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Chapter 82: He’s Offering Tribute, Yes?!

After the Party disbanded, Eliz was walking around Kronos in her usual manner.

Usually, she would go straight home, but today, she was in a sour mood.

She decided that a walk and getting some fresh air would help calm her mood.

With that in mind, she walked the streets lit with Magical Artifacts without any destination in mind.

Eliz: “Miss Thames is definitely weird. Why is that person even in our Party, yes?!”

With a <HMPH!!>, Eliz exhales a frustrated breath.

Yuto may not have noticed, but Thames was constantly provoking Yuto.

What triggered it was after they began slaying the Monsters.

Thames was able to take out E-Rank Monsters all by herself.

She is a D-Rank, but Thames is also a Shield Warrior.

Compared to other Shield Warriors, her attack power is on the higher end.

At first, Eliz was impressed, but Thames’ attitudes and actions after that point made her reverse her opinion.

After she would take down a Monster, she would glare straight at Yuto every time.

She was making a statement to Yuto who was supposed to be in the Attack Role.

She did this 3 times consecutively.

As someone who was saved by Yuto, this attitude was something Eliz could not overlook.

To have someone she owed her life to be insulted and mocked like this, Eliz felt herself snap from the rage several times with Thames’ attitude.

But Yuto shrugged off Thames’ provocation.

Eliz: (If Mr. Yuto is willing to endure it, then I’ll endure it, yes)

With that thought, she held back her anger as best as she could, but with Thames’ critical mistake with the fight against the Dark Hobbits, she reached the end of her patience.

Out of all the stupid, unbelievable things that Thames could do, in order to continue provoking Yuto, she abandoned her role as a Shield Warrior.

Because of that, Monsters reached Eliz and almost attacked her.

Most fortunately, Yuto protected her from the Monsters, but without Yuto being there, Eliz would have most definitely received an attack.

A Shield Warrior that abandons shielding the Party is the same as a Spellcaster with no Magic Power.

Enraged, Eliz immediately brought the issue up to Yuto.

Eliz: “I’ve never seen a Shield Warrior that bad! You need to complain to the Guild for introducing her to our Party, yes!!”

Because of the Guild’s recommendation, they recruited a helper for this Request.

The Guild has also taken a certain portion of their Request Rewards as a Recruitment Assistance fee.

And on top of that, Thames is also getting an even cut of the Request’s rewards.

It was that same recommended person that abandoned their role in the Party.

Eliz wanted to slap a <DEFECTIVE> note on Thames and send her back to the Guild.

But Yuto kindly shook his head to say no.

[Miss Thames just became a Shield Warrior. Let’s give her more time and see what happens.]

[But Miss Thames has been an Adventurer for 5 years, yes. She’s not a novice who can’t tell her right from her left! I’m extremely disappointed in her!]

After Eliz raised her voice, Yuto opened his mouth to speak.

[Then Eliz. You would probably be extremely disappointed if you met me 2 months ago.]

There was a certain degree of loneliness and sadness mixed in with Yuto’s words and his expression.

Seeing that, Eliz was unable to say anything further.

All of that boiling anger was instantly extinguished in that moment.

[Eliz, just a little while ago, I was completely useless. I was the weakest Adventurer in Kronos, and they called me the Dumpster Scavenger. For 10 years, I couldn’t improve at all. Just in the last month, I was able to finally grow in my strengths and abilities. People all start from zero, and from there, they gradually grow with experience. There’s no one who is perfect from the very beginning. And you never know when a person’s talents will sprout. It could be today or it could be tomorrow. Or even maybe 1 year from now. They may even be like me and could take 10 years. Everyone’s different. So Eliz, could we give Thames a little more time? Please?]


With that, Eliz was persuaded by Yuto’s kind voice and words.

Underneath, she still held enough resentment so if the same thing happened, she planned to tell Thames directly in her face.

But from that point on, Thames did a noticeable 180 to the point where even Eliz could tell the difference.

As a Shield Warrior, she fulfilled her role perfectly.

With that, there’s nothing she could say further.

With Thames functioning as a normal Shield Warrior, the Party’s safety increased significantly.

For Yuto, for the Party, it was the best imaginable result.

But with frustration and bitterness still leftover inside of her, Eliz did not know what to do with this feeling that just wouldn’t go away.

Eliz: “If she was capable of doing that, why couldn’t she do it from the beginning, yes…….”

Eliz’ cheeks puffed out as she exhaled angry breaths.

That’s when Eliz saw the back of someone familiar.

Eliz: “Mr. Yuto?”

Noticing him, she immediately straightened her hunched back and shoulders.

Her gloomy expression instantly changed into a smile.

But Yuto did not notice Eliz and headed towards the Southern Gate area.

He’s walking pretty quickly as well.

It’s as if he’s late to meet someone.

Eliz: “..................suspicious, yes.” Eliz mumbles to herself and runs and follows after Yuto and matches his quick pace.

As they walk further, Yuto suddenly walks inside a certain gate.

Eliz crouches near the gate to hide herself from view and peeks inside.

Inside the gate is a plain, but fairly large building.

The exterior of the building was a far cry from being called beautiful. It was probably built many, many years ago. The walls were stained and moss and vines grew in various places.

And in front of that building, Yuto was there.

And there was also someone else too.

There was a beautiful woman standing before him.

Eliz: “ーー?!”

Eliz almost let out a shout, but she hurriedly muffled her voice with both her hands.

The woman might be someone who lives there. Just like the building, she’s also wearing clothes that are well-worn.

But she stood tall and straight, and she could have been mistaken for one of the servants of the Nobles.

With such a beautiful face, you could practically ignore her frugal looking clothes.

Yuto: “This is……………”

“But………..too much……”

From where Eliz is hiding, it was difficult to overhear their conversation.

Eliz solely focuses on her hearing alone.

Doing so, she was able to hear the conversation better.

Yuto: “Please……..take my earnings.”

And with that, Yuto takes out a small bag.

As he hands the bag to the woman, her eyes widen.

“This much…?…….As always, thank you… much.”

Eliz: “ーー?!”

Eliz: (There is no mistaking it. Mr. Yuto…….is getting used by that woman!!)

From everything that happened so far, Eliz understood that Yuto was giving his earnings to that woman.

Eliz knows better than most of how Yuto lives very frugally with very little money.

And even under those circumstances, he is giving away his precious savings.

Is that woman completely deceiving him? Or is he that enamored and in love with her……?

Eliz: (I have to do something, yes!!)

With her face gone pale from the revelation, Eliz hurriedly withdraws and goes straight towards a certain store in a mad dash.


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Book 3: To Walk Down the Straight and Narrow Path

A Revived Adventurer’s Quest Completion Guide - With Skill Points Only I Receive, I Become Stronger Than Everyone Else

Written by: Hagiu Aki

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

生き返った冒険者のクエスト攻略生活 自分だけがもらえるスキルポイントで他の誰より強くなる。

作者: 萩鵜アキ (ハギウ・アキ)


Original Source Link:

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