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Ch. 76: Reinforcements Arrive

I headed quietly back towards the entrance.

The entire base is currently surrounded by the barrier, and we don’t have to be concerned about getting attacked further.

Plus, we can observe outside of the barrier from the inside.

Well, the thick door is closed at the entrance, so we cannot see anyways.

Werner: “Someone is outside the barrier, but we can’t tell who from here.”

Corally: “........Werner, there’s a peephole right here.”

Werner: “Oh, that’s handy.”

Corally: “ is a secret base afterall.”

Werner: “That makes sense.”

I wonder if the visitors are on our side or the enemy’s.

And the people here have to be able to confirm that without opening the door.

I look through the small window on the door that Corally pointed out.

Werner: “It’s the Royal Magecraft Knights.”

I saw the familiar face of the Captain.

It was the only face I could see, but it was enough.

The stairs behind him are narrow so it’ll be difficult to stand shoulder to shoulder.

The rest of his unit might be standing by at the top of the steps.

If it’s just the Captain, he could retreat swiftly, and the chances of him making a clean exit would be very high in that case.

Corally: “......your friends?” Werner: “Yes. Corally, I need you to remain calm.”

Corally: “.......yes.”

Werner: “They will have to arrest you, but I will ask them to be gentle and treat you well.”

Corally: “.......okay, but if I have to be punished, that’s okay.”

Werner: “Don’t worry about that.”

I deactivated the barrier and slowly opened the door.

As the door swung open, the Captain braced himself for action. A moment later, he saw my face and let out a short sigh of relief.

“Well, if it isn’t Sir Werner. How are you doing?” Werner: “You came rather quickly.”

I saw snow piled up on the Captain’s head and shoulders.

It meant the blizzard probably intensified.

“It was thanks to you, Sir Werner. The Princess also was of great assistance.”

Looks like Lotte was able to pass on the message.

Though she was in the middle of her bath, she must have immediately took action.

I need to thank you later.

“Sir Werner, could you update me on the situation?” Werner: “Yes, please step inside, and I will reactivate the barrier.

I’d like to exchange information quickly and efficiently.

And while we’re exchanging information, I don’t want to give the enemy the chance to attack.

“Understood. Can I bring a few members of my unit?” Werner: “Of course. Please invite them in.” The Captain went back to gather 10 of his members to bring to the room.

The Royal Magecraft Knights who came also were covered in snow.

Werner: “Is this everyone?” “Yes, thank you.” I reactivated the barrier.

“Sir Werner, who may this be?”

Werner: “Her name is Corally. She helped me take down this base.”

“I see.”

The Captain gave a short nod to Corally.

Corally did not answer back. She seemed nervous and just stared at the Captain cautiously.

Werner: “I will explain the events in turn. Of course, that will include Corally’s involvement.”

“Thank you. Please proceed.”

One of the Knights came up to us with a note and writing utensil. He was planning on recording my statement.

During that time, the other Knights began investigating the men who were tied up and the room.

Werner: “We found this location after following a scent.”

“A scent, you say?” Werner: “One of my servants, Hati, has a keen sense of smell.” As I spoke her name, Hati popped her head out of my shirt.

“...! Oh, Lady Hati. Thank you for your assistance.”

Hati: “It was my pleasure.”

The Captain did not realize that Hati was inside my shirt.

After a moment of recognition, he bowed his head politely towards her.

It isn’t that the Captain’s senses are dull.

Rather, Hati excelled at keeping herself hidden.

Werner: “Hati, you can come out now.” Hati: “It’s warmer here, so I’ll stay.” Looks like Hati found a new favorite spot.

Since it is winter, I can understand how she feels.

Werner: “I understand. So, as I was explaining, Hati recognized a scent andーー”

And I explained to the Captain and his assistant our investigation starting from the Magecraft Artifacts that were returned from the Palace, and how Hati recognized the scent of bread from it.

And because Hati remembered the scent, we were able to determine this location.


Werner: “Indeed. And it was a scent she only picked up once while crossing through the Capital gates.”

“The Capital Gates? But that’s quite a distance from here…..”

Werner: “That’s how sharp Hati’s senses are.”

I could see that the Captain was genuinely impressed.

Hati was quite content with all the praises and swung her tail quite energetically with a wide grin across her face.

I explained the following events in further detail.

I included how I met Corally, and the events that followed.

“I see. So that is what happened.”

Werner: “If you can, please look after Corally. Yes, she was acting on behalf of the enemy, but it is also a fact that she was being controlled with an artifact.”

“Yes, Sir Werner. I understand your reasoning.”

Werner: “On top of that, she assisted me in locating and crushing the enemy base. Please put that also in consideration as you consider her punishment. If possible, I would like her to be fully pardoned.”

“.........yes, Sir Werner. I understand what you are saying. But unfortunately, I cannot make this decision with just my authority alone…..”

The situation fell far beyond the Captain's jurisdiction.

Even sitting as the acting commander of Royal Magecraft Knights, fully pardoning Corally would be very difficult.

It would be faster to ask His Highness.

Even then, asking him directly would not be acceptable.

I would have ask through Lotte or my sister.

Werner: “I understand. Even so, if you could take it easy on her during the interrogation, I would greatly appreciate it.”

“As you wish. I will make sure my subordinates are thoroughly aware of the situation.”

Werner: “Thank you.” While I spoke with the Captain, Corally looked uneasy.


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A Non-Combat Magecraft Artifact Researcher ー actually was an extraordinary S-Rank Mage~ Though he worked overtime without compensation and contributed greatly, he was labeled as incompetent and was fired

Written by: Ezo Gingitsune

Illustrations by Tomozero

Translated by: ChonkyTL

Japanese Title:


作者: えぞぎんぎつね

イラスト: トモゼロ

Original Source Link:

Book 2

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