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Chapter 33: The Oigen Merchant Association

It was after I finished looking around the new Research Lab. Hati and I left to go shopping.

Hati: “What are we buying?”

Werner: “Well, we need a bed to sleep in, and in order to use the shower, we need materials for a Magecraft Artifact that can warm up water.”

Hati: “I see~”

So we were going to buy some things to make our lives at the Research Facility more comfortable.

I know my sister wants me to eat and sleep at the main mansion, but once my research gets going, even the short time it takes to walk to the lab will get in the way.

As far as sleeping, I’d like to be able to fall asleep approximately 5 seconds after I’m done researching, and resume 5 seconds after I wake up.

So Hati and I headed for the main store of the Oigen Merchant group.

Werner: “Maybe I should have worn something more appropriate.”

Hati: “? My Lord, you look very handsome as usual.” Werner: “Thank you, Hati.”

Hati: “He he he.” I appreciate Hati’s compliment, but did not take it very seriously.

For an Ancient Dragon like Hati, I’m sure that she would say that I’m cute even if I walk around naked.

I’m sure her standards of “handsome” are quite different from humans.

I was wearing the same clothes as when I visited the Gerald Merchant Group.

It was a total coincidence.

It just means that I do not have that many clothes in the first place.

Werner: “Well, I guess this is fine.” As I enterーー

“Can we help you?”

One of the store clerks came over to speak with me.

Werner: “I had a few things that I am looking for.” “What in particular are you looking for today?”

Werner: “Umm……” I started listing off the things I wanted.

A bed and blanket, and also materials for making a Magecraft Artifact.

The store clerk listened to my request with a very serious expression.

“This will take some time to gather, so please have a seat while you wait.” And with that, ran off to the back of the store.

I sat down in a chair as he offered, and waited.

“Would you like some tea?” I was served tea and snacks.

Of course, they only brought tea and snacks for me, and none for Hati.

Hati was staring at me without saying a word.

She was asking me by eye contact if she could have the tea and snacks.

She was obedient in following my request to not speak in front of people.

Werner: “You can have these.” Hati: “..........” Hati’s tail wagged side to side as she ate the snacks.

She also enjoyed the tea as she drank it down.

I patted Hati on the head as I watched her eat whenーー

“Why, Sir Werner, what brings you to our store?!”

One of the store managers I am familiar with ran over to where I was sitting.

Well, it’s been a few years since we last met.

As he drew near, he spoke softly to one of the store clerks.

“.......please inform the President that Sir Werner has come by.” And as he approached, he bowed his head very low.

“It has been a while since we last met. We are grateful for your visit today.”

“It has been a while.” And the Manager noted that Hati was drinking my tea.

“Please excuse me for a moment.” And they soon brought another serving of tea and snacks.

This time, they served both Hati and I.

“Pardon us for the interruption.” Werner: “Thank you very much. Please do not worry about us too much.” Hati looked at me again to see if she can continue eating and drinking the tea.

Werner: “Of course.” Hati: “............”

Apparently, Hati likes tea very much.

And since they brought some for me, I sip the tea that was served.

It was a slightly sweet tea.

Maybe Hati likes sweet teas?

And after that, I chatted with the Store Manager.

They asked if my father and sister were doing well, and if Professor Kay was well. Stuff like that.

“I’m sorry for the wait! Oh….”

And the store clerk who came to me first came back.

And he was surprised that I was speaking with the manager.

“I was able to gather all the requested items.” Werner: “Thank you so much.” And as Hati and I parted with the Manager, I headed to the location where the clerk prepared my requested order.

They would not be able to bring the bed all the way to the front of the store, so they set it aside for me in a separate room.

As we arrive at the room, I inspect the items that were selected.

I was not concerned about the bed, but I have to make sure to inspect the materials for the Magecraft Artifact by its origin and maker.

While I was doing soーー

“UーUm, excuse me…..” The clerk looked like he had a question for me.

Werner: “You can ask me anything.” “Um, excuse me. Are you friends with the manager?” Werner: “He’s an old acquaintance.”

“I see.”

And it looks like though he didn’t know who I was, he was still very careful with how he responded to me.

Werner: “Could I ask you a question?” “Yes, how can I help you?” Werner: “I understand that the clothes I’m wearing now probably portray me as someone without money or status but….” “Oh, no, I didn’t……” Werner: “No, no. I understand how I must look to others, so please do not worry.” It would not have been surprising if he knew who I was and my relationship with the Oigen Group.

Businesses will prioritize their business partners. That is normal.

Werner: “So you weren’t aware of who I was, correct?” “MーMy apologies. I was not aware….” Werner: “Then, why…..?” Why did he take me so seriously as a customer when I was obviously not dressed well? If I gave off an air of arrogance, an attitude that can be found in many Nobles, I may need to review my behavior.

“I have been taught not to judge our customers by their appearance.”

Werner: “I see. That is a wonderful thing to be taught.” And while we spoke, I finished inspecting the items.

Werner: “All of these were wonderful selections. I will be purchasing all of it.”

“Thank you very much. As far as the payment…..” But then, someone burst into the room.

“Sir Werner! You could have notified me if you were coming!”

The President of the Association came running in clearly out of breath.


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A Non-Combat Magecraft Artifact Researcher ー actually was an extraordinary S-Rank Mage~ Though he worked overtime without compensation and contributed greatly, he was labeled as incompetent and was fired

Written by: Ezo Gingitsune

Illustrations by Tomozero

Translated by: ChonkyTL

Japanese Title:


作者: えぞぎんぎつね

イラスト: トモゼロ

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