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Alchemy BOX c83

Ch. 83

[Oh, it’s finally connected.]

It was only a few minutes after we set up the Magecraft Communication Device when we got a call.

It was the first time for me to use it, and it was interesting how it made a noise.

A bell-sound chimed <ring ring>.

And the person on the other end was Prince Eriol.

I haven’t seen him since we left the mainland, and though it was only his voice, it was good to hear from him again.

Luke: “It has been a while, Prince Eriol. Have you been well?” [I am doing well, but it has been extraordinarily boring day-to-day. The days we spent together were so much better.]

I’m sure he’s just been working at the castle this whole time. I do feel his pain in that sense.]

Luke: “Oh, thank you for the Communication and Transportation device. Now, if there is something urgent, I can immediately report it to you.]

[Yes, indeed. And we would be able to meet very easily too.]


For a moment, his voice sounded incredibly near.

Eriol: “Lou Quain, over here. This way.”

Luke: “This way? ACK?!”

Eriol: “HA HA HA! Don’t be so surprised. With the Transportation Device, I can come and go as I please now.”

Eri: “My brother probably had this in mind and asked to have the Transportation Device set. Isn’t that right, dear brother?”

Eriol: “I won’t deny it. Ha ha ha!”

Hey, at least say you had other goals!

As the Prince descended off the Magic Inscription, the Inscription shined bright once more.

Avenges came out next, and as soon as he stepped down, he let out a deep, disappointed sigh.

He must be having a hard time with the Prince…….

Eriol: “Lou Quain, I would like to take a look around the island. Will that be alright with you?”

Luke: “I do not mind at all. But there’s only the town and the east shores to look at, sire. Is that okay? The other locations are all Monster territories, so I wouldn’t be able to take you around to those places.”

Eriol: “I understand. I just wanted to see how much has changed since I have last been here.”

And I glanced briefly at Royce.

But he immediately shook his head to say no silently back at me.

Luke: “Okay, Royce, you need to get some rest. And Tetonsua as well.”

The middle-aged Mage nodded, and his fellow-Mage lent a shoulder so he could stand up. Avenges helped Royce up.

Eriol: “Lou Quain, would we be able to find a place where these two can rest?” Luke: “The mansion is still under construction, so if they don’t mind staying at the inn, they are free to use the rooms there.”

I guided them to the nearest inn and had the two rest there.

Avenges, the Mage Disciple, Sia, Princess Aires, and a few Knights tagged along.

First, we visited the residential area of the town and made a wide circle around its center.

When the Prince was here last, it was like a ghost town, but the buildings falling apart have been demolished, and there was no signs of rubble left behind.

I had recycled all the material with my Alchemy BOX.

Eriol: “It looks much more like a town now.”

Luke: “Yes. But if we are to ask for more Adventurers to visit, we’ll need more facilities to accommodate them. Once we have the facilities, we’ll have more jobs for people to run them, and we’ll need housing for those workers as well.”

Eriol: “There is still a long way to go then.”

Luke: “Maybe by this year…….? Or rather, it might take the full year after that.”

But until then, with some limitations, we still wanted to invite Adventurers to the island.

Otherwise, the Adventurers Guild will not function, and I receive a certain portion of their profits.

With that money, we can continue to develop the town even further.

For now, there are about 100 Adventurers, and we would like to call over another 100.

With the buildings and facilities we have now, we should be able to accommodate them.

Luke: “Okay then, let’s head to the shoreline. Oh, we actually built a new road.”

Eriol: “Oh, a different route?” Luke: “Yes, we wanted to reutilize the pirates’ lair so we could have the largest ships dock.”

Sia: “Gonzo made the hole~”

Luke: “Yes, that’s right. He~y, Gonzoーーー”

I called out to him with a loud voice, and Gonzo came over.

The Prince, Avenges, and the Mages have met him once, so they weren’t shocked by the sight, and of course, the Knights assigned to the island know Gonzo well.

Gonzo: [Why, it is the Prince of the children of humans. I see. You used the Transportations Device to sneak out of the castle.]

Eriol: “Haha, you are absolutely correct, Sir Gonzo. Have you been well?”

Gonzo: [My son is playing at the beach.]

Luke: “And we would like for you to take us there. Is that okay?”

Gonzo: [Easy enough. But there are too many to carry in my hands. Ride on my back. And be careful not to fall.]

Gonzo cast his floating Spell and our bodies rose off the ground and landed on his back.

Gonzo then floated up into the air himself, and we slowly made out way to the shores and arrived within 3 minutes.

Eriol: “WHAー?!”

Avenges: “Is that?!

The Prince suddenly let out a strained yell, and Avenges, standing next to the Prince, pulled out his sword.

Oh yeah, Kumi was there too.

I was impressed with Avenges’ reaction. Even in a sudden notice, he immediately tried to protect his lord.

Eri: “Dear brother, Avenges, that is Kumi over there.”

Eriol: “K, KーK, Kumi?” Eri: “That’s right. She is the Kraken, Kumi, who Sir Luke saved. Oh, see right there? That child is Kumi’s son, and his name is Kurasuke.”

Princess Aires’ smile widened as she introduced them.

Gonzo: [You should have warned them, Lou Quain.]

Luke: “You’re…..right. Pardon me, your highness. I did not mean to frighten you.”

Eriol: “NーNo…….that’s…..hahaha.”

The Prince’s face strained a troubled smile.

Gonta: [Ohー Fatherー]

Kurasuke: [Uncle, are you here for work?]

Boris: [Unpehー]

Gonzo: [Of course. I have no intention of having people provide me food without returning the favor in some way.]

Well, Gonzo is doing a LOT for us, and I almost feel bad because he eats so little for his size.

And because Gonzo is like that, the kids are now also asking for jobs they can do.

I think kids only need to worry about eating, playing, and growing up.

Luke: “WーWell, so that’s about all there is to see with the island.”

Eriol: “IーI see. You did surprise me with the Kraken, but that’s just like you.”

Luke: “IーIs that so?” I didn’t want to ask how that was like me.

Eriol: “At first, we were receiving requests from the Captain of the Knights to hurry up and send the next group of Knights…….but I see now. This is why they no longer want to come back to the mainland.”

“YーYour highness. That is not true.”

Eriol: “Then would you be willing to come back with me to the castle today?” “Oh…….um……well, you see…….”

Eriol: “So that’s how it is. As the Prince of Tronstad Kingdom, I formally command you to serve Baron Lou Quain Tristan from henceforth. This is an order from King himself.”

“Yes, your highness. I shall carry out your order as you command.”

Oh, so that’s how the Prince wanted things to play out.

Well, we have spent the last couple of months working together to rebuild this island. We’ve grown quite fond of each working and sweating side by side.

Luke: “Chateldon, it will be a pleasure working with you from now on.”

And I held out my right hand towards him.

Chateldon kneeled down and offered his sword to me.

It was how the Knights offered their loyalty.

Though it was a bit embarrassing, and I inadvertently scratched my cheeks, I need to respect what he’s doing for me right now.

So as his new lord, to accept a Knight’s loyalty, I need toーー

I took out his sword and placed the flat of the blade against his shoulder, and said, “It’s a pleasure to have you serve me, Chateldon.”

Chateldon: “I shall serve and protect you, Baron Lou Quain and this island even if it costs me this life.”

Luke: “Thank you.”

This islandーーhearing those words brought joy to my heart.

Because within that word, Sia, the Princess, the Horned Sheepoo family, Gonzo’s family, and Kumi’s family were all inside of it.

That’s why hearing that promise to protect the island filled me with gratitude.

Eriol: “Oh, that’s right. Lou Quain.”

Luke: “Huh? Oh yes. What is it, sire?” I gave Chateldon his sword back, and turned around as the Prince suddenly spoke to me.

I wanted to enjoy the moment just a little longer.

Eriol: “Well, it’s about that Dungeonーー”

Luke: “That Dungeon? Ohhhh, the one on the Continental Pass?” The Prince nodded, and with a broad smile, saidーー

Eriol: “It looks like it’s expanding.”

ーーis what he told me.


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With the [Alchemy BOX], Create, Enchant and Dominate! With a box that can create anything, begin building a new life on a deserted island

Written by Yume Kazama

Translated by ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

『錬金BOX』で生産&付与無双! なんでも錬成できる箱で無人島開拓はじめます

作者: 夢・風魔

Original Source:

Book 4: Sea Monster

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