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Chapter 35: The Victor and the Loser

Mari: “Welcome~!!”

As soon as the store door opened, Mari welcomed the customer with a loud voice.

The Weapon and Armor Shop Plutos is one of the finest stores in all of the Labyrinth City of Kronos.

Compared to other stores, the prices are higher, but there are still many customers that come and go into the store.

As evening approaches many adventurers appear in the store.

Once they complete their Dungeon exploring, the Adventurers come roaming about to this store.

But right now, it was just Mari in the store.

Of course it is. It’s because the store just opened.

The customer that appeared just now was still too young to purchase and use any weapons or armor at the store. It was a very young girl.

But Mari knew this girl very well.

Mari: “.........oh, it’s just you, Eliz.”

Mari immediately returned her business smile to her natural composure.

Just the other day, Eliz joined her childhood friend’s party as a Healer.

She is one of Yuto’s friends, but Mari had a difficult time getting to like her.

Mari: (She’s getting a li'ttle too close to Yuto….)

It was when Mari was thinking about these things when…

Eliz: “Miss’s terrible. Mr. Yuto…..Mr. Yuto must be a masochist, yes!”

Mari: “.........................excuse me?”

Suddenly, Eliz dropped a bombshell right in the middle of the store.

Mari: (Wait, what is she saying…..?)

Mari’s thoughts turn white and empty.

If you think about it, it all makes sense. The pieces fall together.

Apparently, Yuto hunted in the Dungeon for a full day.

And he also cut through a spell with his sword.

And although he burned his cheeks from the spell, he was looking up and smiling with pure joy.

If you listen to her words, yes, Yuto could be labeled as an extreme masochist.

He would be dangerous for a 12 year old girl to be around.

But Mari quickly shakes her head.

Mari: “That doesn’t mean he’s a sick masochist. He just works really hard, and he just takes it overboard when it comes to getting stronger. That’s just the way he is.”

Mari remembers watching Yuto swing his sword in the backyard.

Her voice would fall on deaf ears while he swung the sword, and he kept swinging his sword for a long time.

Even if his blisters popped, even if blood was running down his hands, he would continue to swing his sword at the same pace.

Even though blood was running down his hands, he never once showed any signs of pain.

But Mari knew how much he suffered when no one was looking.

It was because she continued to watch him from afar for 10 years. She watched his back as he continued forward.

And even though he suffered so much, he never stopped swinging his sword.

To swing the sword in his hands. That was everything that occupied his mind.

ーーjust to become a bit stronger.

He may have even been so cornered that he believed himself that he had to endure such pain to be able to move forward.

Regardless, hearing Eliz’ words only made Mari think, ‘That is so like Yuto.’ That’s all.

Eliz: “Miss Mari...are you not worried about Mr. Yuto, yes?”

Mari: “Of course I’m worried. But even if I worry, he’s not the kind of person to stop.”

If he was any other normal human being, there would have been no way that he would have continued to improve as he had.

Mari: (Besides……)

Mari stole a quick glance at Eliz.

If it was any other person, they would have abandoned Eliz in that Dungeon.

Mari: (But that wouldn’t be like Yuto at all.)

Mari: “If you don’t like the way Yuto is doing things, you can always leave the party, you know?”

Eliz: “Urgh…..”

As Mari teased Eliz, her cheeks began to blow up as she pouted.

Mari knew that Eliz wouldn’t leave the party just for that.

Eliz was also the same as Mari - they were both saved by the same man…..

But a little part of her still does wish Eliz would leave though.

It’s always better to have one less rival.

Mari: ( reality, I’m several steps ahead of her!)

Mari has known Yuto for 10 years.

If it is anything about him, she didn’t feel like she would ever lose to Eliz.

Eliz: “IーI will always be working with Mr. Yuto, yes!”

Mari: “Oh really? But I’m just saying, if you get tired of him, you can quit any time.”


Eliz sticks her tongue out at Mari when a ring flashed on Eliz’ left hand.

Mari takes one glance at the ring, wrinkles her brow, and frowns.

As much as she can recall, Eliz was not wearing that before……….

Mari: “Eliz, that’s an amazing artifact you got there. Is that a Ring of Magic Power?”

Eliz: “Wーwow! That’s right! You got it right just by looking at it!”

Mari: “I’m the head manager of a Weapons and Armor Shop. I had to train my eyes for years to be able to see and tell the difference between different equipment. This is nothing to me now.”

But what Eliz was wearing was a Ring of Magic Power.

And there was also a size adjusting spell inscription on it.

If you try to purchase one at any store (and this all depends on how much magic reserve you gain), but at the very least, it would be 300,000 gards and no less.

This is not something Yuto would be able to purchase with the money he has. Eliz, who has been a C-Rank Adventurer for much longer may be able to gather the funds to purchase this.

Mari: “Did you perhaps purchase it when you joined Yuto’s party?”

Was she trying to impress Yuto with her fancy equipment?

Mari was thinking, “How idiotic. Yuto would never fall for that.” when she heard…

Eliz: “You’re wrong, yes. I got this from Mr. Yuto, yes.”

At those words, Mari instantly froze into an icicle.

Eliz gazes dreamily at the ring on her left hand as she raises it to the light.

The Ring of Magic Power was currently on her pinky.

If this was her ring finger, Mari would have been pulverized into dust on the spot.

Mari: “DーDーDon’t you dare lie to me! Yuto wouldn’t have that kーkind of money!! I would know best!!”

Her voice shook.

For Mari, this was all she could do as she frantically gathered up every ounce of courage against the odds.

Mari was confident that she knew everything about Yuto.

There is no way that Yuto could have bought such an expensive ring. Mari was sure of it.

Mari: (Cーcalm down, Mari! There’s nothing to be scared of! Yuto is as poor as poor could ever be! There’s no way he could afford such an expensive artifact!)

But Eliz laughs mischievously at Mari’s panicked face.

Eliz: “Lying~? It’s no lie~. I’m sure Mr. Yuto worked really, REALLY hard and bought this REALLY expensive ring for me! I’m sure you know how much of a hard worker Mr. Yuto is. You said so yourself, no~?”

Mari: “ugh.....grrrrrrrr………..”

Mari’s words came back to bite her, and no words came to mind.

But seeing her advantage, Eliz goes for the finish.

Eliz: “Oh that reminds me. Mr. Yuto said I was very “important” to him. And because of that, he wanted me to have this ring.”

Mari: “Yーyou’re lying……..”

Eliz: “Well, if I am, why don’t you ask him, yes?”

Mari: “That’s…….”

Even for Mari, it would be difficult to confront Yuto and ask him, “Did you buy a ring for Eliz?!” She was just too afraid to not only ask the question, but also to hear the answer.

Eliz: “Hehehe…. Well, Miss Mari, have a lovely day, yes.”

Mari: “Oh, hey! Wーwait just a second!”

Eliz: “I’m so sleepy, yes. Yesterday, I was with Mr. Yuto all day, and Mr. Yuto wouldn’t let me sleep all night, yes.”

Mari: “Wーwait, what do you mean by…….”


Mari was practically hanging over her counter, but Eliz let out a big yawn and left the store.

If Mari was in her right mind, she would realize that what Eliz meant was that Yuto dragged her around inside the Dungeon for an entire night.

But in her current state of mind, there was no way for her to reach that proper conclusion.

Mari: “..........................................”

Something cracked, smashed, and broke inside Mari’s hands.

But Mari’s eyes were only looking at the doorway where Eliz left.

Duglar: “Mari, it’s about the armor I’m making toーーARRGAAAH!!”

Duglar, who poked his head inside the store from the workshop, immediately jumped back.

Even though Duglar himself is known to intimidate people with his stern expressions, even he couldn’t describe the face he just witnessed without breaking into an icy, cold sweat.





A Revived Adventurer’s Quest Completion Guide - With Skill Points Only I Receive, I Become Stronger Than Everyone Else

Written by: By Hagiu Aki

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

生き返った冒険者のクエスト攻略生活 自分だけがもらえるスキルポイントで他の誰より強くなる。

作者: 萩鵜アキ (ハギウ・アキ)


Original Source Link:

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