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Alchemy BOX c90

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

Ch. 90: The Prison Escapees

Around that same time, in a different locationーー


Her meat jiggled with each movement.

Not caring to walk on her own, chiseled prisoners carried her on a makeshift palanquin.

Ahead of the group, a slightly elderly man who was not so slim himself stood erect, but if you saw the woman first, he would have looked to be quite healthy in body shape.

The man wore his formal navy uniform, and allowed his red cape to dance in the wind.

The man scrunched his face in disgust.

(She spent at least 3 months in those mines, and she hasn’t lost a bit of weight?!)

He had hoped that his daughter would have lost some weight, but he could see no changes.



As she bounded off and jumped down from the palanquin, his daughter, Angelina, landed and with a great <DOOOOONNN!>(*sfx impact), the ground shook and a cloud of dust rose off the ground.

(Did she GAIN MORE?!?!)

Of course, he was talking about her weight.

During these 3 months, Angelina had moved her body more than she had in her entire life.

Although it wasn’t much, she got up from her bed and walked to the mining tunnels. Though it was a few times, she swung her pickaxe at rocks and made small niches.

At other times, she would get stuck inside one of the tunnels, and she would scream until help arrived.

Summarizing her activities may not show much, but before her imprisonment, Angelina only moved when it was time to eat.

Moving her body to do something other than eating, she had gained <muscle>.

The fat on her body was barely reduced, and adding muscle to that, what would happen?

Though she may look the same, her body mass would increase.

She was now a grossly obese woman who could move around a bit more than before.

That was Angelina today.

Angelina addressed Attempo as “Daddy~n”, and around him, several subjects were familiar with Angelina from the past.

( ( She’s turned more like an Orc than before…… ) )

Though no one dared to say it out loud, their thoughts aligned at once.

Angelina: “Daddy~n. Your precious little Angelina is sick of this place. Take me to somewhere that is more sparkly and is full of delicious things to eat.”

Endin: “Grandpa. Your precious little Endin would just like to go anywhere where he can eat something delicious.”

Attempo: “My dear Endin. Let’s try to lose some weight for your future. At your present state, it will be difficult to find a beautiful wife.”

Endin: “Whaーー?! You can’t eat a wife. Why should I bother with something like thatー”

Endin was now reaching 16 years of age, but he was still more interested in food than girls.

He might remain like that for the rest of his life.

Attempo rubbed at his temples to suppress the oncoming headache as he looked upon his daughter and grandchild. Then he glanced towards his ship.

It was the Andestan Navy’s greatest giant warship.

On each side, there were 10 gates set for Mages to be able to blast their Spells from the windows.

3 ships of the same caliber floated in the sea a little farther from the coast.

They would have to take a small rowboat to get to the ship butーー

Concerns of the rowboat sinking before they reached the ships crossed his mind.

Attempo: “Ugh, if only we had a Mage with us right now.”

Next to him was another Navy Knight, and the Pirates who followed his orders. Finally, the remainder consisted of the prisoners who escaped from the mines.

There may be some who have dabbled in Magic in the past, but there would be no one who could manipulate the weight of his daughter and grandchild.

“General, let’s attach some buoys to the rowboat. Then, we can have Lady Angelina ride in one of the rowboats as we pull her with another.”

Attempo: “I guess there’s no other option. Okay, make the preparations.”


The buoy was a ball-like object made from the rubber gathered from tree sap. By placing air inside and expanding it, it could float in water.

It used the exact same concept as Luke’s floaties, but leisure swimming was not part of this world’s culture, and no one thought to use it as such.

And only fishermen and sailors utilized and knew what buoys were. All others would never have heard of it.

So they took the buoys one by one to secure it against the rowboat with rope.

The Navy Knights diligently continued with the work, but their expressions remained dark and clouded.

They would take quick glances at the ships floating in the sea and clench their teeth.

“General………will you truly release our families when this is all over?”

One of the Knights spoke up as he continued to secure another buoy.

Attempo: “Hmph, do not worry. Once I have my vengeance on that boy, I will just leave you all on that accursed island.”

“............urgh……..we’ll…….we’ll hold you to that promise.”

“How dare you speak to the General that way, Ryernlan!”

By one of Attempo’s thugs, the Knight who had paused to speak was punched.

He must have split his lip lightly as blood trickled down, but he quietly went back to his work.

Ryernlan was a Knight of the Western Andestan Navy.

Him and several dozen Navy Knights are aware of Attempo’s betrayal of his own country.

And yet, they were all here assisting the General. Why?

“The preparations……are complete.”

Attempo: “Good. Then let’s head to the ships. Angelina, Endin. We will carry you one at a time in the rowboats. You’ll be first, Endin.”

Endin: “M, MーMーM, M, me?! IーI~I’ll go last. Is, isn’t that okay?”

Attempo: “Just hurry up and get in!”

Losing his patience, Attempo shoved his grandson into the boat.

Though the boat rocked immensely for a few seconds, the buoys helped stabilize the balance.

Attempo: “Just sit still.”

Endin: “E, EEEEEeeeek…..”

Though Endin was screeching pitifully, the small rowboat began to gently move forward.

Attempo: “Now, it’s just figuring out what to do when they get to the ship.”

“We’ll just have to haul him up with ropes. General, please make them lose some weight fast.”

Attempo: “I know that already!”

It took about 20 minutes to pull Endin up aboard.

The former Knights were exhausted and cold sweat smeared their faces at the thought of Angelina’s arrival.

And Angelina, looking to be on the brink of completing her Orc transformation, arrived next to the ships.

Increasing the number of ropes to pull her aboard, 15 men heaved at the ropes.

Angelina: “PUGYAAAAAA!!! It hurts!! I said it hurts, you fools!!”

Attempo: “Ignore her. Just keep pulling her up.”

Angelina: “DADDY~n. ThーThat’s so cruel! Are you trying to kill me?!”

Grabbing the rope digging into her body, Angelina began tugging and pulling viciously.


Several Knights holding onto the rope were pulled overboard into the sea.

Thankfully, they were not wearing their armor, and being in the Navy, they swam very well.

The Knights in the water swam to the edges of the ship to hang on.

It was then that from the ship’s hold, a young boy looked out from a small window.



Several weeks had passed since the Knight had seen his own son.

Attempo: “AAAGHH!! What are you all doing?! Get out of the water and come help!!”

Attempo screamed in rage as his voice flipped up an octave.

Feeling Attempo’s frustrated attention, the Knights used the ladders to quickly climb up to the main deck.

In order to sail on a ship of this size, you need a sizable crew.

Attempo had resorted to kidnapping the family members of his former subordinates who had no intention of following him. He had trapped the family members in the cargo hold of the 3 war ships.

Attempo: “Hurry up and pull Angelina aboard!!”

“Is that all you got, Sir Knights~ Here, let me help ya. C’mon, I’ll pull her up.”

One of the prisoners from the mines joins the group. Soon afterward, Angelina’s body was drawn easily up to the deck of the ship.

“Are you okay, young lady?”

“YーYoung lady…..? WhーWhy…….well… to call me such at my age is……”

The man’s muscles were like bulging armor on his bulky frame, but sadly, his face was nowhere near handsome. In fact, a monstrous looking man was stretching a helping hand towards Angelina.

The men on the deck, both Attempo’s subjects and forced subjects all looked disdainfully at the scene.

Reaching out and holding the almost inhumanly muscular hands, Angelina’s face very slightly reddened at the cheeks.

But that only lasted for a single moment.


A deep rumble emanated from her stomach as the ship vibrated, and Angelina immediately turned her attention to it.

Angelina: “I am starving!! I must regain my strength from traveling on that rowboat and climbing aboard. Daddy~n, it’s time for my dessert!”

Everyone except those who didn’t help pull Angelina aboard probably synced together with the same exact thought.

(Why you…..all you did was dangle from that rope!!)

ーーwas their exact thought.

After a while, all the men threw their fishing lines into the sea.

Any fish that was caught was immediately sent to the cooking quarters, and with only a slight sprinkle of salt, was grilled by a fire.

Within seconds of completion, it was brought to Angelina and Endin to inhale.

The fishing continued not just for the main warship, but a concerted effort was made by all 3 ships until the two were satisfied.

Several hours later, over a hundred fish were cooked, and the two were finally content momentarily.

Attempo: “NーNow we head to Tristan Islandーー”

And the 3 warships and twice the number of pirate ships departed. After about 30 minutes passed….


Another earth-shaking rumble passed through one of the ships ーー as you can expect.


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With the [Alchemy BOX], Create, Enchant and Dominate! With a box that can create anything, begin building a new life on a deserted island

Written by Yume Kazama

Translated by ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

『錬金BOX』で生産&付与無双! なんでも錬成できる箱で無人島開拓はじめます

作者: 夢・風魔

Original Source:

Book 5: Merchandise Development

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