

【Abilities】: [Darkness] <The Miracle of Order> <The Miracle of Crossing>

【Notable Characteristics】

Since the Character Introductions are in order from where they appeared in Book 3, he appeared in this list before Sara. What a jerk.

So, he is the [Extreme] of [Darkness] and a Magician. He claims himself to be a researcher, a seeker of knowledge, and enjoys research and studying over fighting. But even so, he is still adept at fighting. It’s a little surprising how talented he is. His age is unknown. He theorizes that the [Demon King’s] influence and the number of increasing [Extremes] is related, and in order to help preserve humanity, he decided to try and become a [Demon King] himself. He’s close but not quite immortal. If you were to corner him continually, he would eventually die. Though he tries to scheme ways to get out of prison daily, he has yet to come up with a working plan.

And this is a side note, but why would he name a <Magic> that drops a 3-Dimensional Space to 2-Dimension and name it “Crossing”. It is because when you take a 3-Dimensional Space and transform it into a 2-Dimensional surface, the surface area of the 2-Dimensional plane becomes infinite. Infinite here is not a hyperbole but literally means infinite. All alternate words has a surface. By adjusting and manipulating his X and Y axis, he can easily “Crossover” to a different world. That is the origin of his <Miracle of Crossing>. His [kinsmen] (servants/minions) are those lifeforms that live on the dimensional surface of each world.


【Name】: Valia

【Wizard’s Title】:

【Abilities】: {Collects and Accumulates Curses}

【Notable Characteristics】

Once you remove all the mummy-like bandages, you are left with a daughter from a wealthy family with blonde hair in rolls and huge breasts. Her's is the biggest. And she is also the only 2nd year on the Student Council. Learning from Miko, she looks after the underclassmen and has earned their respect and trust.


【Name】: Sara

【Wizard’s Title】:

【Abilities】: {An incredible amount of Magic Power}

【Notable Characteristics】

The daughter of the [Demon King]. She also speaks in the ancient language, and very few can speak the same language today. Because of that, in order to help her be able to explain what happened to her, they are currently teaching her the Common Language. Without a Magic Artifact, she is unable to live normally, and currently lives wearing a Magic Artifact bracelet made by the Esmeralda Empire. She is beginning to speak the Common Language better, but if she’s not paying attention, she will speak her original language. She is attached to Igni a lot.


【Name】: Igni

【Wizard’s Title】:

【Abilities】: [Fire] : [F] ; [Ultimate Specialized Spell Type・Spell one] ; <The Miracle of Creation> <The Miracle of the Next Dimension>

【Notable Characteristics】

An [Ultimate Specialized Spell Type・Spell One] simply means that the individual can only use a single Spell, but in exchange, the individual has the potential to wield the spell in more various ways. To be clear, any ordinary Wizard would never be able to reach the realms of <Magic> with just {Fireball}. Beginning from Igni’s desire and inquiry to want to become stronger, his doubts led him to Spell Formation that led him to higher dimensions.

His conclusion that the Ultimate Secret to Popularity No. 1 law exists for tearing down the unreasonable circumstances of life, he was able to create a higher-dimension {Fireball} that contained infinite amounts of energy. One of his inspirations actually came from Abyss’ <Magic>. The reason why Igni bothered to remember a man’s name is closely related to this fact.


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Extreme Flame Wizard - I can only use fireball but I became the strongest just wanting to be popular with the girls

Written by: Cyclamen

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: シクラメン

Original Source Link:

Book 4

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