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Alchemy BOX c86

Ch. 86

It was the day after I sheared the wool off Boss and the rest of the Sheepoos.

A thought occurred to me, and I was back at the Sheepoo’s shed.

Luke: “So, if you trap the {Wind} Magic the Sheepoo use inside this Magic Stone, this happens.”

Gred: “Oh…OHHHH?!”

I brought Gredd over to show him how this Magic Stone Air Conditioning unit works.

This one requires ice, but as a result of numerous testing, I found out that it was possible to use the [Alchemy BOX] to make these.

And it was possible to make Magic Stones as well.

The inspiration came from the Horned Sheepoo’s method of creating a Magic Stone with their {Wind} Magic trapped inside.

I placed Sia’s {Ice} Magic, a Magic Stone, and water inside.

I freeze the water using the {Ice} Magic, and later, I will cut it into pieces, and place the Magic Stones apart in various places.

Once the ice block is made, I slice it into large blocks and then {Enchant} the {Ice} Magic onto the Magic Stone.

With this, the Air Conditioning Unit is complete.

Gredd: “So, why did you show me all this? If you want to give me that, I’ll gladly take it.”

Luke: “I don’t mind giving you this one, but I need you to do some work. The wind won’t be cold without a block of ice nearby. So I need something that will keep the block of ice and {Wind} Stone together.”

Gredd: “I see. So you need something to hold it all together.”

Luke: “And if we’re going to make something, let’s make something that would look nice inside the house, or something we can hang on a wall.”

I’ve been gradually maturing myself.

I’ve learned the importance of designing something that looks fashionable!

And I have zero sense of fashion!

I can admit that now.

And besides that, if we keep relying on my Alchemy BOX to make everything, the Craftsmen will have nothing to do.

And because of my lack of imagination, I really can’t make complicated designed, so hand-crafting these parts would be crucial.

Gredd: “Why not just make a {Ice} Magic Stone?” Luke: “Yeah, I tried that, but if it’s an {Ice} Magic Stone, it just looks a little different, but it’s just a stone in the end.” Gredd: “Ohh, it’s one of those the Governor has to throw to make it do something?” Luke: “Yup. The reason why I use {Enchant} last is because if I {Enchant} the ice blocks at the end, the ice won’t melt. If I {Enchant} the Magic Stone, the Magic Stone isn’t cold at all, but if I {Enchant} something that was cold before, it will remain cold and not melt.”

With this unmelting ice, we can also make refrigerators.

Gredd: “In that case, Miss Sia’s going to be busy.” Luke: “What? No, it’s me that’s….” Sia: “Sia will work hard! Sia will work very, very hard for Uーk!”

Wait, but……..once I get the Spell enchanted once, I’ll just copy it over and over again.

………but…..oh well.

Gredd decided to make a prototype first, so he can see how well it works before coming up with a final design.

For the time being, then I’ll just make a plate to hold the ice and {Wind} Stone, and we’ll get through the humid nights with that.

Gredd: “Of course, you’ll make one for me too, right?” Sia: “Sia too~”

Boss: [Beh-behhhhh]

For now, I made two for the Sheepoo’s cottage, one for Gredd’s house, one for Sia’s room, and one for mine. I guess Princess Aires would want one too.

And if the others saw……..they would……..

Luke: “Gredd, you’ll need to work fast.”

Gredd: “Got it.”

I placed the enchanted block of ice inside the [Alchemy BOX] and made a visit to a certain house.

“Oh, Sir Governor.” Luke: “Good evening. Is Roku already asleep?” Ms. Leia, Roku’s daughter, greeted me at the door. She must have gotten looks from the mother’s side of the family. She was quite pretty.

Roku: “Young Master, I’m not so old yet that I’ll be asleep so early.” Luke: “Realy?” Roku: “Of course not.”

Roku chuckled as he came over.

The vegetable garden is spread out northeast of town, but Roku’s house is southwest of town. That’s because the orchard is closer from here.

Roku: “But why have you come at this hour?” Luke: “Well, I thought it was getting quite hot.” Roku: “Well, it is the summer after all. Of course it will be hot.” Luke: “In that case, please use this.” I had them welcome me into the house, and finding a suitable place, I took out what was in the Alchemy BOX.

“Wow! Look at the size of that ice~!”

“It’s a big ice~”

The kids came over and were delighted to feel the icy cold surface of the block.

Roku: “Young Master, what is this?” Luke: “I call it an A/C. Ohー but that’s just what I call it. This is a Magic Stone with the Sheepoo’s {Wind} Magic trapped inside.”

This {Wind} Magic Stone can be turned on and off.

When you hit the stone, a breeze starts flowing out of it.

Once you place that next to the iceーー

“Whoa! Grandpa! It’s cold air!”

“It feels good~”

Leie: “Oh my. That feels wonderful. I feel so much cooler now.”

Roku: “Oh really? Let meーーOH! This does feel greatー!”

Luke: “Shhhhh! I don’t have that many so I can’t let the other residents know about this.”

Everyone covered their mouths as the house grew quiet once more.

Luke: “When you want the wind to stop, you just have to hit the rock like this. You’ll have to hit it quite firmly to make it work.” “What about when we want the wind backー?”

“Want the wind backー?”

Luke: “Then you hit it like this.”

I demonstrate how to turn the {Wind} Stone off and on, and why I didn’t want other people to know about this just yet.

Roku: “I see. So you are going to market and sell this then.” Luke: “Sell? No, I haven’t really thought that far ahead.”

Roku: “Oh, but you should. You really should. If you don’t want to sell this to the island residents, then you should speak to the merchants on the mainland.”

Luke: “A merchant……huh….” But by the time the merchant comes, the summer would already be over though~.


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With the [Alchemy BOX], Create, Enchant and Dominate! With a box that can create anything, begin building a new life on a deserted island

Written by Yume Kazama

Translated by ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

『錬金BOX』で生産&付与無双! なんでも錬成できる箱で無人島開拓はじめます

作者: 夢・風魔

Original Source:

Book 5: Merchandise Development

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I don't get it what exactly did MC do to make this AC?

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