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Alchemy BOX c82

Ch. 82

Royce and his disciple, a middle-aged man, had to continuously chant the Magic Spell non-stop.

From the Capital to the Port City, they traveled by Magecraft Teleportation, and from there, they took the ship to the island.

But because the ship was meant for carrying passengers moving to the island, they had to stay at the Port City for 2 nights.

“Of course, Sir Royce and Mr. Tetonsua have not slept since the incantation began.”

I was speaking to another one of Royce’s disciples who also participated in the Dungeon Raid back on the mainland. He was a man around the age of 30.

Luke: “I see…….and why do they have to continue chanting the Spell?” “For Magecraft Communication and Teleportation devices, the Spells require a set of two for it to be meaningful.”

Luke: “Oh, yes. I’ve read that in a book before.”

“Oh, I see. Then what about the setup and procedures?”

I shook my head. That wasn’t written in the book, and it wasn’t something I had interest in researching either.

“These two Spells cannot be set up independently of each other. Oh, umm, this is difficult to explain……”

While he was trying to teach me, we were actually riding on Gonzo’s palm.

Since they wanted us to hurry, I called Gonzo over.

Gonzo: [It will be difficult to understand if you say there are two Spells. Here, we have arrived.]

Luke: “Thanks, Gonzo. What do you mean that it’s not two Spells? What is it then?”

Gonzo: “Two locations. By setting a Magecraft Teleportation Spell that activates in two locations, you must first setup the first Spell Inscription. But you are not just simply writing an inscription on the ground. You initiate the Spell and then you write the first inscription. And when you do so, you must continually maintain the same Spell until you reach the next destination and place the second inscription.”

“ThーThat’s exactly right! As expected from the Great Ice Dragon!”

Gonzo seemed pleased with the compliment.

“ーーwords of the spiritーー!!”

“Oh, yes, that’s right. Sir Baron, where is your mansion? It would be best to place the Magecraft Device in the Governor’s residence.”

Luke: “Huh? …..we haven’t finished building it yet.”

“ーーbe a catalystーー?!?!”

Royce was clearly lodging a complaint while still chanting the Spell. That’s not easy to do.

Eri: “Sir Luke, the structure of the building should be complete. The floors still need to be placed in sections of the 2nd Floor, but we can go ahead and set the inscription in one of the finished rooms.”

Sia: “Only room that’s finished is Aires’~~”

Eri: “.........oh……what shall we do? I really wanted the corner room.”

From the left side, we decided that the room arrangement would be Aires, me, the office, and then Sia.

This was decided more or less by the Princess herself.

Luke: “Hmmm, what should we doーーoh, well, we can figure it out once we get there.”

Royce’s eyes were bloodshot and filled with rage.

Eri: “YーYes, we should be on our way.”

Sia: “WーWe can switch rooms, right?”

Though he wasn’t speaking, or well, he wasn’t saying anything but the Spell incantation, we felt immense pressure from Royce, and we quickly darted towards the mansion in construction.

Though we called it a mansion, it really wasn’t that large.

The first floor will have a cafeteria-style dining hall, and it will also have rooms where the Knights will be able to stay and rest.

Our rooms were on the second floor, and across from us would be the quarters for the people working at the mansion, the Princess’ guards, and the rest of the Knight’s rooms that we couldn’t fit downstairs.

It was going to be a mansion full of people and life.

But… wasn’t finished yet.

We guided Royce and his disciple there, and I called to a Dwarf who was working on the construction inside.

Luke: “How much of the second floor is finished?”

“Oh, Sir Governor. The second floor? Uhhーー let’s see…”

We walked quickly up the stairs with the Dwarf, and the floor of my room was partially finished.

“Then we will set the Spell Inscription here. Is that okay?” Luke: “What? …..but…..this is my room……”

I didn’t want them to place the Magecraft Teleportation in my room. I would hate for something to come in while I’m sleeping, and that goes for the Communication Device too.

“What are they trying to set here?”

Luke: “Ohh, they’re talking about setting a Spell Inscription for the Magecraft Communication and Teleportation devices.”

“Ah, I see. And Sir Governor, you don’t want them to place that in your room?” I nod at the Dwarf’s words. But from somewhere behind me, I could feel murderous bloodlust spilling out from someone.

Noticing the atmosphere shifting rapidly, the Dwarf Craftsman caught on very quickly as he turned pale with a hurried suggestion.

“WーWell, fortunately, we haven’t made the walls yet, sーso we can shift the location of your room and the office. Whーwhy not make the room next to the Princess the office?”

Luke: “Yes, that’s perfect. Yes, let’s do that. Royce, maybe over there in that sectionーーyes, place the Teleportation against that wall over there. And place the Communication Deviceーーwhat, you need to place it on a table?!”

“Oh, then why not use this? Here, this thing. Sir Governor, you called it a 3 tiered box or something.”

Luke: “Oh! Yes, it’s the perfect height. Let’s use that.”

While the Dwarf hurriedly left the room, the middle-aged Mage stood where we directed him.

And changing his incantation slightly, below his feet, a Spell Inscription about 1 meter wide (~3 feet) appeared and was finished.

As soon as he stepped off the Magic Inscription, without any strength left, he crumpled to the ground.

Luke: “SーSia, let’s get him something to drink. Oh, something sweet would be better.”

Sia: “Yea”

Hearing my words, the Mage nodded his head in exhaustion. Looks like he can barely talk as it is.

The Dwarf Craftsman lugged the 3-tiered box and returned.

He scanned the room, and about 2 meters away from the Teleportation Inscription, he placed the box down.

Then Royce and the other disciple walked over to it.

The disciple took the bag on his back and pulled out a crystal ball and a soft-looking cushion and placed both on top of the box.

Then, Royce placed his hands on the Crystal Ball, and……he recited an incantation that was slightly different from before.

Royce: “The Miracles of Manaーーthrough time and spaceーーmay you be a catalyst to deliver the words of the spirit, and we seal it within this crystal ballーー”

The crystal ball shined brightly.

With that, the Magecraft Communication device was complete.

Royce sat on the ground, and told us, “iz…..compleet….”.

Good work, Royce.

Sia brought juice for two, not forgetting about Royce, and passed the drinks to the exhausted Mages.

Good job, Sia.


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With the [Alchemy BOX], Create, Enchant and Dominate! With a box that can create anything, begin building a new life on a deserted island

Written by Yume Kazama

Translated by ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

『錬金BOX』で生産&付与無双! なんでも錬成できる箱で無人島開拓はじめます

作者: 夢・風魔

Original Source:

Book 4: Sea Monster

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