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Ch. 54: Oigen Merchant Group’s Magecraft Craftsmen Part 2

I was told by the Imperial Prince that the Galatea Empire was possibly connected to the Knights of Lumen.

And that the former Academy President may have had ties with the Knights of Lumen.

But he did not mention about the Gerald Merchant Group having ties with the Galatea Empire or the Knights of Lumen.

Werner: “Is that information that the property authorities have been informed of?” Oigen: “Of course. We relay information to those organizations, and in return, receive information as well.” The merchants all have their own private information network.

So they also work with government divisions at times too.

In this case, I was referring to the Royal Magecraft Knights Order when I mentioned the “proper authorities.”

If the Royal Magecraft Knight Order knows, then the Imperial Prince would know about this too.

If he didn’t say anything to me, it was because he didn’t see the need to, or it was information he was still verifying at the time.

Oigen: “Since you have been so good to us, I heard about how you were attacked the other day, so I wanted to make sure that you were informed.”

Werner: “Thank you. I will be careful.”

Oigen: “Yes. I will be praying that all will be well.”

Seeing how Oigen was so worried, it reminded me of something.

Werner: “That’s right. Mr. Oigen. Would you happen to sell swords that’s just the right length for me?” Oigen: “A sword, you say?”

Werner: “When I was fighting the other day, I realized how incredibly useful a weapon is.”

I borrowed Lotte’s sword and blocked an enemy’s attack with it.

Oigen: “Let’s see. Yes, please come right this way.” And from the short swords that the Oigen Group was selling, I chose one that was long enough for me and bought it.

Afterwards, Lotte, Hati, and I were on our way home.

We rode Lotte’s horse carriage and headed back to the Marquis’ mansion.

From inside the carriage, we looked out the window to see that the sun was beginning to set in the horizon.

Werner: “It’s almost evening, so Lotte, you should probably return to the palace….”

Lotte: “No, Master! I still haven’t finished my studies for the day! If it comes down to it, I will sleep over at your place.” Werner: “I see.”

Lotte: “Um,............would that be too much trouble for you?” Werner: “No, it’s no trouble at all.”

Lotte: “I’m glad.” Hati: “Lotte needs to spend more nights with us.”

And Hati began patting Lotte’s head.

Hati really enjoys patting people on the head.

Lotte spoke up as Hati continued rubbing her head.

Lotte: “Um, Master, sir?”

Werner: “Hm?” Lotte: “Among the samples of Magecraft Artifacts you provided, you also mixed in one of the Bread-Baking Artifacts that I made……”

Werner: “Was that bad?” Lotte: “No, it’s not bad. But was it okay to place my low-quality Artifact among yours?” Samples are used as baseline standards.

I believe that is what Lotte is worried about.

Werner: “It was at a quality where the Magecraft Craftsmen of the Oigen Group didn’t even notice. There are no issues.”

Lotte: “........even so……”

Lotte didn’t seem satisfied with just my answer.

Werner: “I checked your work and made the assessment and determination that there were no issues.”

Lotte: “Yes.”

Werner: “In fact, unless I told them explicitly that there is one Artifact in the group that I didn’t make, then maybe they would be able to guess which one it is. But that’s about it.”

The difference in quality is something you would not recognize unless you were told.

Werner: “That’s how much the quality of your Artifact is……..”

And I hesitated on my next words.

Should I compliment or refrain from complimenting?

If I used my renown Master as an example, then I should not compliment her so much.

As her Master, I need to keep a tight reign over my disciple so she doesn’t get too carried away.

Werner: “Well, I am saying that the quality and standard of the Magecraft Artifact you made is high. You can be a little confident in that.” Just so she doesn’t get overly confident, I keep the compliment to a minimum.

This is something I learned from my Master.

But I really do think that she has exceptional talent in this area, so I compliment her lightly.

And by the way, my Master rarely gives out compliments.

Whenever I accomplish anything, he would reply, “Hmmmmmm, so this is what you’ve made. By the way, did you know that I can do this?!” and began showcasing his skills.

Because of that, I never had a chance to get carried away, and I’m fairly certain of that.

And my Master’s “I can do this” would usually showcase an amazing technique or skill, that only made me want to improve my skills even more.

And although my compliment was minimal, Lotte’s eyes brightened and sparkled as she looked up at me.

Lotte: “Master, sir, do you really mean that?” Werner: “YーYes. I’m not lying about any of that.” Lotte: “Thank you so ver much! ……..hehehehe”

She looked really happy and her cheeks flushed bright red with delight.

Hati: “Lotte is such a hard worker~”

And Hati went to pat Lotte on the head.

Hati would use any excuse to do so.

As we arrived at the Marquis’ mansion, we got off the carriage.

The guards headed to the main mansion.

I didn’t know this, but while Lotte is here, the Royal Magecraft Knights would be on standby at the main mansion.

They would also alternate and switch with the night shift at the main mansion as well.

As we parted with the guards, the butler came to greet us at the separate residence.

“Sir Werner. There is a package for you.”

Werner: “A package? What kind?” “I do not know of the contents, but it is from his Imperial Highness.”

Werner: “.....................ohhh, it must be Magecraft Tool related. He mentioned that he would be sending it my way.” In order to investigate the assault by the former Academy President, they had to confiscate many things.

This was mainly the research notes and sample replicas that they took from me when my employment was terminated at the Academy.

“Would you like for us to carry it to the separate residence?”

Werner: “Yes, if you can, that would be helpful.” “As you wish, sir.” As we entered the separate residence, they began carrying all the luggage that the Imperial Prince sent to me.


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A Non-Combat Magecraft Artifact Researcher ー actually was an extraordinary S-Rank Mage~ Though he worked overtime without compensation and contributed greatly, he was labeled as incompetent and was fired

Written by: Ezo Gingitsune

Illustrations by Tomozero

Translated by: ChonkyTL

Japanese Title:


作者: えぞぎんぎつね

イラスト: トモゼロ

Original Source Link:

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