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Alchemy BOX c102

Ch. 102: The Final Battle

[EEEEEEK! This voice is Lou Quain’s! I know it is! Hurry up and fire those cannons! Do it right now! Kill him and turn him into sea scrap!!]

[Mamaー I’m hungryー I’m tired of eating fishー]

[ARGH?! How long is it going to take to reload!!]

[We don’t have any more ammunition! You lost, General Appunto. Accept your defeat and surrender, and return our family to us.]

It looks like there were some marines who were obeying Appunto because they had their family taken hostage.

I was trying to figure out a way to save them.

Boss: [Beh. Behー]

Sia: “Boss saysー leave it to meー”

Luke: “Leave it to you, Boss? Wait, what are you planning to do?” Boss: [Behー]

Boss looked up at Gonzo to tell him something.

Gonzo then fired his icy breath and froze the ocean floor. He managed to avoid hitting Kumi too.

Boss jumped down from the ship, and ran across the ice. Sia was riding on his back for some reason.

Luke: “Hey, Sia!”

Sia: “I’m going tooー”

“ “ Sir Gov’nor, you owe us one. ” ”

And a few Adventurers descended from the ship and ran across the ice as well.

Though the surface is slick, they managed to keep up with Boss.


Boss roared in the distanceー

And slammed his head into a ship.

Ahhhhhh…..he just made a huge hole in one of the ships.

He then proceeded to rip another hole through the opposite side.

The Adventurers entered into that hole and came out with women and children.

[WHAT?! FーFire! Kill them with bows!!]

[AーAppunto?! What are you saying!! Stop!! My wife and son are in that group!]

Luke: [We will rescue the hostages. If there is anyone who is following orders for the hostages’ sake, come down from the ships.]

There were some who shot arrows from bows, but the female Adventurer with the Wind Spirit blocked the shots easily.

There were even some soldiers who came down from the ships with swords swinging, but the Adventurers quickly cut them down.

Boss continued his charge and smashed holes into other ships.

Gonzo: [If I attempted that, there would be no ship left.]

Luke: “Oh…….yeah, you would have killed the hostages too.”

Kumi: “Oh no….oh no….what have I done….”

Kumi blew up one of the ships earlier. We’ll just have to pray that no hostages were aboard that vessel.

Chateldon: “Sir Baron. We will go as well. Can we leave Sir Gonzo to handle the situation here?”

Gonzo: [Rest assured, I will.]

Luke: “Thank you. Please prioritize saving the hostages.”

Chateldon: “As you command.”

And Chateldon with the Knights also ran to chase after Boss.

They had no ammo for the cannons.

The bows didn’t work.

Even if they tried to face the Adventurers in close combat, they were easily overwhelmed. And now, many of the soldiers on board led mutinies with the hostages free.

Luke: “[Appunto and……ummmm, what was your name again? Well, whatever. Hey, you white pig orc, you’re there too, right?]

I could hear laughter erupt from around me.

I also heard it from the ships too.

I guess everyone was thinking the same thing.

[WhーWhy are you all laughing?! HーHurry up and kill Lou Quain!]

Luke: [I don’t know if you’re brave or stupid or both. ……do you really think you can win in this situation?]

Gonzo breathed out a puff of air that blasted across and blew away one of the masts of the ships.


Luke: [I’m only going to say this one last time. Surrender. And turn yourselves in to face judgment from the King of Andestan.]

[EEEAAAAAGHHH!! It’s Lou Quain!! You just need to kill him, and it’ll all be over! YOU ALL!! Hurry up and bring his head to meーーー!!]

And the former Lady of the Marquis began screaming her head off.

Her voice made me want to cover my ears.

[Sir Governor. We have rescued all the hostages. We had the soldiers all confirm their family members, so we should be okay.]

That was the female Adventurer using her Wind Spirit. Her voice sounded very beautiful.

Looking at the icy surfaces, I saw a lot of people running this way.

Luke: “Gonzo.”

Gonzo: [Hmph.]

And Gonzo began walking step by step towards the fleet.

There were some who screamed in terror, but since the Adventurers and Knights were all rushing past Gonzo’s feet, they could do nothing else but to follow after them.

There were some arrows that flew towards the people, but Gonzo blocked them with his body.

It took more than the average arrow to pierce Gonzo’s scales.

“ThーThis is everyone. There were some who dove into the seaーー”

Kumi: [I will save them.]

Kumi stretched her arms, and circling around the ice, she began scooping up the people who were swimming.

The people she saved were screaming their heads off, but well, that couldn’t be helped.

Luke: [You don’t have any intentions of surrendering, correct?]


[You’re the one that’s going to die, Lou Quain!]

A cannon fired. They must have saved that round somewhere.

A spherical object came flying straight at me, and I prepared the Alchemy BOX instinctively.

Gonzo: [You are going to catch it in there?]

Luke: “It looks like it will fit, right?”

As Gonzo and I exchanged brief words, I caught the cannon fire.

Luke: “Gonzo, can you take me there?”

Gonzo: [That is fine.]

I jumped onto Gonzo’s hand, and we flew to the ship where Appunto and the White Pig Orc was.

I think…’s about time we end this….

The arrows flying towards us slowed down and eventually fell uselessly back to the ocean.

Gonzo also coated his scales with a Wind Spell, so there was no way the arrows would hit him.


[What are you all doing?! Here, give that to me!]

And even now, all they could think about was killing me.

I saw a slightly plump elderly man stretch the strings of a bow. If he gained a few more pounds, he may have resembled his wife…….I think?

The arrow he released came straight for me.

He was still a military General in the end. His stance and posture with the bow was also very professional.

If he had stuck to his role to protect the country……well, I guess it doesn’t matter now.

It’s over now.

I’ll end it with this.

I opened the Alchemy BOX, and flipped it upside down.

A black metal sphere fell out of it.

As it fell, Gonzo soared higher into the air.


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With the [Alchemy BOX], Create, Enchant and Dominate! With a box that can create anything, begin building a new life on a deserted island

Written by Yume Kazama

Translated by ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

『錬金BOX』で生産&付与無双! なんでも錬成できる箱で無人島開拓はじめます

作者: 夢・風魔

Original Source:

Book 5: Merchandise Development

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