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Chapter 62: Worries of Unachievable Goals

Eliz: “Wow~ there really is a [Occupation] section now, yes.”

Dannan: “Yeah, I guess the rumors were true. So what was yours Eliz?”

Eliz: “Mine says [Healer], yes. What about you, Mr. Dannan.”

Dannan: “Mine is [Scout]. I had my hopes up, but I guess we landed on plain, normal [Occupations].”

Next to Eliz and Dannan, Yuto’s shoulders drooped towards the ground.

They have all completed their assessment without any issues.

After the assessment was done, all three left the Temple and headed to the Gold Rock Café.

There were so many Adventurers in line that Yuto and his group’s turn did not come up until well past noon.

Because of that, the Base Dungeon exploration was postponed.

They decided to go ahead and call it a day after the assessment was done.

Eliz: “So Mr. Yuto, how was your assessment?”

Yuto: “Well….”

With sagged shoulders, Yuto pulls out his assessment results.


Yuto (18)

Level 1

Occupation: ーー




“ “................................. ” ”

Both Eliz and Dannan turned to stone as soon as they saw the results.

Yes, on Yuto’s assessment as well, they saw the new [Occupation] section.

But that was it.

His Status was exactly the same as before, and remained Level 1. There were no Skills.

And on top of it all, he had no [Occupation] making him [Occupation]-less.

The results hit him harder with its newest addition, and Yuto was feeling pretty low.

Yuto: (It sounds like so much fun talking about [Occupations]....I wish I could join in on the conversation…..I wish I had something to talk about…..)

Yuto was also itching to join in his group's discussions.

But he is “Occupation-less.”

There is nothing he can share about the subject.

Eliz: “.........Mr. Yuto…….maybe you are cursed, yes?” Yuto: “ugh…………”

Dannan: “Well, something’s definitely off. Yuto, you’re nowhere close to a Level 1 strength. Are you sure this assessment is accurate?”

Eliz: “Yes, yes. This assessment is completely wrong.”

Yuto: “Thanks, you two. As far as the Status assessment, I’ve already comes to terms with it……”

Yuto already knew that he would be assessed as Level 1.

He couldn’t understand the reason, but Yuto’s abilities were not being accurately assessed by the process.

Yuto is fine with seeing his actual Status on the Skill Board.

But what is hitting Yuto hard is the lack of an [Occupation].

Even the assessment left his [Occupation] status as “empty”.

It wasn’t an error either. Yuto most definitely did not have an [Occupation].

Yuto: “Oh, God… am I supposed to gain an [Occupation]?”

Dannan: “That reminds me. Eliz and I had [Occupations] pretty much close to what we do already, but what if you’re given an [Occupation] that is different from your current role? I heard there’s been a few like that.”

Yuto: “Oh, so your [Occupation] is not just dependent on your existing Status?”

Dannan: “Yeah, I know the Status labels it as [Occupation], but I wonder if it has more to do with your underlying potential and talents.”

Yuto and his group organize the information they gathered while standing and waiting in line.

  1. There are multiple [Occupations] (e.g. Swordsman, Great Swordsman, Defender, Spellcaster, Healer, Scout, etc.)

  2. You can expect to be given an [Occupation] that is close to your existing status

  3. There are instances when your existing role and [Occupation] may not align

So the problem erupts with #3.

If you are operating as a Swordsman in a Party, you can still receive as [Occupation] of [Spellcaster] in your assessment.

In this case, the Adventurer will have to forfeit his current role and adjust to his new role.

That is because the [Occupation] will start balancing the Adventurer’s Status overall that is catered towards the [Occupation] itself.

Eliz will have additional Magic Power and effectiveness with Heal Spells. Dannan would have increased agility, increased success with disarming traps, and increased [Presence Detection]. In these ways, the Adventurers’ skills aligned with their [Occupation] will have increased potency and advantages.

And on the same note, skills not aligned with the [Occupation] will lose its effectiveness to a certain degree.

Eliz: “In my case, I have minus potency with Physical Strength.”

Dannan: “Mine is Magic Power. I use it for my attacks, so this really sucks for me…..”

And this minus potency was what made [Occupations] equally troublesome.

For instance, if you were working as a Swordsman but took on a [Spellcaster] Occupation, because of the minus potency to your Swordsman skills, if you try to continue as a Swordsman in your party, you will notice limitations and more difficulties to perform at the same level as you did before.

But for [Occupation]-less Yuto, nothing has changed.

He neither gained advantages or disadvantages.

Yuto: (So from that perspective, I guess things didn’t turn out so bad for not having an [Occupation]......?)

Yuto had to force himself to accept that logic.


Finishing their meal at the Gold Rock, Yuto’s Party disbanded for the day.

They would not be able to do much even if they head to a Dungeon now.

They postponed the Dungeon Expedition to tomorrow.

Returning to his room, Yuto laid down on his bed and sulked while scrolling through his Skill Board.

Yuto: “(sigh).........I wish I had some sort of [Occupation].......”

Because everyone else earned an [Occupation], being [Occupation]-less made Yuto feel like an outsider once again.

If possible, he wanted an [Occupation] just like Eliz and Dannan.

Yuto’s combat power was higher compared to before.

And even without an [Occupation], that hasn’t changed.

But even so, Yuto still desired to earn some sort of [Occupation].

Yuto: “.............(sigh)…….”

The reason why he felt so down at the moment was because this situation mirrored and overlapped with his past.

After becoming an Adventurer for a few years, Yuto was finally able to join a party.

They were not exactly the same age as he was, but it was a party full of members that were all relatively young.

Everyone just became an Adventurer, and their Levels ranged from 1 to 3 and were extremely low.

No matter who you are, as a brand new Adventurer, everyone starts from the lowest levels.

At first, Yuto was able to mix-in with the group and fought against Goblins.

But within a week, Yuto was unable to participate in the combat anymore.

ーーBecause everyone else in the party Leveled Up.

Everyone else was progressing, moving forward.

In their midst, Yuto was left behind.

No matter how much he struggled and worked harder, he could not catch up to the other members of his party.

As everyone else grew stronger, Yuto was left empty-handed.

Even today, Yuto would have occasional nightmares over that exact situation.

In his dreams, no matter how much he runs, his body wouldn’t move forward, and he watched as every one of his Party Members left him behind.

No matter how much he yelled or ran, he couldn’t reach his friends’ backs.

Of course, because of the Skill Board, Yuto has been able to Level Up and gain Skills.

Even then, his fear of one day being left behind hasn’t been wiped away clean.

Because of his bitter past, Yuto couldn’t help but feel helpless once again <being the only one without an [Occupation]>.

Will he be left behind again?

……...just like last time…….?

He let out a deep, heavy sigh as he looked through his Skill Board screens, and something unfamiliar caught his eye in his inventory.

Yuto: “......oh yeah, was this from the Emergency Quest I cleared?”


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A Revived Adventurer’s Quest Completion Guide - With Skill Points Only I Receive, I Become Stronger Than Everyone Else

Written by: Hagiu Aki

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

生き返った冒険者のクエスト攻略生活 自分だけがもらえるスキルポイントで他の誰より強くなる。

作者: 萩鵜アキ (ハギウ・アキ)

Original Source Link:

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