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Chapter 36: Carrying Cargo

The sun was crossing its noon position when Yuto woke up.

He was hunting inside the Dungeon until this morning so today is his rest day.

He washes up and eats the 50 gard bread.

While doing so, Yuto stared at his Skill Board.

Yuto: “What should I do today...?”

He already completed all the Daily Quest tasks.

There are no urgent Quests he has to complete.

During his rest day, he needs to focus on resting and recuperating.

But Yuto had a hard time doing either.

Yuto: “It’s too late to do any Quests that will take too much time…”

Yuto wanted to see how much leveling up his Fundamental Skills would have impacted his performance against fighting monsters.

But if he starts now, it will be in the late hours of night before he’s done.

If he does that, then it’ll impact his schedule the following day.

Tomorrow, he promised Eliz that he would go to the Temple with her to confirm their statuses.

So with that, Yuto wanted to avoid any quests that would consume too much of his time and attention.

Yuto: “.........oh, but what about this?”

Yuto set his eyes on the [Transport Large Amounts of Heavy Cargo] Quest.

If it was this, he could complete it pretty easily.

And plus, it’ll also help him confirm how much his Leveled Up Skills will help him at the same time.

Yuto: “Maybe I’ll rearrange my room? It’s been a while since I did that.”

Yuto rearranges his bed and drawers.

Yuto: “Oh wow! They feel so light!”

The drawers and bed are heavier than Yuto, but even so, Yuto was able to move them easily.

If he tries, he may be able to pick it up with one hand.

But the room Yuto is renting is small and cramped.

If he loses his balance and crashes the furniture into the wall, there’s a good chance that he’ll tear a giant whole to the next room. Because of that, he refrains.

He looks at his Skill Board will moving the heaviest things in his room.

>> (132 / 1000 kg)

Yuto: “............yeah, it’s not enough at all.”

He moved his bed 5 times, and Yuto decided to clear the Quest a different way.

He leaves his room and heads to a certain location on his mind.


Mari: “ why are you here?”

Yuto: “Ummmm…...well? So you’ve helped me out so much that I wanted to return some of the favor so……….”

Yuto came to the Weapons and Armor Shop, Plutos.

In order to make the various weapons and armor, there is a lot of raw material laying around Plutos.

Of course, the materials are mostly heavy ores. Even a single ore has quite the weight.

If he was to help clean and sort these ores, Yuto wondered if he could clear his Quest.

Of course, there were other methods and options, but Yuto could only ask Mari on such a short notice.

His job was to take out all the ores and ingots out of the storage house, sweep and clean it the room, and put it back.

After he was done removing all the dust, he began move back all the ores neatly into the cabinets.

Mari: “Hey, Yuto. So is it true that you gifted a ring to Eliz?”

Mari asked all of a sudden with as much nonchalance as she could muster.

It’s actually rare to hear her talk this way.

Yuto: (I wonder what’s wrong? ……..Is she not feeling well today?)

Yuto was concerned for Mari’s health as he answered.

Yuto: “Yeah, I did give her a ring as a present.”

Mari: “............I see.”

Yuto: “That ring was called the Ring of Magic Power, and it increases the magic reserves of the wearer.”

Mari: “And how…….did you get this ring….?”

Yuto: “Oh….umm…….I got lucky….and….came upon it randomly…...sorta….”

Yuto’s words jumbled up into an inaudible pile in his mouth.

He couldn’t say that he got it from a Quest no matter what.

Yuto: “It’s a Ring of Magic Power, so I thought it would be perfect for Eliz! See, she’s a Healer and uses a lot of magic power, right?”

Mari: “......................wait, that’s the only reason why you gave her the ring?”

Yuto: “.......huh? Wait, there’s more reasons why I should have? WAIT! Like, will her defense go up with it?!”

Yuto reacted quickly to Mari’s words.

Mari is the Head Manager of a famous Weapons and Armor Shop.

She is an expert when it comes to weapons and armor.

It won’t surprise Yuto if there was some hidden mechanism or feature that he overlooked, but she knew about.

Yuto was a little excited to hear Mari’s answer and came nearer to her in anticipation.

Seeing Yuto like this, Mari let out a deep, HEAVY, exasperated sigh.

Mari: “.........well, I did think it was like that, but argh~, you made me waste my time worrying.”

Yuto: “...huh? Worry? About what?”

Mari: “It’s nothing. And yes, the Ring of Magic Power will raise the wearer’s magic reserve, and your correct about that.”

Yuto: “Oh…..that’s it?”

For a second, Yuto really had his hopes high and sagged his shoulders immediately in disappointment.

And they continued chatting while Yuto finished cleaning the storage house. By the time he was done…

>>QUEST [Transport Large Amounts of Heavy Cargo] has been cleared.

Yuto: “ーーYES!!”

Yuto cleared the Quest.

Although he wanted to immediately start checking his status, he held back the urge and turned towards Mari.

Yuto: “How’s this, Mari?”

Mari: “It’s perfect. I knew I had to clean it up someday, so you really saved me a lot of trouble. Here, this isn’t much but….”

And with that, Mari gives Yuto a single coin.

It’s a 1,000 gard coin.

Yuto: “Oh, wait….but…”

Mari: “This wasn’t an official Request, so it’s just a small allowance for your troubles. Just take it as a sign of my gratitude.” Yuto: “Th………..THANK YOU, MARI!”

Mari: “Hey, whーHEY!!”

Yuto takes Mari’s hand and swings it up and down.

Cleaning up a Storage House for 1,000 gards is extremely low.

If this was an official Request from the Guild, no one would have taken this on.

But Yuto came over in order to complete a Quest all of a sudden.

If he could complete the Quest, that was good enough for him.

So he never imagined that he would get a reward from Mari.

So Yuto was genuinely happy.

Yuto: (1,000 gards!!..........That’s uh………..20 of those 50 gard bread!”

Mari: “YーYuto….your hand…..”

Yuto: “OH! Uh, Sorry! Did I hurt you?!”

Mari: “Nーno….I’m okay….”

Yuto lets his hand go immediately.

Mari’s face was reddening as she held her hand firmly against her chest.

Yuto: “I’m so sorry. Are you sure I didn’tーー”

Mari: “I’m okay! LOOK, I’M OKAY!! It’s not like that so just leave it alone!!”

Yuto: “Yーyou sure?”

Yuto didn’t know what to do after Mari’s strong remarks.

Yuto: (If she’s that adamant, maybe she is okay?)

Yuto tries to convince himself of this.

Yuto: “Well, Mari. Thank you so much!”

Mari: “That’s my line. It’s me who needs to thank you.”

As Yuto was leaving, Mari’s face was red to her ears.

Yuto returned to his room and immediately took out his Skill Board.


Yuto: “Wait…...huh?”

Yuto’s Level or Skill Point remained the same. Nothing changed.

He looked at his Skill List, but no new Skills appeared…

Yuto: “Hey…..what? Why?”

Yuto tilts his head to think.

Maybe he didn’t clear the Quest? But he switches to the Quest screen and…

Sure enough, the [Transport Large Amounts of Heavy Cargo] is no longer there.

For certain, Yuto cleared the Quest.

Yuto: “Hmmmmmmmm……….OH! Maybe I got a new item?”

Realizing this, Yuto immediately switched to his Inventory Screen.

Sure enough, there was an item that wasn’t there before.

Yuto: “A {Spell Scroll} [PHYSICAL BOOST]?!?!”

Yuto’s heart thumped quickly as he failed to calm it down, and he took out the {Spell Scroll} from his inventory.

He opened the {Spell Scroll}, and trying not to stutter, Yuto opened his mouth and said….


As Yuto pronounces the spell name, the {Spell Scroll} shines brightly and disappears without a sound.

Yuto immediately checks his status.


Yuto: “I got it………..I GOT [PHYSICAL BOOST]ーーー!!”

Yuto jumps and thrusts his fist in the air!

The spell [PHYSICAL BOOST] which he just learned is a spell that enhances your physical attributes just like the name says.

This is a spell that you can learn without having to be a Spellcaster and is well known spell.

Every swordsman in the Upper-Tier ranks learn this.

With this one spell, it’s even said that you pretty much raised your rank one higher.

[PHYSICAL BOOST] is that important and amazing of a spell.

But if you have no talent in the magical arts, you don’t have a chance of learning it.

ーーJust like how Yuto was.

Having the spell now in his Status view, Yuto let out a long, slow breath of satisfaction.

Yuto: “I’m.... so glad I cleared this Quest…………..”

Yuto wanted to try this out immediately, but he’s still on the surface.

He’ll have to wait until he fights monsters in the Dungeon, and holds back his urges for now.

Yuto looks outside the window.

The sun is still out and hasn’t changed colors.

Yuto: “Maybe I can do one more?”

There is still time before sundown.

Since he has time, Yuto decides to challenge himself to clear one more Quest.





A Revived Adventurer’s Quest Completion Guide - With Skill Points Only I Receive, I Become Stronger Than Everyone Else

Written by: By Hagiu Aki

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

生き返った冒険者のクエスト攻略生活 自分だけがもらえるスキルポイントで他の誰より強くなる。

作者: 萩鵜アキ (ハギウ・アキ)


Original Source Link:

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