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Chapter 34: The Oigen Merchant Group and Dried Ration Bread.

I politely greet the President of the Merchant Group.

Werner: “Oh, hello Mr. Oigen. I was just dropping by.”

Oigen: “You could have just told us, and we would have brought the good directly to you……”

Werner: “No, no. There’s no need for you to go that far. I was taking a walk and decided to swing by.”

And Oigen turned to the Store Clerk who was attending to me.

Oigen: “Thank you very much. I will be helping Sir Wernerーー”

“Yes! Please excuse me!”

Oigen: “Thank you again.”

The Store Clerk bowed politely and left the room.

And I made sure to thank the Store Clerk as well.

As he left, Oigen turned towards me with a worried look as he asked.

Oigen: “I hope my employee was being courteous?” Werner: “He was incredibly helpful. I am very thankful for his assistance.”

Oigen: “I’m relieved to hear that.” Werner: “But I did arrive wearing this attire…..” Oigen: “When you visit our stores, you do not have to be concerned about appearances, Sir Werner.”

And Oigen said this very seriously.

Werner: “I am thankful, but I was more surprised that they did not treat me worse for it.”

Oigen: “It is not always the case that respectable people will always wear their finest attire.”

Werner: “I guess that is true.”

Oigen: “Yes.”

I think I understand now a little of why the Oigen Merchant Group became the country’s biggest merchant group.

And Oigen glanced at the items I purchased.

Oigen: “Are you transferring from the wilderness back to the Capital?”

If I only bought Magecraft Tool materials, then I may just be in the city to resupply.

But if I’m buying a bed, it would be natural to think that I am moving.

Werner: “As you suspect, I am moving back to the Capital from the wilderness.”

Oigen: “And where is your new location?”

Werner: “It’s a location on my family’s property.”

Oigen: “Oh…….that’s…….congratulations.”

Oigen knows about my father’s position about my Magecraft Research.

So the fact that I relocated to my family’s property would indicate that he is no longer against my career choice.

Werner: “Well, a lot has happened.”

Oigen: “I see. But regardless, I am glad to hear the news.”

I avoid going into too many specifics, and Oigen doesn’t pursue the issue.

He sensed my hesitation to speak more on the topic and left it as that.

And this is something they would be able to gather more details on their own without me having to divulge the news.

Werner: “Oh yes, I need to finish making the payments.”

Oigen: “Would you like for us to subtract the amount from the monthly royalty payments?” Werner: “Yes, that would be fine.” Oigen: “Then I shall prepare the paperwork.”

And I signed the invoice.

With the purchase contract complete, I place the materials into my bag.

This is my Magic carrying bag, the [Magic Bag].

It’s a useful Magecraft Item I developed about 5 years ago.

It looks like an ordinary bag on the outside, but you can place a large amount of things inside.

And the bag does not feel any heavier.

Hati: “..........that bag…….that’s amazing. How does it work?”

Werner: “Oh, this?” Hati was silent up until now and was whispering into my ear.

Werner: “Oh, hold on for a moment. Mr. Oigen.” Oigen: “Yes?” And I briefly introduce Hati to Oigen.

There’s going to be many more opportunities to meet with Oigen going forward.

I thought it would be tiring for Hati to always be quiet during those times.

Oigen: “Oh my. So this Dragon can speak.”

Hati: “Nice to meet you!”

With Hati’s introduction done, I resume placing the items into the bag.

Werner: “Up we go.”

And Hati’s eyes widened with surprise as she watched the large bed go inside the small bag.

Werner: “This is a magical bag called the [Magic Bag], and it’s something I developed.”

Hati: “You made something amazing~”

Werner: “Yeah, I consider it one of my best inventions.”

Oigen: “It truly is an amazing item. If you would sell it to us, we would be a handsome amount.”

Werner: “I apologize, but this is something my Master told me never to sell.”

Oigen: “That truly is a shame.”

I will not sell anything my Master tells me not to.

I have given his highness, Prince Thil, Prince Krause, my Master, and a few to my family as a gift.

Prince Krause especially liked it, so I gave him about 10 in total.


With the bed and Magecraft materials all put away in the magical bag, I start heading back.

Oigen gave us a gift to take back and saw us to the store’s exit.

Hati: “He was a cute old man~”

Werner: “Hati, to you, everything seems to be cute.”

Hati: “All humans are cute.”

Werner: “..........well, I guess cats are all cute too.”

She probably thinks Oigen was cute in the same way an aged cat would still look cute to me. Or so I think.

Hati: “Oh! They are selling dried ration bread! My Lord! They have dried ration bread!”

Werner: “Yes they do.”

Dried ration bread is very commonly found product.

Hati: “Wow~.......they are selling so many dried ration bread~......”

And Hati began drooling as she sat on my shoulder.

Werner: “Isn’t the bread that’s not dried ration bread better?” Hati: “The not-dried ration bread is delicious, but dried ration bread is also delicious.”

And Hati gave me cues with her eyes.

She probably wants me to buy her some.

Werner: “If you like dried ration bread so much, do you want me to buy you some?”

Hati: “Really?! Is that okay?!”

Hati exaggerated her response intentionally and reared up in surprise.

Werner: “That’s fine.” Hati: “My Lord, you are truly the example for all Lords. You are amazing~”

It made me feel good to see her so happy.

I buy a surplus of dried ration bread.

Its taste is not great, but it is ration food. There are plenty of uses for it.

Werner: “Here, you can have some.”

Hati: “It’s delicious!”

Hati took the bread in both hands and started taking bites out of it as she savored each bite.


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A Non-Combat Magecraft Artifact Researcher ー actually was an extraordinary S-Rank Mage~ Though he worked overtime without compensation and contributed greatly, he was labeled as incompetent and was fired

Written by: Ezo Gingitsune

Illustrations by Tomozero

Translated by: ChonkyTL

Japanese Title:


作者: えぞぎんぎつね

イラスト: トモゼロ

Original Source Link:

Book 1

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