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Chapter 26: The Gate Security Guards of the Capital

Getting a ride on Hati’s back, I was able to arrive at the Capital in no time.

We flew for about 10 minutes, walked for about an hour, and now the gate is in sight.

Becoming small again, Hati rode on my shoulder.

Werner: “Hati, if you get bigger, they will make a huge fuss, so until I give the word, stay small.”

Hati: “Understood.”

Werner: “And I forbid you from speaking in a human tongue. That will cause a fuss too. Until I say so, stay quiet.”

Hati: “Leave it to Hati!”

And Hati confidently puffed out her chest and swung her tail lazily.

Since Hati is an intelligent Dragon, it should be fine.

Werner: “.......and this time, I did bring my identification.”

Last time, I forgot this, and the guards at the gate could not permit me to pass.

And they told me I smelled too.

Werner: “I took a bath yesterday…….so I shouldn’t smell that bad. Hati, what do you think?”

Hati: “My Lord, you have a good smell as always!”

Werner: “Thank you.” My clothes are still a little tattered, and it’s bothersome, but I did wash them recently too.

It should be fine.

Next, I’ll make a Magecraft Artifact that washes clothes on its own.

As I thought about these things, I get closer to the gates of the Capital.

I held my identification in my right hand.

“Hey you! Stop! You again?! Go home, you criminal!”

The guards yelled loudly as I stopped where I stood.

Werner: “I have my identification this time. There should not be any issues for me to pass.”

I gently answered the guard.

I am technically a Noble. And even among the Nobles, my family is quite high in the ranks.

That’s why I need to be respectful and careful in how I respond.

Those are the common standards and courtesy for a Noble.

If they were to learn of my identity, they should treat me with care.

If I were to put pressure on them, I would only buy back their resentment and anger.

“What? It’s probably counterfeit. Go home!”

Werner: “Wait, wait wait. You haven’t even taken a look at it. Please don’t jump to conclusions.”

And I hold out my identification for the guard to confirm.

There, he should see my name and that I am the Marquis’ 4th son.

“It’s obvious without even having to look! Go home!”

He slapped my identification out of my hand as it fell to the ground.

I felt slightly irritated at that point.

“There’s no way a criminal like you would be afforded due process.”

“Yeah, that’s right. Well……..if you are willing to hand over what’s needed……we’ll continue our investigation.”

Werner: “Hand over? I already provided my identification….”

“What? We’re not talking about that. Are you stupid?” In other words, they’re asking for a bribe.

Looking at my clothes, you could only expect chump change, and they’re still asking for it.

And I thought the salary of the guards at the gate were quite higher than the average citizen.

Even though they are given a comfortable living, asking for a bribe on top of that takes guts.

I bend down to pick up my identification card.

Werner: “Please hold on. This is your job, so please do it properly.”

“Shut it, you criminal!”

“Take this!”

From the side, one of the guards tried to kick my face.

I block it with my hand.

Werner: “I would have been injured if that hit.”

“Shut up! What are you doing blocking my kick?!”

“I see that you’re resisting now.”

Werner: “Now you’re just spouting nonsense.”

If they are Capital Guards, they need to at least study the most basic laws.

I don’t know why there is so much animosity towards me from the Capital Guards, but this can’t be helped.

I’ll have to beat them up, have some people gather here, and wait for someone from the higher ranks to arrive.

Werner: “..........this is so bothersome. I really don’t want to to do this.”

“You looking down on us?!”

Two guards come running at me, and as I parry them with one hand, I try to come up with a way to defeat them effectively.

There’s no doubt that injuring them severely would just get me in more trouble.

Even if I am innocent, they’ll make me fill out a ton of reports.

They might even have to take me in for questioning.

And this would cause my sister trouble.

Werner: “Hmmmm….” “What are you thinking about?! Just die!!”

As I fight the two guards, I heard a voice from the top of the gate.

“Hey! Cut it out! His highness is arriving! Get into formation!!”

And from inside the building, the guards come running out.

…….these guys. They completely ignored my unfair treatment this whole time.

Looks like it’s become a common practice to ask for bribes by mistreating people like me and making unfounded allegations.

And that irritated me even more.

I try to sweep the guards to my side, but I couldn’t do it in time.

Other guards tried to join the fight to help get rid of me.

They probably don’t want His Highness to see what’s happening here.

But His Highness’ carriage was much faster than the guards’ expectations.

Werner: “A horse bred from a Magical Beast, I see. As expected of a Noble’s carriage.”

A horse from a Magical Beast breed is much larger and faster than an average horse.

On top of that, it could defeat a non-Magical Beast wolf or lion fairly easily.

There are 6 Magical Beast Horses pulling the carriage.

As expected of a Noble’s carriage. There’s no way that it will be slow.

“ThーThis isn’t good.”

“Just get in formation! NOW!!”

The guards are scrambling as the carriage arrives.

If it’s a Noble’s carriage, they won’t need to process any paperwork. They could just advance through the gate without stopping.

But this carriage made a complete stop.

And the window to the carriage opened.

“.........what are you doing here?” One of the top officials of the guard immediately stood up straight to answer the voice coming from the carriage.

“Please forgive our insolence in not getting in formation in time! We were in the middle of handling the arrest of a criminal.”

I don’t like the fact that he’s framing me as a criminal.

“.........I am not asking you. Sir Werner, what are you doing here?” The voice is coming from the very back of the large carriage.

And on top of that, the carriage is pretty high. From the ground, you cannot see the people inside.

But just hearing the voice was enough for me to know who it was.

Werner: “It has been a while, your Royal Highness. I am glad to see that you are in good health.”

As I kneel to the ground, the guards are looking wide-eyed and surprised in my direction.

Looks like they realized that I have a connection to the son of the Emperor.

And it looks like they finally realized that the actions they took would not be taken so lightly any more.

Regardless of whether they were dealing with a Noble or a common citizen, their actions can’t be excused.

I hope that the guards would take the time to reflect on their errors.

Kraus: “I see. Please look up, Sir Werner.”

I lift my face upwards.

I still can’t see the Imperial Prince who’s sitting in the back of the carriage.

Kraus: “It has been a while. I’ve heard that you have been taking good care of my younger brother.”

Werner: “No, sire. I am the one who is grateful for the opportunity to spend time with your younger brother…….”

Kraus: “My concern is that my younger brother is being a burden to you….”

Werner: “He is most definitely not a burden at all.”

Kraus: “That is good to hear. ……oh, but besides that, I was asking what you were doing here.”

Werner: “Pardon me. As I was gaining entry into the Capital, a problem arose….”

Kraus: “A problem? Did the guards do something?” With the Prince’s words, the guards were shaken up badly.

They literally trembled inside their armor and cold sweat ran down their faces.

Since I was acquainted with the Prince, the guards probably thought that I would report them right away.

They really don’t know any common sense.

Werner: “It was a minor ordeal. It is not something even worthy of reporting to your Royal Highness.”

There are no true Nobles who would use such a simple incident and report it to the Imperial Prince.

This is common sense for Nobles.

These kinds of incidents can be reported to the Prince’s cabinet members that are responsible for these matters and have them deal with the situation.

A cabinet member is someone the Prince himself nominates as an officer.

The only time you would report anything directly to the Prince is if you learn that even that cabinet official is corrupted to the bone.

Kraus: “......I see. If Sir Werner says so, it must be true.”

Werner: “Yes.” As soon as I finished, the guards seemed to relax a little.

They really don’t understand how things work in this world.

I will be making a report to the highest senior official, in other words, to their boss after this, and that hasn’t crossed their mind at all.

Kraus: “.....................”

The Prince whispered imperceptibly an order to one of his servants on the carriage.

Since the servant is accompanying the Prince on the carriage, they must have quite the high status.

“I will do as you command.”

And one of the servants came down.

I actually knew him very well.

He was an Upper-class Noble, and was a gentleman of 60 years who had the status of a Count.

“Sir Werner, were you injured at all?” The Count came to me and with a gentle demeanor asked me kindly.

Looks like the Prince already understands what has happened here.

That’s no surprise either.

He could have observed our exchange from afar, and he has many people who are his eyes and ears throughout the Capital.

Werner: “Yes, though they did attempt to kick and punch me.” The Prince let down one of his accompanying servants from the carriage to ask how I was doing.

That means he decided to go ahead and have the Count handle and resolve the incident here.

So I decided to go ahead to make my report to him here rather than wait to speak to a higher official.

“I hope you don’t misconstrue my words, but I am glad that it was you, Sir Werner, who was involved this time.”

Werner: “I think so as well.”

The Count knows that I have received Magic training from Professor Kay and have a decent amount of skill.

“Was there anything else?” Werner: “Let’s see…….”

I reported the entirety of our exchange very succinctly.

I also added the time when I was carrying Lotte on my back and what happened then.

“That is a most serious concern. I cannot believe such lawless acts have been left to escalate up until now.”

Werner: “Indeed.”

“Please leave the rest to me.”

Werner: “Thank you so much for your assistance.”

I stay uninvolved with the matters that will unfold later.

But I can easily imagine what happens next.

The Prince’s agent would be several levels above the guards and the guards’ commander here. He will most likely call down the cabinet member responsible for the guards and discipline them quite severely.

The highest official will be at best, demoted and removed from any consideration for future promotion for poor supervision and management.

They will be removed from their cabinet position and be assigned under someone.

And every guard that was here today will be imprisoned.

They were supposed to be the Capital Guards who could not even follow the law, so it can’t be helped.

The fact that the Prince sent out one of his direct reports out to directly deal with the situation on hand means exactly that.

The Count began to quietly and calmly send out orders.

“I have been ordered by his Royal Highness to assist in resolving this matter. Please interpret my words as words directly from His Royal Highness, the Imperial Prince.” “AーAs you command.”

The Capital Guards all fell and bowed low to the ground as cold sweat drizzled down their faces profusely.

As I was watching the situation unfold, I heard the Prince’s voice from the carriage.

Kraus: “Sir Werner, it was most fortunate to have run into you here. Please come up and ride with me.”

Werner: “Your Highness, I am not worthy of such treatment.”

Kraus: “Do not fret. I am the one who wants to speak with you.” I can’t refuse now without insulting him.

Werner: “Then I will gladly join you.”

And climbing up into the Imperial Prince Kraus’ carriage, we headed into the Capital.


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A Non-Combat Magecraft Artifact Researcher ー actually was an extraordinary S-Rank Mage~ Though he worked overtime without compensation and contributed greatly, he was labeled as incompetent and was fired

Written by: Ezo Gingitsune

Illustrations by Tomozero

Translated by: ChonkyTL

Japanese Title:


作者: えぞぎんぎつね

イラスト: トモゼロ

Original Source Link:

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Jan 14, 2022

his humility is becoming pathological, even boring. It is one thing not to realise his value as a researcher and another to forget that his own sister is engaged to the royal family.

Chonky ChonkTranslator
Chonky ChonkTranslator
Jan 21, 2022
Replying to

I agree that his humility can be somewhat challenging to TL. I'm not sure if the author had this in mind but this aligns with the Dunning Kruger effect. Simply put, those who begin to understand that knowledge is infinite and their knowledge is finite, the logical and rational conclusion is that they know very little (finite divided by infinite = infinitely approaches zero) (i.e. Werner). For those who believe knowledge is finite and they have attained all knowledge possible (i.e. Head of Magecraft Research), you will see a severe contrast in confidence. This is my personal interpretation of the Dunning Kruger effect, so please take this with a grain of salt. Being formerly married to an Academic who read bo…


Hikaru Shido
Hikaru Shido
Jan 14, 2022

It is funny how he is described as a non combatant when he can easily block trained guardsmen with his bare hands.

Mar 04, 2022
Replying to

I think non combatant as in he's not in the military.

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