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Ch. 75: Crushing the Enemy Base

{Magic Arrow}


{Ice Lance}

{Wind Cutter}

The four used different Spells.

For every Spell, there is a specific response required.

Hence, it is more troublesome when there is an attack with a mixed type of Spells.

Werner: “Too naïve.” I wrapped a Magic Barrier around my left arm, and batted the spells away with one sweep.

It was one of the methods my Master taught me.

Although controlling the Magic is extremely difficult, if it all goes well, you can repel multiple Spells with one go.

It is a move that is very effective against facing a situation of one against many Spells.

Werner: (I should teach this to Lotte.)

As the thought crossed my mind, I continued to sweep away the Spells from the four Spellcasters.

With every sweep, their faces contorted with disbelief.

“YーYou monster…..!”

“You’re nothing but an errand boy for the Concealed One!”

I don’t know what they mean by an errand boy of this Concealed One, but it was obvious that they were talking about me.

Though it piqued my curiosity, there are other matters to attend to right now.

There were two others not participating in the attack.

I was certain that they were plotting and preparing something, but I could not tell from this vantage point.

I thought about shooting Magic Arrows in their direction whenーー

“Corally! Kill that man!”

One of the two had apparently prepared an Artifact.

It was the counterpart to the Artifact that received voice commands.

Corally: “ you command.”

As Corally mumbled an affirmation, the two men looked relieved.

Corally dashed straight towards meーー

Corally: “.......die”

And ran right past me.

She immediately closed the distance with the two men.


“NOT USーー!!”

With flowing movements, Corally swung a short sword to cut through the mens’ thighs.

Blood gushed from their wounds.



Corally: “....that Artifact is no longer attached to me.”

And Corally chuckled and grinned at the men with pleasure.


One of the four attacking me clicked his tongue with frustration as he activated an Artifact.

I was very familiar with that object.

It was a bomb used for mining.

Since the Barrier is already activated, the bomb will not affect the Capital.

But Corally and I are in danger.

This base will completely blow up, and all the people here will die.

The investigation will come to a dead end.

Werner: “I can’t let you.”

I dashed forward to stop the bomb’s activation.

The other three began concentrating their Magic Power at the same time.

This one is not a bomb.

It was the same Artifact the Former Academy President used during his attack on us, and it collected Magic Power from the surrounding atmosphere.

I wouldn’t care if they used it for a Spell.

But my guess was that instead of a Spell, they would use that concentrated energy to self-destruct.

If they succeeded, it would be a considerable blast.

That would be even more problematic than this bomb.

Now, I had four problems I needed to solve together, or there was going to be more problems to our investigation.

I continued my way towards the man with the mining bomb.

With the short sword in my right hand, I swung and sliced his arms off.

He was using his hands to activate the Artifact.

Without his arms, the process would stop naturally.


His scream pierced my ears as I fired off Magic Arrows towards the other three with my left arm.

I conjured two arrows for each man ー a total of six flying towards them.

I aimed for their left shoulder and right chest.


They were too busy concentrating the Magic power and helplessly received the arrows.

The Magic that was swelling up within each of them immediately began to disperse.

Werner: “Fwew…..okay, that wasー”


As I breathed out a sigh of relief, I heard someone scream behind me.

I turned around to see Corally sticking a blade into a man’s shoulder ー it was the man I immobilized at the very beginning.

Corally: “.......he was acting suspicious.”

Werner: “Thanks. You saved me.”

The man was holding an Artifact that I have never seen before.

Thinking I had taken care of him, I had completely forgotten about him and let my guard down.

Werner: “Corally, we need to restrain them all.”

Corally: “........understood. I’ll search and make sure that none of them are hiding Artifacts.”

Werner: “Thanks.”

Corally and I swept the room with the 10 men, undressed them, and disarmed all Artifacts from their bodies.

We tied their hands and feet and placed a gag in their mouths.

Among the 10, some tried to resist.

But sustaining such severe injuries, they could not do much.

Werner: “I’d like to interrogate them, but I should let the professionals handle it.”

Corally: “.....I agree.”

As we spoke, Hati popped her head out.

Hati: “Corally, they killed your parents, right? Are any of these men responsible?”

Corally: “..........there is one…….right there.”

Hati: “Will you not avenge your parents?” Hati began coaxing Corally.

But it would be better to withdraw information from them before killing any of them.

Corally: “.............what about you, Werner?” Werner: “Hm? What about?” Corally: “ was these men who ordered me to attack your sister.”

Werner: “Are you asking if I’m going to avenge my sister?”

Corally: “...........yes.” Werner: “Well, I do want to kill them myself.” I am here attacking the enemy base because they attacked my sister in the first place.

Werner: “But they would be in a worse situation if I hand them over.”

Corally: “..........I see.”

The Royal Magecraft Knights specialize in interrogation.

They would face a fate far worse under their hands than dying here.

Right then, Hati perked up.

Hati: “My Lord, someone is approaching.”

And we all looked towards the entrance.


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A Non-Combat Magecraft Artifact Researcher ー actually was an extraordinary S-Rank Mage~ Though he worked overtime without compensation and contributed greatly, he was labeled as incompetent and was fired

Written by: Ezo Gingitsune

Illustrations by Tomozero

Translated by: ChonkyTL

Japanese Title:


作者: えぞぎんぎつね

イラスト: トモゼロ

Original Source Link:

Book 2

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