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Alchemy BOX c103

Ch. 103: The Finale

“Y, yーy, you must save me! Please! Eeeeek! WhーWhat?! Who is grabbing me from behind?!”

Endin: “MーMamaー PーPlease save meー I can’t swimー!”

“My dear Endin! If you want me to save you, you must save me first!”

Endin: “I can’tー! Save, please save me firstー!”

Did both of them realize how impossible their request was?

Gonzo: [Lou Quain, the pirate ship on the rear is preparing to run.]

Luke: “Ah….I guess we shouldn’t let it escape.”

Gonzo: [I do not care either way, but if we do let it escape, it may be a problem for humans later.]

Luke: “I agree.”

Gonzo flew low near the ocean surface and approached the pirate ship.

Kumi joined him asking if she could take it down.

I’ll leave that pirate ship to them.

[Mr. Luke, all this activity is drawing all the Monsters nearby.]

Luke: “Drawing them here? What are they doing that for?” [Ummm…….well……]

[Well, there’s bait swimming everywhere. You can imagine the rest, right?]

What…..bait….? Oh…..I see, so that’s what’s happening.

On Earth, if you go swimming where there’s a lot of sharks, it’s easy to imagine the outcome.

I’ve once heard that the way humans swim looks like a wounded seal.

So if they’re hungry, you’re going to get eaten.

And Monsters are far more aggressive than sharks.

[We have pulled aboard and rescued all who have surrendered to us.]

Luke: “I see…….then…….I guess we’ll let mother nature handle the rest? There’s no reason for us to go out of the way to save our enemies, right?” [As you command.]

There’s no one else we need to rescue.

I’ll let Kumi handle the Pirates, and the problem goes back to the Andestan Navy Ship.

All the soldiers who were being threatened by Appunto have all surrendered. Among them, there may be a few who were following Appunto because they wanted to.

But on that ship, Boss is currently there, and there’s also Adventurers and Knights aboard as well.

Even if they tried to take over the ship, I can’t imagine them succeeding.

There were only 2 Andestan Navy ships left.

Luke: “Have those shipsー oh, never mind. They’ve surrendered.”

On the mast of the two ships hung a white flag.

There were even those who were throwing their weapons into the sea as a sign of good will.

That’s a good sign.

“LーLuke…..p, please help us. Lou Quain…..”

A thin, desperate voice reached my ears.

Though she was hysterical a moment ago, seeing that they were alone now, they must have finally given up.

But……save them?

There’s no way I could lift a body that huge out of the water by myself.




Luke: “UGH?! Sheesh! Can you stop looking at me like pigs going to the slaughter?!”

I don’t mind leaving them behind, but it’s probably best to hand them over to the Andestan Kingdom to receive their sentence….

Luke: “Gonzo, can youー”

Gonzo: [I refuse.]

Luke: “Huh? But I didn’t even sayー”

Gonzo: “I refuse to pull that out of the water.]

Luke: “Gonzo?”

Gonzo crossed his arms and turned his face away from me.

His silver blue face seemed to turn a shade of deeper blue.

“Maybe it’s…..delicious?” The words made Gonzo shiver briefly.

Does he think my stepmother would try and eat him? She was even feared by a Dragon among Dragons, an Ancient Dragon known to be the strongest creatures……….that appetite of hers was really something else.

Then it can’t be helped. I’ll have to figure out how to pull it out of the water.

Maybe I can use the pieces of wood floating in the ocean and using a lever mechanism….lift it out of the water? Maybe?

My Strength Status is pretty high, so maybe that’s possible? Gonzo: [Lou Quain, what if it was acting? Then what will you do?]

Luke: “Hmmmmmm………..”

If she was acting?

That’s highly probable.

If she’s acting, she would probably cast that {Big Wave} Spell as soon as I’m close enough.

If I’m close by, Gonzo wouldn’t be able to use his Dragon’s Breath.

But I have a few Enchanted Stones with Sia’s {Ice Field}.

With 3 or 4, I should be able to freeze enough of it to dodge her attack.

I also have the [Alchemy BOX] so……

I climb down from Gonzo and walk over the icy surface.

My stepmother continued to beg, sob, and plead for help.

If she would have a change of heart……..or at the very least regret what she tried to do…..

Oh yeah. Where’s Lonneberg? Endin is here but……I don’t see that father anywhere.

Let’s see. Where’s some wooden planks I can use?

Luke: “I’ll try to find a way to pull you up, but you’ll have to climb onto your ice yourself, got it?” I place a sturdy plank underneath my stepmother and like a lever, press down on it on my end.

As soon as I had some weight on itーー

“Well, wellー how good of you, you stupid child!”

And my stepmother gleefully raised both her hands into the air.

Luke: “Ah, so that was your plan all along.”

I felt no sadness or anger. I felt….nothing.

I let go of the plank andー

Luke: “[Alchemy BOX]”

“{Big Wave}ー!!”

My stepmother tried to flip the ocean towards me as I threw the maximum size [Alchemy BOX] against it.

Just in case the wave was bigger than the BOX, I held several {Ice Field} enchantments cast on small pieces of wood.

But there was no need.

The ocean was calm and no tsunami occurred.

The woman who cast the Spell looked dumbfounded and blinked several times not understanding what just happened.

I placed the enchanted wood pieces back into my pouch, and took out a different stone.

It disgusted me to keep a Spell from my stepmother, so I planned to get rid of it with this.

I placed one stone inside the BOX and cast the enchantment.

Since all my stones were enchantment stones, I reused one of the stones. That should be fine.

Luke: “Gonzo, take me up, please.”

Gonzo: [Understood.]

Gonzo placed me back on his hand and flew higher and higher into the air.

“Eek! LーLuke……Dear Luke…….your MーMama was wrong.”

Luke: “Gonzo, I don’t want to accidentally sink the ship that already surrendered with this.”

Gonzo: [Then I will just freeze it.]

Luke: “Thanks.”

“LーLou Quain? My dearest Lou Quain?”


Gross gross gross gross.

Luke: “Mother, you can have this back. I even added a bonus.”

I dropped the enchanted stone ー a {Lightning Toll} plus {Giant Wave} combo.

The stone plopped right in front of my stepmother.

Not knowing what was happening, she followed the stone all the way to the water’s surface.

With a splash, it fell into the water, and suddenly, all the ice around her sunk into the ocean.

The next moment, I saw my stepmother getting pushed out of the ocean.


Endin: “MーM-M-M, MーMama?! DON’T COME THIS WAYー!!”

The Tsunami that erupted was charged violently with electricity.

After consuming Endin as well, the wave struck the shipーーand I did not see what happened to them after that.

The white waves splashed, and the two were gone.

The Tsunami was quickly dealt with. Gonzo used his Breath to freeze it, and Kumi subsequently smashed the ice back into the ocean.

Gonzo: [What are you going to do about that?]

Luke: “That?” Gonzo: [That thing that is lying there in its own urine.]

Urine? ……oh, he did pass out andーー

Wait, isn’t that Appunto? So he was still around.

[Oh, Mr. Luke. There’s another ship approaching us from behind.]

Luke: “Ugh…more?”

Gonzo: [Let me take a look.]

Gonzo flew back up into the air.

From the behind the ship remains of what used to be a pirate fleet, there was indeed another ship.

Luke: “Looks to be another fleet too.”

Gonzo: [Ha! This time, I will deliver the meteors they deserve.]

Luke: “No, wait, wait. There’s no way Appunto could have called for reinforcements. In fact, if he was waiting for reinforcements to arrive, there would be no reason for him to be standing at the very front of the line.”

Gonzo: [Hmmmm, but then, are those ships just passing by?]

Since the fleet was heading straight this way, that was unlikely.

I asked Gonzo to take me closer to that fleet, so I could see it clearly.

Once we were nearer, I could finally see the fleet in its entirety.

Ah, and I can hear them screaming and yelling too.

And this shipーー

Luke: “They have the official Royal emblem of Andestan on their flag……”

It was the King of Andestan’s personal ship.


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With the [Alchemy BOX], Create, Enchant and Dominate! With a box that can create anything, begin building a new life on a deserted island

Written by Yume Kazama

Translated by ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

『錬金BOX』で生産&付与無双! なんでも錬成できる箱で無人島開拓はじめます

作者: 夢・風魔

Original Source:

Book 5: Merchandise Development

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