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Ch. 71: A New Type Magecraft Artifact

It is difficult to dissipate Magic Energy that is expanding exponentially.

In the first place, you would have to detect the increasing energy.

Once the energy begins expanding, the explosion process has already begun.

The Magic Energy will then quite literally blow up everything around it.

And once you detect the rapid expansion of energy, the most you can do is to try and protect yourself.

Even if I survive, the district around me would have been demolished.

Werner: “So let’s just leave the fact that you all are scum, but about this explosion. I am pretty certain that you all would have died in it too….”

“Shut up!!”

Realizing that escape was not possible, the Tavern Owner drew a sword and rushed towards me.

I deflect the sword with my left hand, and the Tavern customers fire off Spells at me.

Werner: “You still haven’t learned. You all cannot hurt me at your level.”

The only one who fought fairly well was the waitress.

But the waitress had lost all the will to fight.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that I will completely ignore her, but withstanding the attack from the Tavern owner and 3 customers was not that difficult.

Werner: “.....!”

One of the customers swung their sword down on the waitress who sat motionless on the floor.

She didn’t respond at all to the attack.

Werner: “Don’t do that.”

I grabbed the man’s sword arm, and threw a punch into his face.

And with that, I began beating down each man in order.

To be safe, I broke their forearm, upper arm, femurs, shins, and about 10 ribs.

Werner: “ then, I have a few questions for you all.” “...............”

But the Tavern Owner and customers all remain quiet.

I did not tie them down with any rope, but with their arms and legs broken, they will probably not be able to escape.

Even so, they can still use their Spells.

But I don’t sense them trying to use Magic at all.

Since I easily withstood their Spells earlier, it probably broke their spirit to fight.

Even then, it’s no excuse to let my guard down.

I continue to carefully monitor them in case they try something.

Werner: “I really don’t think you all are the type to willingly throw away your lives to fight me…”


Even if they do not care about other people’s lives, scum like this value their own lives above all else.

Werner: “Which means you all had a place to hide nearby.”


Though the Tavern Owner did not react, one of the customers flinched at my words.

Looks like I was right.

Werner: “A place that can withstand that explosion would be………an underground basement, maybe?”


Now the Tavern Owner had twitched slightly at my words.

Thankfully, they were very easy to read.

Werner: “Hmm, I’ll have to investigate there too.”

There may even be a more important base of operations being hidden there.

Werner: “I’ll ask the question anyway, but who do you work for?” “.............” Werner: “Nothing to say? Is it the Knights of Lumen?” Though they remained silent, the Tavern Owner and customers’ arms and legs slightly twitched.

Werner: “Or is it the Galatea Empire?” Now, the Tavern Owner’s cheeks twitched.

Werner: “Well, we can put that aside for now.”

I will probably figure it out if I search their hidden base.

When the fight started, I initiated the Magic Barrier, so none of the sounds or shaking of the ground should have passed through.

I was hoping that none of the people in the hidden base had escaped.

That’s when the waitress mumbled quietly.

“............the Knights of Lumen.”

Werner: “Hm?” “They belong to the Knights of Lumen.” The waitress was now looking directly at me.

Compared to before, her expression had completely changed.

The Tavern Owner suddenly snapped at the waitresses’ words.

“Why you!! If you betray us, we’ll kill your parーー”

“’s no use. I remember now.” “Tsch!” (*sfx - click of the tongue)

Werner: “What? What did you want her to not remember?” “.............”

But the Tavern Owner ignores my question and clamps his mouth shut.

Werner: “So what is it that you remember?” “My parents were killed by the Knights of Lumen.” Werner: “I see. And they robbed you of that memory?” As I ask, the waitress pauses to think.

But then, the Tavern Ownerーー

“You!! Keep your mouth shut!! This is an order!! An order!”

He emphasized the word “order” several times as he screamed.

“’s no use.” The waitress mumbled as she looked at me.

“..........they did not rob me of my memories. Rather, they changed it.”

Werner: “What? Can you be more specific?” The Knights of Lumen or rather, the Galatea Empire had mastered the Spell to erase memories from the brain.

The former Academy President and Head of Research had their memories wiped clean.

“I’ll never forgive you if you talk! Hey! Are you listening to me?! It’s an orーー”

Werner: “Be quiet.”

And I place a gag over the Tavern Owner’s mouth.

“!! Mmfff!! MmmFFF!!”

Even with a gag, the Tavern Owner continued to try and shout.

“.......using the Artifact on my chest, they used this Artifact here andーー”

The waitress pointed to reveal an Artifact that was hidden underneath her hair on her head.

Werner: “Oh, so they used this?” “The Artifact on my chest would receive the command, and the Artifact on my head would make my body move.”

Werner: “........the Artifact on the head is used to manipulate the one wearing it, correct?” The waitress nodded in agreement.

Hati, and the former Academy President and Head of Research also had a similar Artifact. This must be an improved version.

Werner: “I see. Then the one placed on your chest……” I carefully pick up the shattered pieces of the Artifact that used to be on her chest to inspect it piece by piece.

Werner: “It has some function to pick up voices then.”

“That’s right. With the Artifact on the chest and head, I had to follow the order of the man right there.”

The waitress mumbled darkly.


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A Non-Combat Magecraft Artifact Researcher ー actually was an extraordinary S-Rank Mage~ Though he worked overtime without compensation and contributed greatly, he was labeled as incompetent and was fired

Written by: Ezo Gingitsune

Illustrations by Tomozero

Translated by: ChonkyTL

Japanese Title:


作者: えぞぎんぎつね

イラスト: トモゼロ

Original Source Link:

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