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Semi-retired Adventurer Lives Leisurely

Written by Hisagushien

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: 久櫛緑(ヒサグシエン)

Original Source:

Book 2: The Road to the Capital

Chapter 30: The Return Home

3 days have passed since our visit to the Alvenia Central University.

During that time, Lana spoke with Professor Conrad on many occasions.

She got a tour of the university facilities, and she debated with him about his current research themes, and hung out with the students.

Lana was always very lively at the Bear’s Keg Inn, but here, she was also equally energized like a bird free to explore the skies, and she did many things while we were here.

I don’t really understand it, but the professor and all the students admired Lana’s insight and knowledge.

Conrad: “Then…..I will write to you again, Miss Lana.”

Lana: “Yes, I will also be thinking about the research ideas you have given me.”

Conrad: “Yes, please do.”

So in the end...

Lana did not decide to enroll into the university for now.

But she wanted to continue studying, so she will communicate by mail with Professor Conrad and approach her studies a little differently going forward.

In a few years, she does plan to consider enrolling into the university.

Conrad: “Oh yes. About your dissertation…I will make sure that it is properly presented at the next academic conference. It is in about a month, but...I’m guessing that attending the conference will be difficult?”

Lana: “Yes, I’m sorry. I would not be able to neglect my family and family business for that long.”

Conrad: “That is regrettable, but I understand. I will send you news once it is presented.”

Lana: “Thank you so much, Professor Conrad.”

Lana bows deeply, and I bow too next to her.

Conrad: “Then Mr. Henry, please take good care of her on your journey back. Please make sure that she safely arrives home.”

Henry: “Yes, I understand. I will ensure that she reaches Flowtier safely.”

Super serious mode Henry.

Conrad: “Please, you don’t have to be so formal.”

Henry: “Oh no, this is my job.”

Maybe if you’re a student, sure!

Plus, Professor Conrad has received a title of nobility. Apparently, he’s a Baron.

In the country of Alvenia, the nobility do not carry absolute authority, but it still does not mean that commoners can mingle with them without fearing repercussions.

Technically, Sir Ezeal has the title of Viscount, but it’s Sir Ezeal we’re talking about. He doesn’t count as nobility in my books.

Lana: “Then we’ll be going now. Thank you for everything, Professor Conrad.”

Conrad: “Yes, thank you Miss Lana for coming all this way. Please be careful on your journey back.”

We finish are parting goodbyes, and leave Professor Conrad’s office.

I head to the university entrance with Lana.

And…….our business with the Capital Centraleo is now complete.

I found out that Cyril was from the same place as me, and having Ferris join our party was unexpected, but I’m glad we were able to complete all of our objectives.

We also toured the city during our free time…..which reminds me. We did go to the Maid Cafe that Cyril and I talked about before, and she was super excited the entire time.

……...those were all good and fun times.

Alright, let’s make sure we all get home safely.


Ezeal: “Ah, so you are returning.”

Henry: “Yes. Thank you for taking care of us, Sir Ezeal.”

Back at the Black Dragon Knights’ barracks.

We packed our things, and after we picked up Ferris, we all gathered at Sir Ezeal’s room to say goodbye.

To be frank, we saved a ton of money being able to stay here. I am more than a little thankful.

The Knight Organization bought the rest of the Flowtier Ale that Teo brought, and Jend got to spread the name of his family’s Carousel Merchant Association’s name.

And most of all, Sir Ezeal helped resolve Ferris’ situation with unbelievable efficiency - though it may have just been normal to him.

Ezeal: “Yes. It always saddens me to have to say goodbye, but farewell. Our organization will be back on the frontlines to Ligaleo the day after tomorrow anyways. I will let the others know that you are doing well, Henry.”

Henry: “.....that’s fine with me, but please don’t say anything unnecessary, please?”

Because we’re talking about Sir Ezeal here, I feel like he’s going to blow things way out of proportion. I don’t know exactly what that would look like, but I know that I’m going to suffer the most from it.

Teo: “Sir Grandezeal, thank you for being willing to deliver the letter to sister Ageha.”

Ezeal: “Yes, I have received your letter and promise to deliver it. That’s right. I need to let that Sagiri know that Miss Teo is in the same party as Henry.”

Ageha, huh. I was in the same party as her back in the day, so it is a funny coincidence that now I’m in a party with her cousin. I’m sure they’ll be talking about that all night if you bring it up.

Ezeal: “Jend, continue to develop and improve what I taught you.”

Jend: “Yes. Thank you for your instruction, Sir Grandezeal!”

Ferris: “Yes, please let me share my gratitude as well, Commander Grandezeal. Thank you so much for everything you have done for me.”

Jend and Ferris bow their heads low.

Yeah, I guess these two would be the most indebted to Sir Ezeal out of our group in this trip. But I’m sure Sir Ezeal would reject any notion that they owed him at all and laugh it off like it’s nothing.

Cyril and Lana also say their farewell, and we leave the Black Dragon Knights’ barracks.

Henry: “Did you guys forget anything?”

Cyril: “It’s all in Teo’s bag. We also got plenty of gifts for everyone back at home.”

Cyril is super-confident. And it’s usually people like this that forget stuff the most.

Henry: “Cyril, didn’t you take a bath with Teo earlier this morning? You sure you didn’t forget your underwear or something?”

Cyril: “Henry, why do you have to be so vulgar.”

What? I’m only asking if she forgot anything...

Teo: “OH”

Teo lets out a quick realization, and heads to the bathtub.

Henry: “.....see?”

Cyril: “GRRRR….”

I can hear her grinding her teeth from here.

But anyways, Teo grabbed what they were about to forget, and now it’s time to…..hey.

Owen: “Hey Henry, we came to say goodbye as well.” Henry: “Yeah, that’s fine but….”

……’s not just Owen and Sir Ezeal, but anyone who’s off-duty is gathered at the front to see us off.

I asked what they were all doing and got many replies.

“Wanted to thank ya for the ale!”

“We’re comrades, aren’t we? Seeing you off is part of our duty!”

“I had nothing else to do.”

“Anything to be with cute girls for one more sec….ERGH?!”

The last knight got reigned in by the others around him.

……..they are all good people.

Henry: “It was fun for us too. Thanks for everything!”

Cyril: “Oh! We’ll be heading to the frontlines soon so we’ll see you there!”

Henry: “NO WE’RE NOT. C’mon, let’s go!”

I jab Cyril with my elbow, and we start walking towards the Teleportation Station.


We make it to our reserved time slot and transport to Northerntier. We immediately book a carriage ride back to Flowtier.

We spent the rest of the afternoon hitting some sights at Northerntier, and leave the next morning.

And right now, we’re taking a break from the carriage.

Jend is practicing the new forms he learned from Sir Ezeal. Teo and Lana headed towards a flowerbed nearby. And the carriage driver was looking after his horses.

Cyril, Ferris, and I had nothing in particular we wanted to do, so we chatted. I’m glad we got this opportunity to do so, especially with Ferris. I’ve only known her for a short period, and I know that she has a trustworthy character and skills, but as long as we’re in the same party, it’s best to communicate with one another whenever possible.

Well, it sounds grand, but basically, we’re just talking.

And it’s not like I need to build up trust with her right this moment, so I take it easy.

Ferris: “Flowtier, huh... it’s been a while since I last visited...I used to go to that city with my father every summer and winter.”

Henry: “Yeah, I heard a little about that from Cyril and Jend. How did you guys get to know each other? Jend said he forgot how you guys met.”

Ferris: “Oh, it was nothing. I was out exploring the town when I got lost. The two were playing outside, and we met by coincidence.”

Oh….that’s rather normal.

Cyril: “Really? …..OHHHH now I remember! Miss Ferris was crying, and Jend goes, ‘I’ll help you so stop crying!’ like that, right?!”

Ferris: “Yeah, that’s right! I was more impressed that a kid younger than me had the gall to tell me that.”

Ferris smiles and chuckles with the memory.

Jend really hasn’t changed much since he was a kid, huh?

Ferris: “I really liked Flowtier as a city, but I never would have thought that I would be living there one day.”

Henry: “Oh yeah, that reminds me. You were able to pack and prepare for the trip rather fast. I thought it would take you more time.”

Ferris: “Haha....well, I am carrying a rather large amount of debt, so I really couldn’t afford to own any furniture. I lived off whatever was available in my rental room, and the rest of my luggage is clothes, daily goods, and the spellcall stone I use for work and...”

Ferris reaches over to show us her weapon and armor.

Ferris: “These had the Harshall Emblem engraved, so this was something I couldn’t bear to part with.”

Henry: “Ohhh, yeah, that would be hard to sell off.”

It is a family that no longer retains its name, but you couldn’t sell anything with an official family emblem to an established weapon and armor store. You might be able to get something if you recycled the materials, but I’m sure that’s even tougher than selling it.

…….that reminds me…..I can’t even remember what the Tone family emblem was….

I vaguely recall seeing it, but I can’t remember anything. It was on dad’s spear and mom’s shortsword but……

Ferris: “I didn’t think I would become adventurers with Jend either, so I’m really glad to have this around now.”

Cyril: “Miss Ferris, how are you able to hold this... it looks really heavy….”

Ferris: “Would you like to try holding the shield, Cyril?”

Cyril answers, “Ye~s” and goes for it.

She manages to lift it up with both arms, but she’s shaking the entire time. I know that shield’s kind of big, but it’s still for holding it with one arm.

Cyril: “It’s…’s heavy……”

Ferris: “It was made on the assumption that you’ll use [Physical Strengthening] to lift it so yeah.”

Ferris easily picks it up with one hand from Cyril. Ferris shows Cyril a few forms with the shield, and Cyril is applauding Ferris with each move.

Henry: “You really need to toughen up your weak little [Physical Strengthening]....”

Cyril: “Who’re you calling weak?! Miss Cyril is always trying her best!!”

Henry: “You need to train harder. Here, I’ll help make a training menu for you to do every day.”

[Physical Strengthening] does not add but MULTIPLIES your basic physical strength. So if we can add even a little muscle to your body, it goes a long way.

Cyril: “Um…...wait, no, I can’t! I have too much magic training to do!”

Henry: “I’m telling you, if you’re going to die from getting poked by an upper-tier demonic creature, there’s no telling how many times you’ll die as soon as you get to Ligaleo.”

In truth, as long as you’re protected by a good vanguard, even the most fragile mages can make it there, but I sneak a little fear into her anyways.

Ferris: “That’s right, Cyril. I have only heard of it in rumors, but the frontlines are extremely dangerous.”

Cyril: “Ughhhhhhhh….training….? Ergh…..fine…..fine, alright. I’ll do it…”

Cyril looks reluctant, but in the end, she agrees. I still don’t know why she wants to go to the frontline so much.

Ferris: “Cyril, I’ll train with you so let’s do our best. ….oh!”

Ferris stands up and looks toward Jend.

Ferris: “Looks like he’s taking a break. Well, we’re about to head off anyways. ….I’ll bring a towel to him.”

And Ferris leaves to go to Jend.

…….well aren’t they lovey dovey.

Cyril: “Well….this was really fun getting to go outside of Flowtier. I haven’t been this far away since I escaped from Fezard. I hope the City Lord appreciates my gifts…”

Henry: “Seriously, you have a really good relationship with the City Lord, huh…”

Cyril: “Of course~! He’s taken care of me since I was a child. OH! Speaking of...I need to speak with Mrs. Asteria about you, Henry! How a knight from our country was able to avenge us! She’ll be happy to hear it!”


If you look at the text only, yeah, sure, maybe it looks like a tale of a hero. At the time, taking out that General was all I could think about, so I don’t mind if people saw it that way.

It’s not like I don’t want to be famous or at least get a word of thanks for everything that happened but……

Think carefully. Be calm, me.

If I had the skills to be able to accomplish that, what am I supposed to say if they ask me why I came down to Flowtier? It’s not like I’m sick or injured.




Okay, it’ll be hard to live with myself if she gets disappointed in me, so let’s just now tell her about Gileverte.

I hate to be lifted up only to be thrown back on the ground.

Henry: “In conclusion, let’s not tell her about the avenging for our country episode, Cyril.”

Cyril: “In what conclusion? Could you please not skip the explanation and jump straight to the conclusion?”

Henry: “It was after careful, careful consideration of my circumstances.”

Please don’t ask me what circumstances…

Cyril: “(sigh…) Fine. I understand. You’re always so weird, Henry.”

That’s the pot calling the kettle black right there, but I can’t say that seeing as how I just asked her for a favor.

But just like that, our journey to and from the Capital ended.

Now it’s time to get back into the groove of things back at Flowtier.

[End of Book 2]

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