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Alchemy BOX c89

Ch. 89

We did not just wait idly waiting for Kumi to come back.

There was an unscheduled ship approaching the island. I highly doubt that they were just passing by to enjoy the scenery.

If they were going out to the outer seas, they would not have to pass by this island in the first place.

I had Knight Beldale hurry back to town, and bring back the Knights Order and the Adventurers.

And as we made these arrangements, Kumi returned.

Luke: “How was it?” Kumi: [It seems to be a merchant’s vessel.]

At her words, the entire group let out a sigh of relief.

Luke: “Are they heading here?” Kumi: “Yes, they are not heading toward the outer seas.”

Eri: “We have nothing on the schedule about this. I wonder what kind of imbecile comes without a word or warning.”

……..did the Princess just say “imbecile”?

Chateldon, who overheard the Princess, held his hand against his face.

Eri: “Oh, are you not feeling well, Chateldon?” Chateldon: “No…….it’s nothing.”

Eri: “So, Sir Luke. What are your plans?” Luke: “Plans? ……, well. I guess it depends on their next move. For now, let’s have the sailors have their weapons at the ready too.”

“ “ Y’SIR! ” ”

The Knights division is coming by horse, so they should arrive here faster than the ship.

But the Adventurers will be coming by wagon or on foot. They might not make it in time.

Just in case, we should have as many people armed as possible. 

And as we waited for about half an hour, we began to see the dot of the ship in the north.

Soon afterwards, the Knights Order arrived at our position.

At the shores, they probably prepared to also fight over sea, so they all wore light armor. That’s fine.

Well, if they wore full plated armor and fell into the ocean, Kumi should be able to save them.

But the ship stopped moving altogether.

Luke: “Did something happen?” “Well, a ship of that size may not be able to come to this shore.”

Luke: “Then they should head for the old pirate’s docks.”

“Probably for the best.”

And after exchanging some words with the leader of the sailors, Rolferna, we began relocating to the docks in the rocky area.

And we thought the ship would start approaching that areaーーbut it remained immobile.

Luke: “They’re still not moving.”

Rolferna: “Yes, they really aren’t.”

Sia: “Uーk, over there~”

Luke: “Huh?” Sia pointed at the top of the Rocky Mountain.

Ohhh, now I see.

On top of the mountain, Gonzo stood towering over it and glaring in the ships direction.

Yeah, that would be terrifying for me too.

As we finally arrived at the location, Gonzo lowered his long neck towards us with a satisfied smile.

Gonzo: [I made sure to let them know of my presence.]

Luke: “Ha! Thank you, Gonzo. I feel a little bad for the ship’s crew.”

Rolferna: “Truly. We were terrified of Sir Gonzo when we first came to the island.”

Gonzo: [So, what now?]

Luke: “First, I want to know why they came to this island. Kumi, if you can, could you carry me to a place near that ship?”

Rolferna: “Whaー?! Sir Governor, that is too dangerous.”


Even when a Kraken is with me?

Kumi splashed the waves as she emerged, and the sailors and Knights both gave up arguing with me and let out a sigh.

Luke: “Okay, let’s go.”

Sia: “Sia will go too~”

Eri: “IーI also will come along.”

“ “ Princessーーー! ” ”

All the Knights shook their heads at once. Yeah, that was expected.

Luke: “Princess Aires, everyone will worry if you go so please stay behind.”

Eri: “BーBut I am concerned for your safety Sir Luke.”

Luke: “I will be okay. I’ll be with Kumi.”

“YーYes, Princess. Kumi will ensure the Baron’s safety. Isn’t that right, Ms. Kumi?” Kumi: [UーUm…..I don’t believe that’s going to help…..]

Kumi looked a little troubled as the Princess cut their conversation short with a laugh.

Eri: “Hehehehehehehe, then wouldn’t that mean that my safety is also ensured? I will be with Ms. Kumi as well. Isn’t that right, Sir Luke?” Luke: “Uh…….”


Luke: “Urgh…….yーyes…..that is true but…..”

And as a result, Sia, Princess Aires, and myself rode on Kumi’s hand.


“Eek?! ThーThey’re hereーーー!!”

I could hear the sailor’s scream from the deck of the ship.

Sitting on top of Kumi’s arms, we were able to see them from a height slightly above sea level.

On top of the ship, sailors scrambled left and right, and some even pointed their spears at us, but were immediately admonished by someone in the back yelling, “Put that down! Put it down right now!”

The voice came from a well-rounded man who approached the ship’s rails. Opening his arms towards us, he strained an awkward but professional business smile.

“IーI am a merchant of Andestan. My name is Rotonoa. I had the pleasure of meeting with Sir Lou Quain at the castle in the past.”

Luke: “Rotonoa?! That guy who likes putting his emblem on everything he likes?”

Rotonoa: “ThーThat is correct! I am honored that you remember me.”

Luke: “Oh, well, yes, sort of……but we have received the shipment of gifts. Thank you so much for sending them.”

Rotonoa: “Oh, but well, I thought that ship sank because ofーー…..”

And Rotonoa glanced at Kumi.

Luke: “Oh, Kumiーーwell, the Kraken here was kind enough to retrieve all the cargo that sank into the ocean.” Rotonoa: “What?! The Kraken did?”

Luke: “Yes. They were covered in barnacles, but we plan to fix and restore them to use later.”

Rotonoa: “To use?! Oh, but please, sir. Those are items that fell into the ocean once. I doubt that they could be restored to their proper condition. If it may please you, I could have new items resent to you.”

New ones? Oh, but he doesn’t have to. That’s a lot of trouble………

Luke: “WーWell, regardless, please dock your ship near that Rocky Mountain. We have constructed docks that can handle ships of this size there.”

Rotonoa: “WーWill that be permissible….?”

Rotonoa looks above towards the mountain top.

It was Gonzo. Gonzo still stood tall looking down upon Rotonoa’s crew with his arms crossed.

Luke: “.........heーーy, Gonzo. It’s okay now. Could you stop scaring our guestsー”

My voice reached him, and letting out a long yawn, Gonzo flew off.


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With the [Alchemy BOX], Create, Enchant and Dominate! With a box that can create anything, begin building a new life on a deserted island

Written by Yume Kazama

Translated by ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

『錬金BOX』で生産&付与無双! なんでも錬成できる箱で無人島開拓はじめます

作者: 夢・風魔

Original Source:

Book 5: Merchandise Development

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Aug 14, 2022

I think the crew may now be more afraid of their clients than the dragon and the kraken. Mostly because both the kraken and the dragon seem to work for him.

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