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Ch. 55: Inspecting All the Returned Equipment

What the Imperial Prince delivered was a large wooden box that would fit two people inside.

Once they delivered the box to the separate residence, the servants immediately left.

Hati seemed quite excited as she looked upon the box.

Hati: “There must be lots of snacks inside!”

Werner: “I wouldn’t count on that.”

Hati: “Really? Hati thinks there must be a little bit of snacks inside!”

Hati was not going to give up hope.

With sparkling eyes, she tried to open the box.

Werner: “Hati, wait.” Hati: “What is it?”

Werner: “I need to inspect it before we open it.”

It is essential to inspect all delivery items thoroughly.

There are plenty of cases where explosives were placed inside packages and entire mansions were blown to bits.

For any upper-class Noble’s household, there is at least one exceptionally adept Magecraft Spellcaster who is assigned to investigate those kinds of deliveries.

Of course, inspecting packages is not their only role, but it is most definitely, one of their most important roles.

Hati: “The Imperial Prince is a good person. Hati doesn’t think he would do such things…..”

Werner: “Yes, I’m not doubting the Imperial Prince. But there are those who would impersonate and borrow the Imperial Prince’s name to deliver items too.”

Hati: “Is that so. How terrifying….” I could see Hati’s tail tremble in fear.

On the other hand, Lotte looked curiously at how I was performing my inspection.

Werner: “Lotte, did you learn how to inspect packages somewhere?”

Lotte: “No, no one has taught me how.”

Werner: “I see. Well, it’s something you will learn at the Mage’s Academy, but I can teach you right now.”

Lotte: “Thank you very much!”

As I teach Lotte the basics of inspecting packages, I let her do the inspecting while I guide her step by step.

Werner: “Lotte, you learn fast. I think you have all the basics down now.” Lotte: “ThーThank you very much.”

And we determined that there was nothing suspicious or dangerous with the box.

Hati: “Now we can open it?” Werner: “Yeah, you can.” Hati: “YES!”

Hati jumps up in joy as she opens the box.

Hati: “There are snacks! I knew the Imperial Prince would do so!”

Hati was excitedly dancing about with the box of snacks.

It looks like the Imperial Prince was considerate of Hati as well.

I let Hati have the snacks, and I continued to inspect all the equipment related to Magecraft Tool Making.

Most of it was my Research Notes and spare parts that they took when my employment was terminated.

Since I have no need for it right now, I organize it and place it on an open space on my desk.

Werner: “..........this is the Artifact the former Academy President had on.” It was a piece of the Magecraft Artifact that collected and stored the Magic Power in the atmosphere.

Lotte: “It looks completely broken.” Werner: “Since he sent it to us, I guess he wants me to look into it.”

The Royal Magecraft Knights should be looking into the matter, but there might be something I will find since I made the original design.

If we can know how they modified it, I can also determine the level of the enemy’s technology.

Werner: “And this one is…….the Dog-Walking Artifact that was modified.”

Since I was the one who broke this one down, most of the original pieces are still here.

Most of the parts and connections were also still intact.

Werner: “I probably would have better luck investigating this.” This was still in development, and the former Head of Magecraft Science Research finished and modified it.

I don’t believe the Head of Research could have done this alone.

If I investigate, I may find out something.

Hati: “My Master, will you postpone the research for the long distance communication device?”

Werner: “........yes, I probably will. I’m currently stuck with that development anyways, so this will be a good change of pace.” Lotte: “I guess even Master will get stuck at times.” Werner: “Of course. And sometimes, it good to do something else when you do get stuck.” Lotte: “Yes! I will remember that!”

Lotte also looked back at me with a serious expression and took notes.

Werner: “Uh….that’s not anything noteworthy, so you don’t have to take notes.”

Lotte: “Yes, sir!”

I think she might have jotted down my comment about not having to take notes.

Lotte liked to keep detailed logs about everything I taught her ー she was that kind of disciple.

But recently, I feel like she has even taken more notes than usual.

I think it’s good that she’s so studious.

Werner: “Lotte, you’re not working on any Artifacts right now, right?” Lotte: “Yes, I just finished the Bread-Baking Artifact.” Werner: “Then please help me with my investigation.” Lotte: “Yes, sir!”

Lotte seemed very excited as she replied.

Lotte: “I’m really happy that I get to help you with your work.” Werner: “It’s not that big of a deal.” Lotte: “No! To me, it’s amazing to be able to do so!”

But after speaking, she looked a little worried.

Lotte: “But Master, if I help, will I just be in your way?” Werner: “I don’t plan to have you do anything very difficult though.” Lotte: “I understand that but…….”

Lotte seemed to have lost some confidence.

I know I have been keeping Lotte in check so she doesn’t get too overconfident.

But this time, I should probably help her regain some of that confidence.

Werner: “Lotte, you were able to make the Water-Heating Artifact and Bread-Baking Artifact by yourself.” Lotte: “Yes.” Werner: “Then you can call yourself a Magecraft Craftsman from now on.”

Lotte: “..........thank you very much.” Lotte blushed as she replied, and Hati went and patted Lotte on the head.

And with Lotte assisting me, we began investigating the Dog-Walking Artifact.

Werner: “.........there’s been a significant amount of modifications……and the technique and technology used is amazing.” Hati: “How amazing?” Werner: “It’s way above what the Head of Research could have done.”

Hati: “I see~?”

Hati seemed a little confused by the example I gave.

But the Head of Research is someone who became the top of the Magecraft Science Research division.

There’s no doubt that his Magecraft Craftsman skills and theories were first rate.

Lotte: “................this really is amazing.” Werner: “Yeah, it really is.” Lotte seemed to understand the level of technology being used here.

Lotte and I continue our investigation.

As we take the Artifact apart piece by piece, we continue to inspect how it was modified.

We looked at the materials being used and how it was being used.

We made detailed notes of everything.

Werner: “This……….this is based on my Master’s principles and theories.” As I looked at the modified pieces more and more, I realized that the base principles being used were stemming from my Master, Professor Kay’s, fundamental work.


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A Non-Combat Magecraft Artifact Researcher ー actually was an extraordinary S-Rank Mage~ Though he worked overtime without compensation and contributed greatly, he was labeled as incompetent and was fired

Written by: Ezo Gingitsune

Illustrations by Tomozero

Translated by: ChonkyTL

Japanese Title:


作者: えぞぎんぎつね

イラスト: トモゼロ

Original Source Link:

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