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Chapter 20: Another Visitor

The Horse Carriage was heading straight this way.

Werner: “Who’s carriage is that?” Hati: “It’s a horse. Horses are cute too.”

Hati seemed to be unconcerned and wagged her tail excitedly.

Both humans and horses for Hati were just cute domestic animals.

Werner: “For now, Hati, please refrain from speaking. Humans get surprised if they see a Dragon speak.”

Hati: “Is that so? Hati understands!”

Werner: “There aren’t that many Dragons around in the first place. There are even fewer Dragons who can speak.”

Hati: “That is very true. Only Ancient Dragons and Elder Dragons can.” Hati nodded in agreement on top of my shoulder.

Werner: “And please don’t enlarge your size as a general rule. I will let you know when I need you to be bigger.”

Hati: “Understood!”

I explain to Hati the main caution points of interacting with other people.

Whoever is riding on the carriage may not be human, but this is just in case.

As we wait a little, the carriage finally comes to a halt in front of us.

There were guards on horseback surrounding the carriage who immediately dismounted, turned around and kneeled towards the carriage.

And only one guard who did not kneel slowly opened the carriage door.

“Sir Werner! It has been too long since we last met!”

There was a well rounded man with a large girth in his 50’s who dismounted.

Werner: “Mr. Oigen, it was you. How did you know where I was?” Oigen: “Oh, well that. You know that information is the lifeline for all merchants.”

This man named Oigen is the President of this country’s largest Merchant Group ー the Oigen Merchant Association.

Originally, I had ties with some merchant groups associated to a rural Count family, so due to that connection, during my time as a student, there were a few Magecraft Tools that I sold to them.

Ever since becoming a Teaching Assistant, I could only submit my work to the Gerald Merchant Group as my condition to work at the Mages’ Academy.

Even so, the Oigen Group has been very faithful in sending me the Royalties earned by the Magecraft items I submitted in my student days.

Werner: “And who was it that you heard it from? My sister?” Oigen: “You are as sharp as ever, Sir Werner. You are exactly right.”

My sister may have reached out to him to help me while I was in the wilderness.

But at this point, she may have been right to intervene.

If I can even buy food from him, then it’ll be very convenient for me.

It’s very tiresome to go get supplies when just walking to the Capital takes 5 hours.

Werner: “Why don’t we step inside? If you don’t mind poor quality tea, I have some inside.”

The food supplies I have here are based on how long it can remain preserved and how easily it can be stored.

That’s why the quality of taste is questionable.

But even so, he came all the way out here for me. I should at least offer him tea.

At that time, the sun completely set, and the area became darker.

Werner: “Let’s continue our discussion inside.”

With that, I lead Oigen to the underground research lab with Hati.

I offered the guards tea as well, but they kindly refused.

I wonder if it is some policy or rule they are following as guards.

As I quickly poured the tea, Oigen was looking curiously at Hati.

Oigen: “Um, Sir Werner. That creature on your shoulder… that a…..?” Werner: “Yes, it’s a Dragon’s child that started living with me from just the other day.”

Oigen: “......a Dragon’s….child you say?” Werner: “I understand that it’s a rare sight, but I will not make any bargains about it.”

Oigen: “OーOf course not. I would never dream of making a ferocious Dragon, even a child, as one of our products. No good comes from crossing a Dragon.”

And I serve tea to my guests and Hati.

Werner: “I apologize for the poor taste. Since I live out here in the wilderness, I must prioritize how long it can be preserved without spoiling.”

Oigen: “Oh no, it’s quite good. I’m certain it’s because you made the tea so well.”

Oigen is drinking the tea with genuine satisfaction on his face.

As expected of a battle-hardened, experienced merchant. He’s really good with compliments.

And Hati jumped off my shoulder and grabbed the cup with her hands as she licked the tea to drink.

Her tail started wagging side to side. I think she must have enjoyed it too.

I pat Hati’s head and break out with a question to Oigen.

Werner: “So Mr. Oigen, why did you come all the way out here?” Oigen: “Of course, it’s for business. I wanted to ask if there is anything you lacked, and if there is anything you could sell right now.”

Werner: “I apologize, but there’s nothing I can sell to you right now.”

As we spoke, I started building the Barrier Generator I just finished testing.

As far as the parts, I made a lot while preparing for the tests, so after making some minor adjustments, I can build out units fairly easily.

Oigen: “Of course, I didn’t think you would have anything available. I have heard the rumors about being let go by the Academy.”

So he must have learned that I had all of my current research and lab taken away from me.

Werner: “Yeah, all the Magecraft Tools I was developing was taken.”

Oigen: “Yes, it was a most unfortunate and cruel circumstance.” Werner: “That’s why I’m in the middle of development right now.”

Oigen: “When you have completed any Magecraft Artifacts, we are willing to buy anything from you.”

Werner: “Anything you say? It might not be anything you could sell though.”

Oigen: “There are even Magecraft Artifact Collectors who will buy anything if it’s new.”

Werner: “I see. I guess there are people like that.” Oigen: “And besides, if it’s Sir Werner’s Magecraft Artifact, the Mages at the Palace will be interested in purchasing it for their studies.”

I didn’t know that people were interested in my products as research material.

I can’t help but feel that they are overly approving of my research simply due to me being a disciple of Professor Kay.

Oigen: “Sir Werner’s research and tools are always filled with wonder and excitement for us. No matter what it is, we would like to be the first to purchase it.” Oigen gave me a bright business smile.

Even if he bought something that is not good for reselling, I’m sure that he hopes that among that junk, there will be something he could sell and be prioritized as the primary seller.

Oigen: “I hesitate to mention this, and I’m certainly not here to make you upset, but….”

Werner: “Hm? What? You don’t have to worry about me.”

Oigen: “Yes, since Sir Werner became a Teaching Assistant, we have been greatly saddened because you were not able to trade with our group any more.”

Werner: “All of my work was done under the Academy’s budget, so the Academy had rights to everything I developed at that point.”

Oigen: “Yes, it was truly a misfortune for us.”

The Academy explicitly trades with the Gerald Group.

So when I became a Teaching Assistant, the majority of Magecraft Tools I developed were then immediately taken up by the Gerald Group.

The amount of trading I could do with the Oigen Group was next to nothing.

So that’s why all my new tools were taken up by the Gerald Group without my say.

The Oigen Group could only obtain items that were old models that have been on the market for about a year.

Oigen: “That is why we were delighted that we can now directly negotiate with you once again.”

Werner: “I’m glad as well.” Oigen seemed very pleased with what I said.

Oigen: “The reason why I came here was more as a greeting than business.”

Werner: “I appreciate your concern and care.”

Oigen: “Of course. We have been very profitable with your Magecraft Artifacts, and you have also saved my child’s life.” Oigen’s son was dying from an illness that drained your body to Magic Exhaustion. What saved him was one of my Magecraft Tools.

It was a Medical Magecraft Artifact that collected Mana from the surrounding air, and helped treat patients with that illness.

I know it’s because they want to be my primary trading partner, but I still do appreciate their willingness to go out of their way to come see me.

It’ll be helpful if I don’t have to waste the 10 hours round trip going to get supplies from the Capital anymore.

Oigen: “For now, is there anything we could get for you?” Werner: “To be honest, I was going to leave this place soon, so right now, I can’t think of anything.”

Oigen: “I see. Please let us know if there is anything you require.” And Oigen left after that.


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A Non-Combat Magecraft Artifact Researcher ー actually was an extraordinary S-Rank Mage~ Though he worked overtime without compensation and contributed greatly, he was labeled as incompetent and was fired

Written by: Ezo Gingitsune

Illustrations by Tomozero

Translated by: ChonkyTL

Japanese Title:


作者: えぞぎんぎつね

イラスト: トモゼロ

Original Source Link:

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