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Chapter 27: Inside the Carriage with the Imperial Prince

As I board the carriage, I sit across from the Imperial Prince.

Once I get on, the carriage began to slowly move forward.

Since there are many people inside the Capital, the carriage won’t be able to move so quickly.

Kraus: “ the way, Sir Werner. What is riding on your shoulder presently?”

The Imperial Prince noticed Hati sitting on my shoulder and asks curiously.

Werner: “This is one of my subordinates.”

Kraus: “A subordinate, you say?” Werner: “My subordinate is named Hati, and she is an Infant Dragon, a daughter of the King of Ancient Dragons.” Kraus: “An Ancient Dragon?” Even the Imperial Prince was surprised at this news.

Werner: “Yes. Hati, please introduce yourself to the Imperial Prince.”

Hati: “I am Hati! I am a servant of My Lord!”

Kraus: “It is a pleasure making your acquaintance, Princess of the Ancient Dragons.”

Hati: “Yes, good to meet you too!”

As soon as the Imperial Prince was done greeting Hati, he turned to me to ask another question.

Kraus: “Sir Werner, were you able to complete the research in the wilderness’ research lab?” Werner: “Yes, I was able to complete it.”

Kraus: “That is wonderful news. From the Rome Viscountess, I heard that you were completing a Magecraft Artifact that would help you safely conduct research within the Capital walls.”

Werner: “That is correct.” Kraus: “Then you shall start conducting research from the Capital?”

Werner: “Yes, that is my intention.” Kraus: “That is very good to hear. And would you tell me what kind of Magecraft Artifact you completed?” Since I was asked, I took out one of the Barrier Generators from my magic bag.

Werner: “It would be this. It is a Magic Artifact that can create a Barrier…..” I explain the mechanism as succinctly as possible.

The Imperial Prince was observing the artifact with a very serious gaze as he listened to my explanation.

Kraus: “As expected of you. It is a wonderful Magecraft Artifact that lives up to your name, Sir Werner.” Werner: “Thank you very much. If you like, I would like to offer you this one.” Kraus: “Are you certain?” Werner: “Of course, sire. It would be my utmost pleasure to be able to serve Your Highness.”

Kraus: “Then I thank you for your loyal service to the crown.”

Werner: “Of course, sire.” As we talked, the carriage arrives at the palace.

Kraus: “I still have matters to discuss with you. Please come with me.” I could not refuse since he put it that way.

Werner: “As you wish.” And we walked to one of the palace’s meeting rooms.

Kraus: “There is someone I would like to introduce to you, Sir Werner.”

Werner: “And who might that be?”

As the Imperial Prince calls, a girl walked over.

It was the same girl, Lotte, whom I saved the other day when she was being attacked by Hati.

The Imperial Prince smiled as he looked from Lotte to me.

Kraus: “Now then, you are already familiar of this lady here, I presume?” Werner: “Yes, I met her just the other day.”

Kraus: “She is Princess Charlotte Chantal Lamet, the honorable 3rd Princess of the Lamet Kingdom.”

That was unexpected.

The Lamet Kingdom is a small country that is quite far from ours.

Though they may be smaller, it is a kingdom with a long standing tradition and history.

They are allies and friends to the Rheinfelden Kingdom since the long distant past.

Werner: “IーI see. Though I did not know at the time, please excuse my insolence before.”

“Sir Werner, thank you for saving my life the other day. You have my gratitude.”

Werner: “No, it was nothing.”

There are many things I don’t understand.

Why was a princess out in the middle of the wilderness?

Even if she came to become one of my master’s disciples, there’s no reason why she would be traveling on foot alone.

Sensing my confusion, the Imperial Prince looked at me and smiled.

Kraus: “Sir Werner, you look to have a few questions.”

Werner: “I cannot deny the fact.” Kraus: “The Lamet Kingdom is currently facing uncertain times. The Galatea Empire is beginning to plan their invasion against it.”

And the Imperial Prince smiled as if to say that that alone should be sufficient explanation.

The Galatea Empire is a military nation that is between us and the Lamet Kingdom.

And the current Emperor is well-known for his ambitions for conquest and expanding his territory.

And the territory that is currently protecting the border with the Galatea Empire is my house, the Strout Marquis.

That’s why even for myself, I am heavily entangled in this matter.

If we go to war with the Galatea Empire, my home will be responsible for taking a great part in battle.

Werner: “That must have been an arduous journey. Did you come by sea?” “We were ship-wrecked for reasons we could not identify, and we had to travel by land the rest of the way.” Werner: “Then your journey was far more difficult than what I can imagine.” And this is just my suspicion, but there is high probability that the Galatea Empire may have had a hand in causing the shipwreck.

The sea route between the Lamet Kingdom and Rheinfelden is relatively safe and secured.

I suspect that there was a spy among the crew and probably did something to cause the ship to sink.

“After we were shipwrecked and stranded, we landed within the Galatea Empire’s territories and traveled by land to here.”

Werner: “When I met you, your Royal Highness was alone……..that would mean….”

“Yes, I had many servants with me at the time, but…….the Galatea Empire’s attacks were severe and only I was left……..”

Werner: “Then your journey was an even greater difficulty.”

They must have been killed by the Empire’s assassins.

Kraus: “Sir Werner, I have a favor to ask of you. Could you hear me out?” Werner: “.......yes, what did you have in mind, your Royal Highness?” Normally, I should have asked him to ask anything of me.

But when speaking with the Imperial Prince, that was terrifying to do.

That’s why……it may have been rude, but I hesitated with my words.

Kraus: “Yes, Sir Werner. Could you make the Royal Princess your disciple?” The Imperial Prince looked very serious as he opened with that question.


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A Non-Combat Magecraft Artifact Researcher ー actually was an extraordinary S-Rank Mage~ Though he worked overtime without compensation and contributed greatly, he was labeled as incompetent and was fired

Written by: Ezo Gingitsune

Illustrations by Tomozero

Translated by: ChonkyTL

Japanese Title:


作者: えぞぎんぎつね

イラスト: トモゼロ

Original Source Link:

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