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Alchemy BOX c61

Ch. 61: Status


Name: Lou Quain Tristan

Race: Human

Age: 15

Sex: Male

Strength: 89

Stamina: 82

Agility: 62

Dexterity: 48

Magic: 31


Alchemy BOX Lv 31


Enchant Lv 9


Luke: “My status is like this.”

And I read aloud the details to Gonzo.

Gonzo: [I see. I have one warning for you though. Do not consume too much Status Fruits.]

Luke: “Hm? Why?”

Gonzo: [As far as my knowledge goes, the Gold Rank Adventurer has at least one status is over 200.]

So a Gold Ranker would be around 200.

In this world, they do not have the English Alphabet. So the ranks are divided into types of minerals.

From the lowest to highest, it goes from Bronze → Red Bronze → Iron → Silver → Gold → White Gold → Diamond.

The Gold Ranker Adventurers represent first-rate, first-class Adventurers.

Gonzo: [And you have a significant amount in each of your Status areas…….and this is unusual and uncommon for your kind…]

Luke: “Oh……I see. That’s true….”

I should probably be more weary about my Status numbers.

Gonzo: [If your Status exceeds 300, it would be even rare to see that in Diamond Ranks. If you want to be the world’s strongest governor, then that is fine, but if you would like to live in peace, I would be wary of raising your Status too high.]

So 300 would be Diamond Rank…….I’m still a good ways away, so I should be okay.

But I do feel the effects of the Status Fruits.

Compared to before, I can go from the entrance of the Dungeon to a location around the midpoint and come back without fatigue. And when Gonzo isn’t around, I can carry several logs without issue.

And the effects of my Enchanted Rocks were also increasing.

Luke: “I like the fact that the power of the Enchanted Rocks depends upon the original Spell Caster, but also increases when my Magic Status increases.”

Gonzo: [Then would you like for me to cast my Spell?]

Luke: “Oh, what kind of Spell do you have?” Gonzo: [Summon Meteor {Meteo}]

Luke: “Oh, um, it probably won’t fit in my box, so that’s okay.”

That’s like a final ultimate Spell-class!

It’s the kind that would kill me before it goes inside my BOX.

Luke: “How about your Status, Sia?” Sia: “Uu? Sia isーー”


Name: Sia

Race: Silver Wolf

Age: 16

Sex: Female

Strength: 60

Stamina: 59

Agility: 85

Dexterity: 30

Magic: 67


I make note of each of her Statuses by scribbling it into the ground.

Her Magic and Agility is high. I wonder if it’s due to her Race?

It hasn’t been every single day, but Sia and I have consumed about 80 days worth.

Since we eat at most 2 per day, our Status Points have increased 160.

Compared to my Status before I arrived at this island when I first received my [Gift]ーー

It looks like our Statuses have also increased aside from the Status Fruit.

Luke: “Sia, do you not have a [Gift]?”

Sia: “Hmー? I don’t~”

Gonzo: [Lou Quain, only humans have [Gifts]. Other races do not have this.]

Luke: “Oh, really?”

But in exchange, other races have other advantages.

The Beast Race would have better eyesight, sense of smell, and night vision, etc.

Sia also had similar advantages to the Beast Race, and on top of that, she has the ability to transform.

I see. So even without a [Gift], they have a lot of skills they can utilize.

Sia: “Uーk, let’s go eat~”

Luke: “Oh, yes. I almost forgot. We’re making the Princess wait.”

Gonta: [Luke~ See you later~]

Luke: “Yeah, see you later, Gonta, Gonzo.”

Dragons only need to eat every few months, and for Gonzo, he only needs to consume a whole cow to be satisfied.

Gonta is still a child, so he requires more nutrients at this stage in his growth.

But he still only needs to eat once a day ーー bird meat or fruit would suffice to fill his appetite.

Luke: “What should we do for Gonta’s dinner today?”

Sia: “Gonta~ he says he wants fish~”

Luke: “Fish, huh….oh, now that you mention fish, the Guild Master asked us to rebuild the short bridge.”

While we go fish, we should drop by to take a look at how we’ll fix it.


Eri: “You’re late, you two! What were you two doing?”

Luke: “Oh……we were waiting for Gonzo.”

Eri: “But Sir Gonzo had returned a while back, did he not?” Ohh, Gonzo is huge, so you could see him return even from here.

Luke: “He was telling me about Statuses.”

Eri: “Status? Sir Luke’s Status? I’d like to know as well.”

Sia: “EーAーT~ FーOーOーD~ NーOーW~”

And Sia intervened in between Princess Aires who was pressing me for answers.

Both puffed out their cheeks in discontent, but from somewhere, someone’s stomach growled in protest.

Luke: “Oh, that was me………Princess, let’s go eat lunch.”

Eri: “YーYes, let’s. Pardon me for causing a delay.”

Sia: “Sia help too~”

Eri: “IーI will help tooーー (“Princess, please have a seat, okay?”) Yーes….”

On this point alone, I did not let the Princess argue and made her sit down.

The Princess helping out with the meal preparations?

She would break every plate we have on hand.

Well, they are wooden plates, so they can’t break, but you can’t say the same for the food on top.

She does try her best, but she creates more than a small situation that snowballs into a series of accidents, so I would like for her to learn to refrain when she needs to.

But even so, there are things she can do.

Luke: “Princess, after lunch, we planned on going towards the beach. The Guild Master asked us to reinforce the docks to something sturdier.”

Eri: “I see. With how it is now, we can expect some of the floor boards to break at any moment. What would you like for me to do?” Luke: “Could you visit the Carpenters and make a memo of the building materials. Could you make sure to notate the size and numbers?”

Eri: “Understood! Leave it to me, Sir Luke.” As I relay my request to the Princess, she looks ecstatic as she replies back.

Up until now, “everything was done for her,” but there was nothing she could do for others…..

She was born with her status so it couldn’t be helped, but I’m sure that there are times when she wanted to do something for others.

Eri: “But Sir Luke. The sailors were discussing this, but the waterway was too shallow, and only a mid-sized ship could dock there.”

Luke: “Ohh, yes. That seems to be the case. And they can’t carry that much cargo either.”

Sia: “Why~?”

Luke: “Well, that’s becauseーー”

I took a smaller Alchemy BOX, and using some of the wooden material still left inside, I made a large bowl.

I made another wooden ship to float inside the bowl and poured water into the bowl.

There was not that much water, and the ship’s bottom barely missed the bottom of the bowl.

Luke: “Right now, the ship is floating, right?” Sia: “Yea”

Luke: “Then here, Sia, you can place stuff into the ship.”

Sia: “Yeaー”

She grabbed a few strawberries we were going to eat for dessert and began placing them one by one into the boat.

With one, two, and then three on the ship, the ship began sinking deeper into the water.

And, with the fourth strawberry, it finally made the ship rest on the bottom of the bowl.

Sia: “Ohー.....I get it! Too many things, and ship sinks because it’s heavy~”

Luke: “Yes, it’s a simplified example, but that’s the gist of it.”

Right now, we’re still okay.

There’s not many buildings we can use, so the mainland has restrictions placed upon how many visitors can come to the island.

But once there are several inns available, we will be calling for more Adventurers to come to the island.

If that happens, there will be more people coming and going by ship, and there will be more cargo on each ship.

Luke: “The Pirate’s base has deeper waters, and we could dock bigger ships there but~”

There’s a rocky mountain blocking a direct route to the town.


Maybe I could ask Gonzo for help?


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With the [Alchemy BOX], Create, Enchant and Dominate! With a box that can create anything, begin building a new life on a deserted island

Written by Yume Kazama

Translated by ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

『錬金BOX』で生産&付与無双! なんでも錬成できる箱で無人島開拓はじめます

作者: 夢・風魔

Original Source:

Book 4: Sea Monster

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