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Alchemy BOX c60

Ch. 60 Island Development

It has been half a month since returning to the island.

And the sailors who stayed behind to watch over the island in our absence departed to their homes.

The Knights stayed behind and would be taking turns protecting civilians until the next batch of Knights took their place and relieved them from this duty.

Gonzo: [I brought it just as you asked.]

Luke: “Thank you, Gonzo. Sorry to ask this, but can you stick it into the BOX?”

In order to construct new buildings, I used my Alchemy BOX so much that I leveled up.

Right now, my Alchemy BOX is Level 31. I can enlarge a single side up to 160 cm (~5’ 3”).

My height is a little above 170 cm (~5’ 8”), and the box is 160 cm.

With 3 or 4 more levels, I could fit inside my BOX……..

I’ll now enter the BOX~

I will perform Alchemy on myself to change my looks extra handsomeー!

………..yeah right! That would be extremely dangerous!

Or……could I really perform something like Plastic Surgery?

Well, I guess I could use a Monster to experiment.

Gonzo brought us a tree from the forest.

He used his nails to cut off the branches, and I had him stick the log inside my BOX.

Since it’s long, I had him cut the piece sticking out andーー

Luke: “10cm (~4”) x 20 cm (~8”) and 6 meters (~20’) long?”

“Yes. We’ll be using it for beams so…..let’s seeーー could I get 25 of those made?” Luke: “Yes, sir.”

Princess Aires who can read and write as well as perform calculations are recording these requests on sheepskin paper and assisting me.

The Carpenters tells me what they need, and I make the material accordingly with my Alchemy BOX.

But I don’t just shape the material.

Wooden materials used for constructing buildings are actually soaked in water and dried fully once, but I also prepared the wood the same way with Alchemy.

With the pre-prepared materials, the Carpenters now just need to carry it over to their work site to use immediately.

But in this half-month, we were only able to complete the repairs to the inn and one more building.

The craftsmen and their families have been living in the inn, and the Adventurers have been camping out in tents.

Occasionally, they would all come in to the dining hall and sleep in there.

Luke: “I hope the buildings will be ready before it gets too hot.”

Eri: “Too hot?” Luke: “Yeah. Heat can build up inside a tent, and we’ll have to worry about heat stroke.”

Eri: “I see. You are being so thoughtful for everyone around. He he, Sir Luke, you are truly a very kind person.” Luke: “RーReally?.......oh, what materials do you need next?” We took a harness that would be slightly bigger than a dog’s and attached it to a wagon.

If I place the Wooden Materials that were finished in there, Boss will come, stick his head in there and carry it tot he Carpenters.

When there are less wood to carry, he would let Boris get a turn.

Luke “Boris, thank you for helping us. I’ll boil some Edamame later for you.”

Boris: [Unpeh?! Unpeh-peh-peh~♪]

Boss: [Behー]

Hey, hey. I thought you were letting your son do it. Why are you so hyped all of a sudden.

Boss is being pretty childish here.

Sia: “Uーkー meal timeー”

Luke: “Oh, is it already time to eat?” Eri: “Oh, it is noontime.”

I look up into the sky with Princess Aires and see how high the sun is hanging over us.

Luke: “Princess, you can go ahead. I need to tell Gonzo to take a break after he returns.”

Eri: “Yes, I understand. I’ll boil the Edamame then.” Luke: “.........oh, please ask the Dwarven Lady to do that for us.”

I can’t let the Princess do that!

Well, it’s not so much about what Royalty should and should not. Rather, it was more about what happened when we let a daughter of the Royal Family cook.

When she tried to stir fry vegetables, she lit the pan with so much fire like you might see in Chinese dishes that everything turned black.

I asked her to peel some onions, and just because every layer can technically be peeled, there was no onion left after she was done. She didn’t know to stop at the brown skin and took me by surprise by peeling the white parts too.

Luke: “Hm? Sia, what’s wrong? You can go ahead too.” Sia: “I brought dis for you, Uーk.”

And Sia took out something from her pocket. It was a Corn Status Fruit.

We dried the cron (i.e. corn), and I enchanted it with Status Fruit properties.

When we eat it, we use a frying pan to make popcorn.

But, it’s been difficult trying to hide it from curious eyes.

Luke: “Let’s put it in the Alchemy BOX to prepare it then.”

Sia: “Yea”

I placed the dried kernels inside with a rock enchanted with {Mini-Fire}.

As I imagined raising the temperature inside the BOX, I initiated the Alchemy.

When I opened the lid, I heard a <PON!> (*sfx) as I saw the popcorn inside.

And even in this state, the effect of the Status Fruit has not waned.

We both ate two pieces andーー

Boss: [Unbehー]

Luke: “Oh, welcome back, Boss. It’s lunch time, so you guys rest too.”

Boris: [Pehーpehー]

Luke: “Ack! WhーWhat?!”

Boss and Boris both began pressing against me.

Sia: “Says popcoーrn please.”

Luke: “You’re after the Status Fruit, huh?” Boss: [Beh]

Boss put a wide smirk on his face.

And Gonzo came descending down with loud whooshing sounds.

But surprisingly, he comes down without raising any turbulent winds.

Gonzo: [I see that you are eating that popcon again.]

Luke: “I told you, it’s called popcorn.”

The only ones who know about the Status Fruits are myself, Sia, the Sheepoos, and Gonzo and Gonta.

Gonta saw me eating some, and after getting grilled by him endlessly, I finally told him in the end.

Luke: “Do you want some, Gonzo?”

Gonzo: [Hmph. We, Dragons, do not need to consume such things as we are already the Strongest Creatures in this world. But I will have some.]

So which is it?!

But he has his mouth opened and is waiting for me to throw one into his mouth.

Gonta, who was riding on Gonzo, came down, and like a newborn chick, is opening his mouth towards me.

I made popcorn for everyone, and I placed the female Sheepoo’s pieces into a small bag and Boss carried it back to his pack.

Gonta: [But human, how is your Status looking now?]

Luke: “Hm? My Status?” Since I came back to the island, there’s been more days when I couldn’t eat it due to having too many people around.

So my current Status wasーー

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