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Chapter 83: The Stakeout

It was when Mari was closing the store.

Suddenly, the store door flew open.

Mari: “I’m sorry, but we are closed for theーー”

Eliz: “Miss Mari!!”

She looked up to see who was shouting her name, and Mari’s eyes widened a little with recognition.

The person that appeared was Yuto’s Party Member, Eliz.

Mari: “What are you doing here at this hour?” Eliz: “It’s an emergency, Miss Mari! Mr. Yuto is being manipulated and eaten whole!!”

Mari: “...................huh?” At Eliz’ desperate pleas for help, Mari hardens instantly in place.

Mari: (Yuto…….eaten whole……?)

The words brought to mind a slew of unsavory images.

Yuto, food, 50 gard bread, inedible.

But then a chain of words began to mix together, and became an incomprehensible chimera of unrestrained imagination.

At [Yuto transformed into a bipedal, inedible bread], Mari immediately pinches the bridge of her nose with her fingers and shakes away the runaway train of imagination.

Mari: (This isn’t good. I must be really tired……)

The fatigue from working a full day was now getting to her head.

She should just get her dinner at Gold Rock, go home, and get some sleep.

Mari was about to ignore Eliz altogether when Eliz’ desperate cries echoed once more.

Eliz: “Mr. Yuto was offering money to a beautiful woman, yes!!”

Upon hearing those words, Mari moved faster than the speed of sound.

With terrifying speed, she approached Eliz and grabbed her shoulders with all her strength.

Mari: “..........can you tell me more.”

Eliz: “YーYeath…”


After that discussion between Eliz and Mari, 5 days had passed.

While Mari was working at the counter, she heard the sound of a bell.

A bell that was placed on top of the counter was ringing softly.

Mari placed the bell inside her pocket, and quietly rose to her feet.

Mari: “I’m sorry. I have urgent business I need to attend to. I’ll leave the store to you.”

“Oh, yes. Please take care.” Mari left the store to one of the store workers, and she immediately left Plutos with quick steps.

The bell inside her pocket continued to ring.

This bell is called a “Synchronized Bell,” and it is a Magic Artifact that allows people to send signals to one another.

When you ring one of the two bells, it’s partner bell will ring as well.

When you’re separated on a battlefield or need to attack at the same time, this bell is commonly used.

This is not used inside the Dungeons much, but this is a Magic Artifact that has been continually manufactured for many generations.

Right now, the bell Mari has in her hands is the partner bell to the bell that Eliz is holding.

These past few days, Eliz has been tailing Yuto in the evenings.

The purpose of following Yuto around was to see if he would head and go visit that woman again.

If she could, Mari would have liked to tail Yuto with Eliz.

But Dougla has entrusted Mari with the management of Plutos.

She cannot be absent from the store again and again.

That’s why Mari regretfully let Eliz handle the tailing, and she waited at the store for the signal.

Eliz is supposed to ring the bell as soon as she suspects that Yuto is about to head to the woman’s location.

And the bell rang.

Mari hurries to the previously planned meeting locations with Eliz.

Mari: “Eliz, how is Yuto?” Eliz: “He is unmistakably heading to see that woman right now.”

Mari: “........I see.” With Eliz’ report, Mari felt a large hole appear in her chest.

Mari had faith in Yuto.

That Yuto would not be someone so easily fooled and his money taken by a woman…..

Yuto is poor.

He doesn’t have gards to spare for others…….or so Mari thought.

Mari: (Maybe it’s because he climbed up to a C-Rank Adventurer……..)

Mari felt her throat tighten as the sight of Yuto swinging his wooden sword with singular purpose began crumbling away in her mind.

Overcome with grief, Mari bites down on her lip.

Eliz: “Miss Mari, if we are too late, we cannot catch him in time! We need to go now, yes!”

Mari: “Oh, yーyeah. Let’s go.” Being pushed forward by Eliz’ unusually passionate demeanor, Mari heads to the scene of the crime.

Eliz: “This is that woman’s house, yes!”

With excitement and determination, Eliz guides her to the scene of an old looking building.

There is fencing around the building’s perimeter.

As soon as Mari sees the sign on the fence, Mari feels the tight tension immediately leave her shoulders.

Eliz: “Now, Miss Mari! We’ll catch Mr. Yuto, yes!”

Mari: “Alrightー hold it.” Eliz: “ーーwha?!”

As Eliz was about to rush in through the gate, Mari immediately grabs and locks her bare claws onto Eliz’ head.

Eliz: “WhーWhat are you doing, yes?!”

Mari: “Eliz, calm down. Do you not know where we are?” Eliz: “We are at the woman who’s sucking Mr. Yuto dry andーーOW OW OW OW!!!”

Eliz felt Mari’s claws dig deeper into her skull.

Mari: “It’s not. You’re definitely misunderstanding. Here, what does this sign say?” Eliz: “The Hope Orphanage………, what about it?” Mari: “This is the Orphanage Yuto grew up in.” As soon as she saw the name of the Orphanage, Mari realized that Eliz had a huge misunderstanding.

Yuto was not offering his hard-earned money to a woman he liked.

Mari: (Yuto was just being Yuto after all.)

The same boy who continually and endlessly swung that wooden sword in the backyard of Plutos has not changed one single bit.

As soon as the truth dawned on her, the gaping hole in Mari’s chest began to fill and overflow with warmth.

Mari: “Yuto.” Yuto: “Huh? Mari? And Eliz?! Why are you guys here…….?”

Yuto came out of the Orphanage’s gate right after Mari stopped Eliz from entering.

Seeing them, Yuto almost jumped up in surprise.

Judging from his reaction, Mari was certain that Yuto had no ill intentions behind his actions.

Mari let out a sigh of relief and spoke.

Mari: “Yuto, you hungry? C’mon. Let’s go to the Gold Rock.” Yuto: “Wait, butーー”

Mari: “C’mon! Keep up!”

Mari takes Yuto’s hand, and they head to the Gold Rock together.

Behind them, Eliz had her cheeks puffed out with a <ERGH!!>.


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Book 3: To Walk Down the Straight and Narrow Path

A Revived Adventurer’s Quest Completion Guide - With Skill Points Only I Receive, I Become Stronger Than Everyone Else

Written by: Hagiu Aki

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

生き返った冒険者のクエスト攻略生活 自分だけがもらえるスキルポイントで他の誰より強くなる。

作者: 萩鵜アキ (ハギウ・アキ)

Original Source Link:

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