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Ch. 72: The Waitress’ Circumstances

As I listened to the waitress’ explanation, I inspected the Artifact I destroyed.

Werner: “I see. This Artifact placed on your chest does seem to have a function like that.”

The Artifact used on Hati and former President and Head of Research also had the function of manipulating and controlling the wearer.

But it did not have a feature where simple orders could be received and executed.

The order Hati was given was “Kill and devour people.”

She was not given any orders to specifically target or kill anyone.

Lotte was in a deserted wilderness when she was attacked by Hati.

In other words, there was nobody else except Lotte around.

That’s why the command of “Kill and devour people” was sufficient to target Lotte.

I don’t know what kind of order or command the former President and Head of Research received.

But from what I observed, it didn’t seem like they were given very detailed commands.

Werner: “So they can transmit orders vocally now. How troublesome…”

“........pardon me, but I don’t want to be controlled any more. ……can you take this Artifact off my head?” I destroyed the Artifact on her chest, but if they have a spare Artifact, then they could potentially take control of her again.

Werner: “You can’t take it off yourself?”

As I spoke, I reached out a hand towards the Head Artifact.

“ I can’t. I don’t even know how. If you try to forcefully take it off, it will apparently explode.”

Werner: “I see.”

“...................and even if you take it off properly, it won’t explode, but I will die anyway.” Werner: “What do you mean?” “.....right now, there’s a needle piercing my scalp slightly. ……when I take off the artifact, that needle is made to extend all the way.”

So if you take it off by force, it explodes, and it’s designed to take out anyone who was trying to help take it off.

If you take it off properly, the waitress alone is supposed to die.

So that’s how it is….

“ death can’t be helped. If you don’t know how to take it off, you can just kill me. …….that way, you won’t die either.”

The waitress looked solemn and serious as she spoke.

Werner: “No, I can figure out how to take it off. Don’t worry.” “..........thank you. Even if I die, it is not your fault.” She wanted to assure me to not feel guilty about her death.

Werner: “I appreciate your concern, but it’s not necessary.”

“...........I understand. I am responsible for attacking you and your sister. …….my death would not be unwelcome.”

Werner: “That’s not what I meant butーー”

As I mumbled, I began inspecting the structure of the Artifact.

And I subsequently took it off her head.

Werner: “There. It’s done.” Of course, I prevented it from exploding or extending the needle.

Blood pooled from where the needle had been poking the waitress’ scale, but that was about it.

Werner: “Does it hurt?” “........I’m fine. …….but how did you…..?” Werner: “I specialize in making Magecraft Artifacts. The only way the needle will shoot out is if that part of the Artifact was activated.”

And I showed the waitress the Artifact as I tweaked one of its settings.

With a <SNAP!!> (*sfx), the needle banged and protruded outwards.

It was more like a bolt than a needle.

If she had the Artifact on when this activated, her brain would have been completely destroyed.

Werner: “Hmmmm, I see. So there is no function to change the wearer into a Demon, huh….wait, no, here it is.” Looks like the Magecraft Artifacts of the Galatea Empire have significantly improved over a short period of time.

The former President and Head of Research had an artifact that changed them into a Demon Race. This feature was not present with Hati’s Artifact.

And the waitress’ Artifact now had a counterpart Artifact that allowed someone to verbally control them, and also take their life to prevent the technology from being taken by the wrong hands.

Werner: “Now then, do you know who I am?” “.........yes.” Werner: “And your name?” “.......Corally.”

Werner: “I see. Corally. Do you know the location of the Galatea Empire’s base?” Corally: “......I do.” Werner: “Then please guide me to it.” Corally: “.........are you not going to kill me for attacking your sister?” Werner: “I have no intention of taking out my revenge on someone who was being controlled.”

It was the same as when Hati attacked Lotte.

Corally: “...........thank you.” Werner: “Corally, will you help me crush the enemy’s main hideout?”

Corally: “......yes, I can help.” Werner: “Even if I have forgiven you, the law is another matter. It would make it easier if you were to contribute to this matter.”

Me forgiving Corally, and her not being put to trial are two separate things.

But if Corally assisted in crushing the enemy base, then they would like more favorably upon her.

And if I ask them to go easy on her punishment, then I don’t think they will severely punish her either.

Corally: “.....................thank you.”

Werner: “Don’t worry about it. Now then, what should we do with these guys?” I look at the Tavern Owner and the 3 customers.

To be accurate, they are members of the Knights of Lumen impersonating a Tavern Owner and Tavern Customers.

If we were to exit the Barrier and put the Barrier back up, they shouldn’t be able to escape.

But they can still commit suicide. That would be troublesome.

Though they may look like they would prioritize their lives over all else, there is always that possibility.

Werner: “Hmmmmmmm, here, let’s do this.” I blindfold all 4.

After that, I place a cloth in each of their mouths and gag them.

It was not to silence them as much as make sure that they didn’t try to bite off their tongues.

Lastly, I place very thick oven mitts on all their hands.

It is technically a bakery, so they had lots of oven mitts laying around.

Now, they were blinded and gagged.

And on top of that, their forearms, upper arms, shins, and femurs were broken.

Verifying their situation, I speak up to the Tavern crew.

Werner: “Just for your information, don’t move. If you do, I will kill you. All I need is just one of you to live anyways.”


They all began protesting with the gags in their mouths.

Werner: “Worst case scenario, if you all died, it won’t affect me. We can always work around that.”

“GUOHHH…” Werner: “So keep quiet. Shut up.” “Gu……….”

Werner: “I’m glad that we came to an understanding. It would be troublesome killing you anyways. They would be asking me questions for about half an hour if I did so.”

Though it is indeed troublesome, I try to emphasize how little it matters to me.

Werner: “So to summarize, don’t move. Don’t speak. And if you disobey these orders, you will die.” “.............” Werner: “Nod if you understand.”

The Tavern crew nodded their heads vigorously.

Werner: “Good.” Next, I take the leftover stale bread and roll them into small balls.

I take those and stuff the Tavern crew’s ears with it.


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A Non-Combat Magecraft Artifact Researcher ー actually was an extraordinary S-Rank Mage~ Though he worked overtime without compensation and contributed greatly, he was labeled as incompetent and was fired

Written by: Ezo Gingitsune

Illustrations by Tomozero

Translated by: ChonkyTL

Japanese Title:


作者: えぞぎんぎつね

イラスト: トモゼロ

Original Source Link:

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