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Alchemy BOX c85

Ch. 85

As the end of July came near, the Adventurers Guild was now fully operating.

And more than a 100 Adventurers arrived on the island.

Luke: “Guild Master, are we okay with these numbers?” “Huhーー?! Sheesh. It’s not my fault. The Guild sending us the people didn’t put any limitations like we asked. @#$%ing @#$holes….”

Luke: “.......looks like it’s not a good day for your either, Guild Master.”

Sia: “Lots, of people~”

Luke: “Yeah, it reeks of sweat in here, so let’s go outside.”

The Tristan Branch Adventurers Guild was a small building ー no bigger than a 2-story corner store.

Upstairs was the Guild Masters, Vice Guild Master, and one secretary’s room.

Inside the cramped space, 100 people squeezed in to finish registering on the island.

Luke: “It’s no wonder that he’s in such a bad mood.”

Sia: “It’s hot too~”

Luke: “It really is hot.”

The sun bore down on them, and Sia and I carried scissors to a certain location.

It was the horned Sheepoo’s shed.

Luke: “Heーy, Bossー we’re going to shear your woolーー”

Boss: [Beh. Beh-beh-behー]

Sia: “Sureーー”

Hm? What did Boss ask Sia just now?

As I pondered, Sia made a large piece of ice with her Magic.

I see now. They wanted a piece of ice to cool down.

Carol: [Unbeh-beh~]

Sia: “Ohhh, really?”

Luke: “Sia, what did Carol say?” Sia: “Umm…so….if we had the Magic Stones that Dungeon Monsters drop, then the girl sheepoos can place their Wind Magic inside it~ then wind will keep blowing out of it on its own for a while~”

What? Really? That’s no different than a fan then.

Sia: “If we had that, it would be a little cooler~ is what she said.”

Ohhhh, then…

Luke: “If we place the ice next to that Magic Stone, then we would be able to feel cold air blowing.”

Sia: “What?! Really?!”

Carol: [Unbeh?!]

Luke: “Sia, I’m going to shear some wool, but can you go to the Adventurers Guild, pick up a few Magic Stones and bring it here?”

Sia: “Okay, I’ll go~”

As Sia ran off, there was someone who followed after her.

It was a Knight.

Since we walked around freely, we had Knights assigned to guard us and followed silently wherever we went.

Luke: “Beldale, can you help me?” Beldale: “Yes, sir.” Beldale, who was in the shadow of the shed, came out.

And the Knights were not wearing their armor in temperatures like this. It is a slightly fancy but tough clothes in case there is combat.

Luke: “I’m going to use the shears, so Beldale, I’ll need you to gather the wool and place it into that box.”

Beldale: “Understood. But haven’t you sheared the Sheepoo just 10 days ago?”

Luke: “Yeah, but you see that they’ve grown back, right?” Beldale: “They have indeed…….I heard that Horned Sheepoo regenerate their wool quickly….but I never would have imagined that it would be this fast.”

Yeah, that’s true.

The Sheepoo told me that Horned Sheepoo in general grow their wool about 1 centimeter per day.

Once it exceeds 20 cm (~8 in.), the growth slows down, and once it reaches 30 cm (~1 ft), it begins to fall out.

It was only about 10 cm long right now, but we’re all under this summer heat.

Luke: “It will help them stay cool if we keep their hair short, right?” Beldale: “Well, that is true. I’m sure they appreciate their wool during the cold winter, but during a hot summer like thisーー”

Luke: “When Sia returns, it’ll be even cooler.”

Beldale: “What?! Is that true?!”

As we talked, I shear Boss and the other Sheepoo’s wool pretty close to their skin.

I’ve gotten used to shearing, and I’ve gotten really good at it. We’ll be using most of today’s wool for the island inhabitants, but eventually, we may be able to start exporting some for profit.

As I chatted with Beldale about this and that, Sia came running back.

As I turned around, I saw the Knight running behind her gasping for air as he ran.

Sia is very fast in the forest, so I’m sure it was hard to keep up with her.

Sia set down the stones on the ground as the female Sheepoo placed a hoof on it and visibly strained.

Then, the stone began to glow.

They picked up the stone with their mouths and placed it next to the ice. Finally, they hit the stone with their hoof.

Air began pouring out andーー

Luke: “Ooohhhhh! It’s a natural air conditionerー!”

Beldale: “Ohhーー what a cool breezeーー”

”MーMe too…….ohhh, it’s like a breath of fresh airーー”

3 men stood side by side and enjoyed the air coming over the ice thoroughly.

“Ohh, that reminds me. Sir Baron, I just heard a rumor at the Guild that they found 10 underground floors now.”

Luke: “10 floorsー? It’s gotten pretty deep.”

“Yes. Apparently, they’re going to start exploring and looking for the Boss.”

Boss: [Beh?]

And it was Boss who responded this time.

“Oh, no no. We’re not referring to you, Mr. Boss. We’re talking about the Boss Monster of the Dungeon.”

Boss: [Unbehーー]

I’m pretty certain that he knew and still acted surprise.

Luke: “10 Floors, huh. I hope they find it.”

“If they don’t, it just means that there’s more floors underneath. Ahhhhh, it’s so cool.”

I recalled Prince Eriol telling me that, “The Dungeon seems to be expanding.”

He sent Adventurers on a Quest to look for the lowest floor and investigate, and they soon found the stairs going down to the 8th floor.

Since the Dungeon was originally just 7 floors deep, they continued their exploration and finally reached the 10th floor.

There’s no telling how deep that place will go.

I wondered why things ended up this way……..

But well…….

It’s most likely because of how I regenerated the Dungeon Core, right?


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With the [Alchemy BOX], Create, Enchant and Dominate! With a box that can create anything, begin building a new life on a deserted island

Written by Yume Kazama

Translated by ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

『錬金BOX』で生産&付与無双! なんでも錬成できる箱で無人島開拓はじめます

作者: 夢・風魔

Original Source:

Book 5: Merchandise Development

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