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SRALL c169

Ch.169 Hot Springs Part 3

I went all out to enjoy the hot springs as much as I could.

I leisurely took my time in the baths, and if I started feeling light-headed from being in there too long, I got out and rested on the benches they had set out to the side. And as my body cooled down while I enjoyed the view, I would re-enter the bath once again.

I did this about 3 times, and being content, Jend and I left the bath area.

Before we left, we called out to the girls on the other side of the wall to let them know, but Cyril and Ferris were going to stay longer.

As we waited for the girls to finish, Jend and I decided to sit down and chat around the resting area near the entrance of the outdoor hot springs to kill time.

Henry: “Ahhhhhhh, that was great~”

Jend: “Yeah, it really was. I don’t mind going back after we eat.”

Henry: “Yeah.”

I lazily replied, and tipped the drink bottle we just bought to my lips.

…….inside was ice cold milk, and after sweating a ton at the bath, the liquid felt amazing as it rehydrated my body.

Inside the resting area, there was a small store, and there, they sold……….I see. There’s also ice cold ale, but I think the milk is a better choice right after a bath.

And now, I can understand why this yukata is recommended. The breathable material allows the body to not feel too hot after a bath, and the hand fan we borrowed felt good against our faces.

Jend: “Henry, apparently, there’s a trail for the inn guests outside. I heard that it’s pretty popular to take a walk at night.”

And Jend, who saw the inn’s bulletin board, read aloud some popular things to do here.

Henry: “Really. But I imagine walking around the mountain paths at night would be a little scary….”

Even if this is across the ocean, I still can’t shake off the common sense ingrained in us on the mainland. At night, it’s an opportune time for Demonic Creatures to sneak up on you, so I’m always on guard.

As I explain to Jend, he nods in agreement.

Jend: “I see. Well, I think I’ll invite Ferris to go check it out.”

And Jend seemed pretty excited about it overall.

But well, I’m sure I’m just being overly sensitive after a long career as an Adventurer and experiencing many night raids. At least intellectually, I understand that this region is different from the mainland and much safer.

Henry: “Yeah. …….oh, by the way. No matter how good the mood gets, don’t do it outside. People will come and peep.”

Jend: “Like we would. Besides, Ferris hates doing stuff like that. ……..Henry, you can really be vulgar sometimes….”

Henry: “Oh, c’mon. It’s just the two of us right now. If the other women were present, I wouldn’t bring stuff like this up.”

I gained this skill after a certain Saint would swing around a morningstar in one hand, and ask if I wanted manners hammered directly into my head. Besides that, she had punched me directly countless times.

Jend: “And what about you, Henry? Between you and Cyril?”

Henry: “Hm? Ohhhh, yeah, it’s just normal.”

And well, if you take Cyril out of the picture, my experience with women would be limited to brothels and……..that childhood fling I had with Yuu, so I don’t really know what I mean by normal either.

Henry: “And well, she likes to keep things clean and simple, sort of……so we haven’t really tried out anything different.”

Jend: “ too, huh? That’s the same for us as well.”

Yeah, now that I think about it, Ferris would probably be pretty strict about that kind of stuff.

And as we both let out some minor grumblings about our night lives, we both let out a deep sigh.

……….and well, it’s not that I have a problem with Cyril. Not at all. It’s just…….I’m a guy, so I just want to try new things. And I’m sure Jend feels the same way.

And with the women absent, we continue our guy talk until we see Cyril and Ferris come out of the bath entrance.

Cyril: “Hey you twoー! Sorry to make you wait!”

Ferris: “Sorry about that. The bath felt too good.”

As the two stepped out…………yeah, seeing them come out right after a bath made them look really attractive. Personally, there’s something about seeing them with wet hair.

But well, it will be rude to stare at Ferris, so I set my eyes on Cyril.


Cyril: “Hm? Henry, you’re giving me creepy looks.”

Henry: “Fine, fine. I’m sorry.” I wave my hands as I apologize. Since Jend and I were talking about those kinds of things, my head was still in the gutter.

Cyril: “...........sheesh, really. This is why I don’t get guys at all. Why are you all so curious……..about seeing everything?”

Henry: “No comment.” Cyril glared up at me as she moaned and groaned trying to figure out something.

I wasn’t sure exactly what she was thinking about, but I better make it up to her.

I took out a coin from my wallet inside my yukata, and flicked the coin towards Cyril.

Cyril: “Hey! What was that?!”

Henry: “You can buy some milk at that store over there. It was delicious after a long bath. You should try some. You can buy two with that, so Ferris can get a bottle too.”

As she caught the coin in her hand, Cyril looked a little disgruntled.

Cyril: “I think you’re trying to change the subject……….but whatever. C’mon, Miss Ferris, let’s go!”

Ferris: “Yeah, Henry, thank you for paying.” The two headed to the store together.

……..and I was a little worried whether the store clerk would look at them with lewd eyes, but they were very professional and showed no signs of it.

Oh, but I wasn’t going to do anything even if they did. Maybe just glare at them from this distance.

And with bottles of milk in one hand, the two returned.

Cyril: “Heheー Henry, thank you for the drink!”

She opened the bottle, and began chugging down the milk.

Around halfway to the bottom, she released the bottle from her lips and let out a satisfied sigh.

Cyril: “It’s so good! I can feel it spread down to my bones!”

Ferris: “Yeah, this is really good.”

And both Cyril and Ferris smile as they continue to enjoy the milk.

………..and seeing them drink, I couldn’t resist.

I walked up to the store to grab myself another bottle.


And as we walk back to our rooms as a groupーー

Cyril: “.......oh! I need to go talk to that clerk over there. Please go on ahead without me.”

And Cyril headed to the front desk. ………I wonder what that’s about? <<<<>>>>

Evening came.

We all joined up at the Sparkling Stars room, and cleaned off every dish they brought to us.

This inn is known for their cooking……..or at least, that’s what the rumors said, and without a doubt, the food here was top notch.

They brought out fried vegetables they collected from the mountain. This area is near Kaisei, so they had plenty of fresh fish cut into sashimi. Their rice was freshly cooked, and the rice stood on its ends, and all their soups had a very deep, mature flavor.

Along with the main dishes, they also served a local sake brand, and we all at to our heart’s content.

……..after finishing the meal, we all decided to rest and let the food settle. I layed on the ground lazily in our room.

Cyril: “.........Henry, is there something you want to do? Jend and Miss Ferris went out on a walk.”

Henry: “Let’s see……..” I remembered Jend saying that he would go back to the baths once more after they came back.

Hmmmm, I wouldn’t mind going back to the baths once more, but it was a very comfortable room, and pleasant enough to just lay here for a while.

……….but that plan felt very wasteful.

Henry: “I don’t mind just relaxing here for a while, but…….what about you, Cyril? Is there something on your mind?” Cyril: “Ohー ummmm, wellー”

I saw her cheeks flush slightly, and then she began to moan and groan in place.

……..? Well, that’s rare. She seems to have something she wants to do, but normally, Cyril would never hesitate to speak her mind.

I wonder if she has one of the embarrassing romantic situations in mind. If she’s this embarrassed about it, it might be even too much for me, so I hope she reconsiders.

Cyril: “Urrrrrghhh…..”

Henry: “? Seriously, what’s this about?” In the end, Cyril just handed me the pamphlet to the inn without saying another word.

Oh yeah, I haven’t finished reading through all the stuff here. Since I had the basic layout of the inn nailed down, I didn’t bother to revisit this, but……

Cyril: “............” With her eyes not being able to meet mine, she pointed to one of the points on the map.

……..a couple’s bath. Or sometimes called a family bath.

It’s a small outdoor bath that you have to reserve, and unlike the public baths that are divided into men and women, it’s a private facility.

It says you have to make reservations at the front counter…….and that was it.

Henry: “Cyril……when you went to the front counter after we came out of the baths, was it to….” Cyril: “IーIt was just in case. Just in case, really. Since you seemed so interested in it, I just….felt like I had no other choice but to at least make a reservation…..” I don’t remember asking her about this whatsoever……but at this point, I don’t care to argue about it at all.

I…..I see……..I see…………a private bath. A bath for men and women……

…..oh no, I can feel my heart beating faster.

Henry: “What time is our reservation?” Cyril: “It’s almost time…..” Henry: “I see. Then we should hurry. It would be rude to not show up after making a reservation, and in fact, I think it would be more respectful if we are a little early.”

I began rapidly spitting out words without realizing.

The laziness I was feeling earlier disappeared far into the horizon, and I immediately stood up.

Cyril: “WaーWaiーWaiーWait!! Henry! Aren’t you a little too excited about this?!”

Henry: “No, I’m not. I’m not at all.” I’m feeling only the appropriate level of excitement. Very appropriate.

Cyril: “YーYou know what?! Let’s not! I like the roomier baths anyways!!”

Henry: “Oh no you don’t. We have to take responsibility for the decisions we make. C’mon. Stand up, and let’s go.” And I lift Cyril into my arms.

Cyril: “EEK?!”

Being picked up all of a sudden, she lets out a small shrill.

…….but she’s as light as they come. I think she’s toughened up considerably since the first time we met, but I couldn’t feel an ounce of muscle on her.

Henry: “If you don’t want to walk, I don’t mind carrying you like this.” Cyril: “URGH!.......I can walk on my own!”

And a little upset, Cyril turns her head away from me as I lower her down.

Henry: “Okay, okay. I was joking earlier. C’mon, let’s goー”

As I stood next to her, Cyril still looked a little upset but wrapped her arms around mine.

The yukata’s cloth is quite thin so I’m a little distracted from everything I feel……but wait. Just wait, Henry. Although she was embarrassed, she still went out of her way to make this reservation for you. You can’t let her down now.

Yes, Henry, tonight, you will be a gentleman! A gentleman!

Henry: “So we head to the front counter first?” Cyril: “........yes, since the couple’s baths are locked, you have to go get the key first and…..” I nod as Cyril explains.

And we slowly walked down the inn’s hallway together.


CHONKY TL LiT (Lost in Translation)

Milk after a Bath - It’s a Japanese thing(?).

Per Google: “Is dairy good for rehydrating?”

Answer: If you find yourself becoming dehydrated, it's important to drink enough electrolyte-containing fluids to replenish those that were lost. Cow's milk can be a fitting beverage option for rehydration due to its electrolyte content. Plus, it's a good source of protein.

Coming from the American culture of the gallon challenge (drinking a gallon of milk and then running a mile to see how long you won’t throw up), I never thought about the post-bath milk that was so prominent in Japanese Manga's when I was growing up. I guess there is the warm milk that American families consider appropriate prior to going to sleep, but growing up in a Japanese family, I don't think I ever had warm milk in my life.....

Anyhow, purchasing a cold bottle of milk after a bath is a thing. I think I've seen it Persona 5 too.



Semi-retired Adventurer Lives Leisurely

Written by Hisagushien

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: 久櫛緑(ヒサグシエン)

Original Source:

Book 11: Preparation for the Conquest

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