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Chapter 63: Occupation and Update

Just the other day, Yuto and his group slayed a Chaos Slime that appeared within the Kronos City limits.

That Chaos Slime was the target of the Emergency Quest.

Yuto jumped out of his bed and tapped on the item.

Yuto: “Sー[Swordsman] Occupation Scroll?!”

Not believing his eyes, Yuto immediately pulled the item out of his inventory.

The item that came out was similar to a Spell Learning Scroll.

Yuto gulped hard once and slowly opened the Scroll.

Inside the Scroll, he saw the pages ruled with lines and filled with letters he has never seen before.

Unlike a Spell Scroll with a Magic Circle Inscription, this was was quite different.

At the very top of the Occupation Scroll, there were letters drawn more largely than the others.

Yuto did not recognize these letters.

But for some reason, he understood how to read the word.

Yuto: “Occupational Enrollment for [Swordsman]ーーWHOA?!”

After saying the words out loud, the Scroll began shining brilliantly.

Small dots of light consolidated into one central light with the Scroll at its center, and the Scroll faded and disappeared with the light.

Yuto: “The inside of that Scroll was different, but it felt the same as the Spell Scroll……..which means…….”

Yuto hurriedly opens the Status screen.

There, he sees…

>> Occupation: ーー → Swordsman NEW

Yuto: “WHOOOOOAAA!!!!”

On the Occupation section, the word, “Swordsman” was clearly displayed there now.

When Yuto saw that, he raised both fists into the air.

Yuto: “Ohhhhh……...thank goodness………..”

Yuto shivered in delight as joy poured over him.

Now, he was no longer Occupation-less.

He won’t be left behind by his friends!

The fears and worries he held onto up until that moment disappeared without a trace.

Yuto wiped the tears that were forming around his eyes and reviewed his Status.


Yuto (18)

Level 31

Occupation: Swordsman NEW Skill Point: 4


└All Abilities Enhancement Lv 4


 ├Swordsmanship Lv 5 (+) ┬ Magic Swordsmanship Lv 1

 ├Spellcasting Lv 5 (-) ┘

 ├Presence Detection Lv 2

 ├Evasion Lv 2 (+)

 └Tame Lv 1


 <Lightning> Lv 2 (-)

 <Physical Enhancement> Lv 1 (+)


<Critical Point Thrust>

<Destroy Armor>


Yuto: “I see. So an Occupation’s advantages and disadvantages to the Status was like this…”

By becoming an Occupation: Swordsman, Yuto saw plus and minus symbols appear next to his Skills.

By concentrating slightly, Yuto could feel the slight change in his [Physical Enhancement].

The plus symbol meant additional effectiveness or potency. The minus symbol was negative effectiveness or potency. Skills related positively or negatively to the Occupation was now marked.

It was so much that Yuto could feel the difference just standing there.

In a moment when you have to give it your all, Yuto could easily imagine that the difference would be significant.

Yuto: “~~♪ Now I’m the same as everyone else. …….but I guess I can’t tell them about my new Occupation.”

Today, Yuto just finished his assessment at the Room of Prayer.

It would be more than awkward to suddenly tell his Party, “I became a Swordsman” the very next day.

Even if he got another assessment, his Occupation might not reflect the change and remain blank.

They might just pity him as a delusional fool who could not accept the fact that he was Occupation-less.

Yuto: “......yeah, it’ll be better if I stay quiet about this.”

Just like his Level and Skills, Yuto decided to keep quiet about his Occupation as well.

After reviewing his Status thoroughly, Yuto brought up the Quest List next.

Then, on the Quest Screen, a small window popped up.

[Congratulations. The Daily Quest has been cleared 100 times.]

[The Daily Quest will now be updated.]

Yuto: “What?”

Yuto couldn’t understand what that message could have meant. Yuto touched the pop-up window with his fingers.

And with that, the screen returned to his usual Quest List screen.


[Weekly Quest] NEW

Complete Middle-Class Difficulty Sword Swings (0/7000) NEW

Defeat 1000 Monsters (0/1000) NEW

Yuto: “OOHH!! So an update means this!”

The Daily Quest up until now disappeared, and in its place, a Weekly Quest appeared.

Unlike the Daily Quest, this would be difficult to complete in one day.

As the Title suggests, these are tasks “that would take 1 week to fully complete” and was designed as such.

The reason why it changed was explained in the pop-up. He completed the Daily Quest 100 times.

Yuto: “When you complete a Quest, not only do you get New Quests, but sometimes, you get existing Quests updated, huh……..”

Knowing that now, Yuto was even more pumped to clear as many Quests as he possibly could.

Yuto: “I think I could defeat 1000 Monsters pretty quickly, but what’s the [Middle-Class Difficulty] Sword Swings?

Yuto tilts his head to think.

The day he received the Skill Board, Yuto completed 1000 sword swings.

At that time, there was nothing like “Middle-Class Difficulty” written there.

Yuto: “I’m sure the [Middle-Class Difficulty] has to mean something but……...hmmmm, well, I guess I can confirm that later.”

Yuto turns his attention to the Base Quests.

[Base Quest]

Earn 1,000,000 Gards (231,349 / 1,000,000)

Reach the 20th Floor

Find a Treasure Chest in the Dungeon NEW

Singularly Concentrated Meditative State (0 / 60 minutes) NEW

Yuto: “There’s a lot of new Quests now. Is it because I’m over Level 30?”

And in this section, there were plenty more new Quests.

The earning of 1 million gards was still in process, and it’s not a Quest that can be cleared so easily.

Yuto is making sure to take his time to clear this one.

The [Head to the 20th Floor] probably appeared after defeating the 15th Floor Boss.

This should be the same as the other Quests where reaching the 20th Floor would trigger a Chain Quest to defeat the Boss there.

This one he could tackle tomorrow.

Yuto: “Find a Treasure Chest…..?”


CHONKY Notes LiT (Lost in Translation)

“Update” -- So by this time, I think it's apparent that the author intends to openly insinuate that similar to Online RPG’s we have today, there are similar changes being made to Yuto’s world. What’s probably lost in Translation are two other facts that the author insinuates on this point:

  1. Yuto has a Japanese name which is very uncommon (to the point where you can assume that he’s the ONLY one with one) in this Novel’s world.

  2. Yuto’s facial features and physique is that of a Japanese person and there are no others similar to him. This is not an uncommon trope, but I wasn’t sure if the translation came through properly.

There are other related indicators but these were the only ones that were in danger of being lost in the TL process.

Singularly Concentrated Meditative State - “seishin-tou-itsu” (精神統一) -- A meditative state that centers your thoughts, emotions, physical state, and any other being into one singular purpose or state. Although I’m not knowledgeable at all, it should be similar to a Buddhist meditative state required to reach enlightenment, or a zen meditative state. This was a pragmatic way to TL the term. I didn’t think using a buzz word like “Zen Meditation” would come across in English circles.


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Book 3: To Walk Down the Straight and Narrow Path

A Revived Adventurer’s Quest Completion Guide - With Skill Points Only I Receive, I Become Stronger Than Everyone Else

Written by: Hagiu Aki

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

生き返った冒険者のクエスト攻略生活 自分だけがもらえるスキルポイントで他の誰より強くなる。

作者: 萩鵜アキ (ハギウ・アキ)


Original Source Link:

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