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Chapter 19: The Barrier Generator Completion

Now that I’ve identified all the improvements needed on the Barrier Generator, I call out to Hati.

Werner: “Hati, thank you. That will be enough for today.”

Hati: “Is that all?” Werner: “Yeah, you were a great help.”

Hati: “(gasp gasp gasp gasp) It’s been a while since I moved my body so much! It feels good to do so!”

Hati came outside of the barrier and looked tired but also seemed very satisfied.

Werner: “I guess exercising occasionally is very good for the body.”

Hati: “My Lord, you should exercise with me next time!”

Werner: “If I feel like it.”

I think it is a good idea though to find opportunities to move your body.

When I lived in the Capital, I took walks during the night.

But though I think exercise is good for the body, I do not enjoy intense exercises.

Werner: “Hati, thank you again. You can do as you please now. I will be going back to make adjustments to the Magecraft Artifact.”

Hati: “Understood!”

I confirm the location of the barrier generator and start making adjustments right there.

Hati: “.........hmph, hmph, hmph………..hmph, hmph, hmph, hmph”

Hati came to look over my shoulder to watch my hands as I worked.

Since she just finished exercising, she was still breathing hard.

She was also gigantic at the moment, so the pressure of hair coming from her nostrils as she breathed was quite a lot.

Werner: “Hati, are you curious?” Hati: “Hati is curious.” Werner: “........I see. I don’t mind you watching, but can you watch from a little farther away? I’m working on something quite delicate at the moment.” Hati: “Understood.”

I continued my work as Hati sat farther away and continued to watch me work.

But even if she stood from a distance, her gigantic form would blow air towards me just by breathing.

It’s winter outside as well, so the wind feels chilly.

Werner: “.........if it was the summer, maybe this would feel like a cool breeze.”

Hati: “What are you talking about?” Werner: “It’s nothing.”

I make the adjustments to the Barrier Generator, and resume the testing, and resume the adjustments, and continue this cycle over and over again.

With Hati’s cooperation, by the time the sun was about to set, I was able to fully complete my Barrier Generator.

Werner: “Hati, thank you for your help. It’s finally done.” Hati: “That’s amazing!”

Werner: “Thanks to you, I was able to finish testing in one day.”

Hati: “Was Hati helpful?” Werner: “You were very helpful. Thank you again.” I relayed my gratitude once more, and Hati swung her tail energetically back and forth.

Hati: “So that Barrier Generator that Hati helped to create. What does it exactly do? Hati understands why it is important to not let Hati’s Dragon Breath spill outside.”

Werner: “Yes, I can explain that to you more in detail.” Since she helped me so much, if she’s asking these kinds of questions, it’s only fair to answer her back properly.

Werner: “To put it simply, it is a Magecraft Artifact that will shut in or shut out certain things such as impact and sound.”

Hati: “Uh huh, uh huh…and is that good?”

Werner: “You’re sharp. Yes, this is something that has existed since long ago.”

The basic principles I used were the same as those barriers that were used to protect treasure vaults in ancient labyrinths.

There are times when they would use a similar barrier to trap dangerous creatures inside.

Of course, the Barrier Generator that was completed today had a far superior anti-explosion and anti-impact than tools created in the past.

Werner: “What is far different about this tool is that you can turn it off and on.”

Hati: “Is that amazing?” Werner: “Once they were turned on, Barrier Magecraft Artifacts in the past could not be disabled unless they were destroyed.”

But it was more important back in those days to prevent anything from disabling those barriers too.

If you can turn off the Barrier preventing intruders from entering a treasure vault, that would be a huge security flaw.

If you trap a very dangerous creature inside the barrier, if the barrier can be easily turned off, that would be a huge problem.

Werner: “But the purpose of this tool is to protect the Research Laboratory. If I can’t intentionally enable and disable the barrier, I won’t be able to enter and exit the lab either.” Hati: “That’s true! Then you made something amazing!”

With this Magecraft Artifact, you could also protect people while they’re sleeping in their bedrooms too.

You can also use it to ensure that your conversation is held privately if you are sharing confidential information.

You can use it to protect yourself during a coup d'etat or use it to protect the emergency shelters during great earthquakes or other natural disasters.

Werner: “..........I wonder if I should discuss this with Lutricia, Prince Thil and my sister the next time I see them.” Prince Thil is my dearest younger sister, Lutricia’s fond fiancê.

And Prince Thil is also a dear friend of mine who looks up to me as a brother too.

I have also caused a lot of problems for my sister, Bridget, and she has taken care of me a lot.

I wonder about my father and brother.

Since the two do not like me doing Magecraft Artifact research, would they be happy if I shared this with them? Werner: “.......even if they do not appreciate it, I hope they would still find a use for it during an emergency.”

So for now, I decided to share this with my family and with Prince Thil.

Tomorrow, I will make a few more Barrier Generators, and the day after, I will return to the Capital.

Typically, I would send one to my Master as well, but he has not told me his address, so it can’t be helped.

Werner: “Now then, Hati. You must be hungry. Let’s go have a meal.”

Hati: “Yes! Hati was feeling very hungry!”

Werner: “But today is just dried bread again.”

Hati: “Hati loves dried bread!”

As Hati spoke, she reduced her size quickly.

She probably feels more full eating in a smaller form.

I place the small Hati on my shoulder and walk towards the Research Lab.

At that time, the sun was setting and coloring the sky red, and I saw the horse carriage heading in my direction.


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A Non-Combat Magecraft Artifact Researcher ー actually was an extraordinary S-Rank Mage~ Though he worked overtime without compensation and contributed greatly, he was labeled as incompetent and was fired

Written by: Ezo Gingitsune

Illustrations by Tomozero

Translated by: ChonkyTL

Japanese Title:


作者: えぞぎんぎつね

イラスト: トモゼロ

Original Source Link:

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