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Alchemy BOX c106

Ch. 106: The Bringer of Good News

We parted with the King of Andestan, and one month passed since returning to Tristan Island.

We were able to prepare enough living spaces for the people who were following Appunto’s orders because of the hostages.

I had them move into the two-story apartment complex that was in construction.

We’ll need one more apartment to fit everybody, but in the meantime, we’ll be using the Inn in the interim.

For the former Andestan Navy Knights, we had them immigrate to the island as ordinary civilians.

This was their wish.

And now, they are helping us with the carpentry and farming work.

Luke: “Reyerune, I know it’s not the kind of job you’re used to. Are you doing okay?” Reyerune is the leader of all the former Navy Knights.

He was famous among his subordinates for being a very loving husband and father to his daughter.

Reyerune: “It is the first time for us to do these kinds of jobs, but since all of it is physical activities, there are no issues.”

With more people on the island, we could no longer fit everyone into the 1st floor dining hall of the inn.

It was halfway through the 9th month, so the weather was cooling down, and we could spend time outside.

We set up tents outside, and there, many people were eating.

Gredd: “They were Navy combatants after all, so they’re all very strong. They can carry heavy lumber and perform jobs in very high placesー”

Luke: “Wow, I never thought Gredd would be complimenting so many people.”

Gredd: “I’ll compliment those who deserve it!”

As long as they’re being useful to him, I guess.

In fact, since these guys came, all of the construction work has progressed very well.

Luke: “Well, please don’t push yourselves too hard.”

Reyerune: “Thank you for your concern. We are doing very well.”

“Heーy, Gov’nerー Heーy”

During our lunch, I heard someone call to me.

Since I heard the voice from the east, maybe…..they’re here?

One of the sailors came over and reported that an Andestan ship arrived at port.

Luke: “Reyerune, please come with me. Also, Chatelー”

Brookhart: “Yes, yes, yes! I’ll go too!”

Luke: “.......and Brookhart.” He was probably bored, and in this case, it didn’t matter too much who I took.

Eris: “And of course, I will be joining you.”

Luke: “Oh……yes, your highness.”

Princess Aires was pretty upset about making her stay during that incident with Appunto.

But we are just welcoming an Andestan ship, and this was something we were expecting.

It should be fine.

Sia: “Sia go tooー”

Eris: “You got to go last time, Sia! This time, you need to stay behind!”

Sia: “Noー”

Luke: “Hey, hey. We’ll all go, okay?” <>

And so, I did say we can all go. I did say that.

But even thenーー

Luke: “Why are there so many people coming with us?!”

Around me stood the Tristan Knights Order and the Adventurers. There were even children following us.

“It is our duty as Knights to protect our Lord!”

ーis what our Knights were saying.

Chateldon had asked for at least 5 to stay behind, and I saw them drawing straws.

“Well, we wanted to get some fresh air instead of staying cramped inside a Dungeon all the time.”

“Besides, we had nothing else to do.” ーis what the Adventurers were saying. Most probably fell into the latter category.

“Hey, hey. What’s going on? What’s about to happen?” “What’s happeningー?”

And the children poked and prodded us for answers.

It’s…….it’s way too many people.

We let the children ride in the carts, and the rest walked towards the port.

Because of this, it took a while to travel to the coast.

……..maybe I should make horse drawn carriages just for coming and going to port?

We finally arrived and saw two ships docked in the port.

One was the island’s ship, and the other flew the Andestan Kingdom’s flag.

Luke: “Okay everyone. The spectators can hang around here.”


The children began running around the beach, and the adults began monitoring the surrounding area.

Seeing our group, people came down from the Andestan ship.

And the ones who came wereー

“Lou Quain! Are you well?” Luke: “UーUncle?!”

It was my mother’s brother, Uncle Louiston.

Louiston: “I asked His Majesty to allow me to be the messenger of this mission.”

Luke: “IーI see. Have you been well?” Louiston: “Yes, very. But it’s been quite busy. The Lonneberg territory had been neglected, and things were quite out of hand.”

That………sounds like a lot of work. But I was relieved at the same time.

I’m glad my Uncle was looking over the Lonneberg territory. I’m sure he would be able to restore the territory back to its thriving state.

Louiston: “Oh, about the compensation from the King of Andestan to you..”

Luke: “Yes?” Louiston: “There are actually things outside of money and goods that I was asked to deliver to you.”

Luke: “Outside of money and goods? If it’s difficult to ship to hereー”

I was going to ask my Uncle to receive it in Andestan instead butー

Louiston: “It’s a living creature.” ーwas what my Uncle said.

Louiston: “It’s in a weakened state, so it’s probably best not to move it, but it was a direct order from his Majesty. And I think it is a creature that would be best to bring to you.”

Luke: “And……what kind of creature are we talking about?” Louiston: “Well, it’s someone you should definitely invite into your circle of friends.”

My Uncle chuckled teasingly, and I saw my mother’s face smiling and laughing just like him.


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With the [Alchemy BOX], Create, Enchant and Dominate! With a box that can create anything, begin building a new life on a deserted island

Written by Yume Kazama

Translated by ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

『錬金BOX』で生産&付与無双! なんでも錬成できる箱で無人島開拓はじめます

作者: 夢・風魔

Original Source:

Book 5: Merchandise Development

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