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Chapter 67: Prologue - Book 6 A Letter from a Saint

The energy from the Flower Festival began to dissipate, and the everyday goings of Flowtier returned back to normal.

With the experience at the Altohern summit with Ms. Lotte, I feel like my Party grew a level or two higher than before.

I’m sure experiencing a battle with a group of Upper-Tier Demonic Creatures will be helpful in the upcoming battles on the frontlines.

Jend: “So Henry, about going to the Upper Area of the Altohern Mountains…”

Henry: “It’s still too early for that.”

We were having our scheduled bi-weekly Party Meeting at the Grandes Church.

Holding a glass of juice in his hands, in this place where we could relax and talk casually, I gave Jend my immediate denial of his request.

Jend: “Really? Well, I guess that’s true.”

Henry: “If you already know, don’t make me say it.”

Jend: “Well, it’s getting harder to gauge my strength recently. The Ogres aren’t giving me much trouble nowadays.”

True, we’ve hit a period where all Party members are growing at exponential rates in their abilities and strengths….

I remember being Jend’s age and feeling my strength increase dramatically with my growth spurt.

Cyril: “I also feel like I’m getting better at Spells that are not the core Spells of my Style! I want to be able to use stronger Spells going forward too!”

Henry: “No, at this point, the power and number of Spells you can use is well above expectations. I need you to learn how to carry yourself around the battlefield better.”

Cyril is making some sort of appeal but… struck a Fenrir down with a single Spell. I don’t know what kind of Spell you’re going for beyond that.

Teo: “If we’re talking about Miss Cyril’s Spells, why not increase the speed in which to cast it? Honestly, it is an immense cannon, but there are too many times when we defeat the Demonic Creatures even before she fires her first Spell.”

Henry: “Oh yeah, well, that is something that we brought up and tried to address even before you joined our Party, Teo.”

Cyril: “Unfortunately, my Magic Style is 100% all about power…… I won’t be able to shorten the length of my songs….”

And although we’re talking about Cyril, it’s not like she’s oblivious to her shortcomings and weaknesses to her Magic Style. Apparently, she was experimenting heavily even before becoming an Adventurer.

But this can’t be done. Right now, she has significantly reduced the length of her Spell Casting to about half the time since we first met, but she can tell that further shortening the spellcast time would be impossible.

Because Sorceress’ use their willpower and thoughts to manipulate their Magic Power, she can instinctively feel out these limitations herself.

Ferris: “Hmm, then maybe try and learn a different Sorcery style? ……...oh, nevermind. I forgot that different styles of Sorcery conflict with one another.”

Ferris remembered the fact while she spoke and took back what she was trying to suggest.

If it was Magecraft, yes, an adept user can use 2 or 3 different Styles, but when it comes to Sorcery, learning two different styles will actually interfere with the Spellcaster’s senses, and the end result will weaken their original Style.

Cyril: “Yes, that is true. Hmmmm, what can I do then~”

Ferris: “I don’t know much about Sorcery, but if there’s anything I can do to help, let me know.”

Cyril: “I will~”

Well, it’s good that we can talk about each other’s abilities openly like this. This will also help deepen trust and understanding about each other too.

“Oh~, Mr. Henry? Could I interrupt you for a moment?” Henry: “Hm? Yes, what can I do for you?”

One of the staff at the Church approached me to speak to me.

“Yes, well, we actually received a letter that was addressed to you.”

Henry: “.......from whom?” I’m immediately reminded of the letter I received from Ms. Lotte about the Tour Quest during the Flower Festival. I brace myself as I think about what other matters I’m going to be dragged into.

“Well, according to the documentation, the letter is from Eustacia. We also see that the letter was sent from Ligaleo……….we believe that this is indeed from the [Saint of Salvation].”

From our beloved Miss [Saint of Salvation] (lol), huh. Ugh, my sides are hurting from trying to hold the laugh in.

But as a matter of fact, Yuu’s popularity is only second to Sir Ezeal and Ms. Lotte. According to the records, she healed over 1000 people during a specific incident, and from that deed, she was awarded the Hero of Legend status. You couldn’t even start counting the number of people who were saved indirectly from that either.

……….and of course, each person she saved has family and friends. No one will hold ill will towards her for saving someone precious and close to them.

Henry: “Oh~, yes. Thank you so much. I have indeed received the letter.”

“Yes. Then if you will please excuse me…”

The Church Staff bows and turns around to walk away.

……….and turning around myself, I’m met with curious eyes from each of my Party members.

Henry: “What is it. Stop staring.”

Cyril: “Well, it is from your ex-girlfriend, so…..of course we’ll be curious.”

Jend: “Me too.”

Teo and Ferris are also nodding in agreement.

……...I already explained to them that it’s not like that between Yuu and I…….

I cut the seal and opened the envelope. A nice scent tickles my nose as I do so.

……’s the smell of one of Yuu’s favorite perfumes. I was wondering about it when I saw that she placed a scented paper inside with the letter. It’s simply a paper that is soaked in a certain perfume.

That’s right. She loved to do things like this. I remember now.

I take out the letter as the nostalgia hits me, and I start reading.

Her handwriting is impeccable as usual. Okay, so what did she write…


[I am addressing you through a letter, but it has been a while, Henry.

I heard about you from Ageha, and I was overcome with a sense to immediately write to you.

First of all, thank you for the gifts. I have received them from Ageha accordingly.

I will treasure this Flower Bookmark. I have heard about the famous Flowtier Flowers, and this is a wonderful gift. It was an unusually thoughtful gift for you and took me by surprise.

Are you doing well, Henry? According to Ageha, Flowtier is a peaceful land, and you are living out your days in relative ease. I pray that the peaceful days will continue. I am slightly envious though!

It has not changed in Ligaleo. Everyday, the Demonic Creatures raid the city, and there are many who are injured. I am so busy that some days, I feel burnt out, but the novels I read before I go to sleep every night keep me going.

Did you send me the bookmark because you remembered my hobby? If that is the case, I appreciate your kind gesture.

And everyone you were close with here are doing well. Harold, Vincent, and Mr. Riol and Ruby and Bianca. Everyone in the Black Dragon Knights are doing well too. I heard that you ran into them at the Capital.

And I can’t forget to tell you about Helen. She withdrew from Ligaleo to get married. She is apparently going back to her hometown. I wish her the very best and hope she will live out the rest of her life in happiness and peace.

And I hope you are doing well with the Party members I heard about from Ageha?

I understand that in the past you had only one single thing that consumed your mind, and because of that, you had many conflicts with your friends here. But now that you are a genuine, skilled Heroic Warrior, I’m sure things are going much better.

But I heard that other than Mr. Jend, you are partied with Ageha’s cousin, Miss Teo, Miss Cyril, and Miss Ferris, and your party is mostly female. I hope you have been well-behaved. You are the eldest in the group as well as a man, so I expect nothing less than the utmost caution when dealing with your female counterparts.

I heard that everyone in your party is aiming to come to Ligaleo in the future. When they come, please tell them to reach out to me so that I can properly introduce myself.

Well, there is more I want to write about, but as I am writing, I’m having difficulty recalling everything.

I will stop here for now.

I will appreciate it if you can take the time to write back to me.

Please take care of yourself.





Although it was just a letter, I sensed sincerity and humility in her words. It’s not like her.

Cyril: “Henry, what did she say?”

Henry: “There’s not a whole lot that would interest you. She thanked me for the gifts I sent with Ageha, and she told me she’s doing well. Other than that, oh yeah! She told me to tell you that once you get to Ligaleo, she’d like to introduce herself to you all.”

I wave the letter at them and answer Cyril’s question.

The fact that the contents were so plain is what surprised me the most.

Hm? Jend’s thinking about something. What is it?

Jend: “...........I feel like our connection in the frontlines is getting larger and larger…”

Ferris: “Jend, it’s not just your imagination. There is an immense amount of connections waiting for us there. There is Captain Grandezeal, Miss Ageha, and now the Saint of Salvation. That’s 3 Heroes of Legend who are actively fighting on the frontlines. And one of them is a relative of one of our Party members.”

True, now that you put it that way.

Also, when you guys go, I was going to write a letter of introduction to Mr. Riol so that would make the total tally 4.

Teo: “? Mr. Henry, there’s another piece of paper inside your envelope.”

Henry: “Oh, you’re right.”

Teo pointed it out, and I drew out one more piece of paper from the envelope.

I knew about it, but since the letter wrapped up and ended on the first page, I didn’t think much of it.

What is it?

I open up the second sheet of paper.

………..there’s a large "X" marked across the entire page. I think it’s the rough draft or a messed up draft. She must have put it in here by accident.

But it’s like her to make these kinds of clumsy mistakes. I was wondering because her letter was so prim and proper that I thought maybe she matured a little? But seeing this, I see that she hasn’t changed….much?


[I am addressing you through a letter, but it has been a while, Henry.

I heard the news from Ageha, and there were a few things I wanted to tell you so I grabbed a pen and paper immediately.

First of all, thank you for the gift you sent. I did receive your gift from Ageha.

A Flower Bookmark ー even though you chose it, it wasn’t half-bad. I am using it quite often. It shocked me to receive something so thoughtful. Henry, I didn’t know you can give presents like this. It’s very unlike you. I wish you could have shown me this side of you while you were here.

Are you doing well, Henry? According to Ageha, I heard Flowtier is very peaceful and you’re lazing about everyday. I’m so jealous. Go die a few times.

Ligaleo hasn’t changed at all. Everyday, Demonic Creatures attack, and there are too many who are injured. I’m sick of it.

There’s always so many who get injured. I can’t just leave them alone so I’ll fix them up, but can’t they at least NOT get so hurt in the first place?! They’re doing whatever they want because I’m here!

……..sigh. If it wasn’t for the fact that I receive and get to read newest chapters from my favorite novels because of my Saint status, I would have quit a long time ago.

Oh, I remembered this as I’m writing, but was the bookmark because you remembered that I like to read?

Oh, and all the people you were close to are all doing well. Harold, Vincent, Mr. Riol, and Ruby, Bianca. Everyone in the Black Knights too. I heard you ran into them at the Capital.

And yeah, Helen is leaving Ligaleo to get married. She’s apparently going back to her hometown. I don’t know if someone who can crush 10 Ogres in one swing could do housework~ Between Ruby, Bianca, and myself, we have bets going around. I betted that she’ll slip up in about 3 days in.

And I heard from Ageha, but are you getting along with everyone in your Party?

In the past, you were off the wall crazy, but now I heard you’ve calmed down a bit, so I’m sure everything is going better.

But I heard that other than a male named Mr. Jend, you have Ageha’s cousin, Miss Teo, Miss Cyril, and Miss Ferris, and it’s mostly women in your party. You better not be thinking dirty thoughts.

I also heard that everyone there wants to come to Ligaleo in the near future. When they do come, please tell them to reach out to me so I can introduce myself.

Well, there are other things I wanted to write about but whatever.

I’ll end it here.

You better write me back.




The way she flips back and from proper to informal language is just like her.

This is the Yuu I know.

Cyril: “What are you smiling about, Henry?”

Henry: “Well, it turns out that she accidentally slipped in a rough draft. That idiot. I bet she realized it after the fact and panicked a bit~ that was what made me smile.”

Annnnnnd she would drink herself to death the day of and completely forget about the day after - that’s the kind of woman she is.

This isn’t good. For a split second, I wanted to go back to Ligaleo just to tease her about this.

I’ll just make sure to do it in my reply letter - thoroughly.

Ferris: “Mr. Henry, isn’t it a little twisted to tease people over their mistakes? Besides, it’s the Saint we’re talking about here.”

Henry: “Hm? Oh, don’t worry. It’s totally still in my rights to do so.”

In this rough draft, there’s clearly some things she said that I am more than willing to express my thoughts on the subject. I'm not one to let such insults slide unnoticed. Who was off the wall crazy, huh?

Hehehe….a dark smile creeps over me as I get up to go buy paper and an envelope.



Semi-retired Adventurer Lives Leisurely

Written by Hisagushien

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: 久櫛緑(ヒサグシエン)

Original Source:

Book 6: The Life of an Adventurer

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